Can't Get Form Controls To Refresh

Jan 30, 2012

Been playing around with this and simply can't get it to work

I've got a form and I've created a button called refresh. The button is meant to do exactly that. What happens is that when the form loads, it checks the database for values. If it finds values, it creates a dynamic edit box related to the value.

I open the form and it paints accordingly and as I expect it. If I delete a value from the database then click the refresh button, it should re-draw the form and paint the background grey. The logic definitely works because I trapped the bit of code and it does hit the part where it's meant to set the background grey.

Now, I'm not sure I'm refreshing the form properly because all I'm doing within this sub is calling the form on load event: formLRQuadrantSchedule_Load(Me, New System.EventArgs)

This seems to work logic wise, just not doing what I want. So, I tried this (amongst several other things):

Dim dynTextBox As New TextBox()
With dynTextBox



Refresh A Form's Bound Controls?

May 20, 2010

I have a windows form with multiple TextBoxes that are bound to a DataSet of type XML. I load text into the textboxes using DataSet.ReadXML method in the form's load event.

I have another windows forms application which edits the XML contents in that XML file.

How do I force the textBox controls on this form to refresh once the XML datasource file items are changed?

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Refresh Windows Form When Ever User Clicks Refresh Button?

Jun 5, 2009

Lets say i label "label1" , and 2 buttons named "button1" and "btnRefresh " [code]So , when user press the button 1 , the text will change. But what should i put inside btnRefresh to reload the forms ? and display the default label.text = "Form Load" ???

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Refresh Data Bound Controls In Win Forms?

May 20, 2010

I have a windows form with multiple TextBoxes that are bound to a DataSet of type XML. I load text into the textboxes using DataSet.ReadXML method in the form's load event.

I have another windows forms application which edits the XML contents in that XML file.

How do I force the textBox controls on this form to refresh once the XML datasource file items are changed?

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DB/Reporting :: PopUP Form Refresh Combobox On Parent Form

May 31, 2008

I have a parent form that has a combobox. Whn the form loads I get the data from the db and bind to the combobox. that works fine and here is the code I use in form load to cause this to happen: [code] Now if there is not an Account Type, I have a button that will pull up a small form to allow the addition of an account type. The popup form adds the data back to the database just fine, but I am now trying to get the combobox to refresh its data. So I call a public Sub that is located in the parent form to from the popup form to accomplish this task and I have walked the code and the sub is called and appears to work correctly, but the new data never appears in the combobox. Here is my public sub that i call to try and refresh the combobox on the parent form. [code] But when I go back to the parent form, the combobox is not updated with the new account. How can i get the combobox to refresh from the database with the new data?

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Auto-refresh Windows Form - Sub Form With A Datagridview ?

Apr 16, 2009

I am working on VB.Net. I have a sub form with a datagridview, that is being loaded with the criteria taken from another form. Hence this form is called with parameters.

Here is the code that calls the sub form.


where ds is the dataset to fill the datagridview and rb is the string from a radio button on this form.

Here is the code in the sub form.


Now, I need to refresh this sub form every -- minutes, depending on how the user wants it to be. For this I have given a NumericUpDown control to select the mins. All this works fine. But how do I refresh the dataset and the datagridview?

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Form Does Not Refresh

Dec 12, 2009

I login webservice then upload files then i download files i do this inside the looping in the processing i have to change the picture box picture the Timer Event fires but the picture does not changes it seems form doestn't refresh

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Form Does Not Refresh?

Jun 12, 2006

I have created a simple VB.NET application with one form and a few modules. When a user clicks on a run button of the form the application starts and goes through differet cycle, while updating the user on status bar, runs for less than four hours.

The application works fine, it gives desired result. However, it is not able to refresh the user form, meaning status bar remains same after some time (it suppose to increment). Even when I take mouse on the form it shows timer symbole instead of default one.

My application commands another device using GPIB. Basically, PC running my application commands the device. If I look the display of device it gives correct information.

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How To Refresh Form

Oct 7, 2011

I have a form, with a datagridview. I can see the data and the related records in the DGV.I have another form that this one calls to add a new record. I need that because there are some specific parameters i need to control. But when the focus returns to the original form, I can't see the new record, even though it is there (I see it in the database).If I close the form and enter again I can see it, that is not what i want.How can I refresh the tables after the other process adds data to them?

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Refresh A Form In VB?

Jun 3, 2010

I'm using Mysql database and Visual Studio 2005. I've got a form with datagridview, After making the changes in the data, it is saved in the database. The data gets saved in the database, but the modified data does not get displayed in the datagridview. Only if I close the form and open it again, the changes are displayed. I want to provide a button (refresh-button), which on clicking will refresh the datagridview, so that the modified data is displayed without closing the form.

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Add Controls To A Form In Code And Set The Properties Of The Controls?

May 24, 2009

How can I add controls to a form in code and set the properties of the controls using the With statement?Also I would like to know how to add a container control and then add a control to that container.

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Controls Not Return All The Child Controls For The Form?

Apr 15, 2010

I have a slight problem With an enumaration of child controls on a form. The following code will not get but about have the controls that are on the form. The controls show that the count is correct but when it goes through the loop it skips over some of the controls. If you run it through the enumeration two or three times it will get all the controls a few at a time. The solution uses two forms, one that has the controls and the other that labels are made and displayed on. The Tx is just a index to add a number to the and rename the label. So each label is identified seperately. This works for all the the controls that are seen in the for each loop.

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Pass Usercontrol Controls Or Form Controls?

May 11, 2009

I created a class that can take either usercontrol.controls or form.controls as a parameter,how can i pass either to that class? as a property or how?

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Force Form To Refresh?

Sep 28, 2010

I'm having an application which has to perform exporting and importing data. At the moment he runs those functions, I want a form to popup with an animated gif, so my client sees that the application is still running.But the animated gif stops sometimes, because he is busy doing stuff (like copying files, etc...)Is there a way to tell the form to refresh automatically every 0.1 sec, so the image runs fluidly. I tried to put a timer in my form, and start the timer as from the form is shown...the timer_tick says he has to refresh, but he doesn't want to do that.

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How To Make Form Refresh

Aug 15, 2011

'Informs you forgot email.
If TextBox1.Text = "" Then MsgBox("Forgot E-Mail")
If TextBox1.Text = "" Then Me.(PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO PUT!


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How To Refresh Form/datagrid

Aug 8, 2011

I have a datagrid view control that is tied to a dataset. so when the Dataset is updated with a new record,It shows up in the grid. The problem is, I have to minimise the window or some how force a re-paint on that window to see the updated grid.

how to call that refresh? Form.refresh and form.grid.refresh did not work.

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How To Refresh The Windows Form

May 12, 2011

how to refresh the windows form in

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Refresh A Datagrid From A Different Form?

May 26, 2011

I have an app that opens up 3 forms. 2 forms have a datagrid the other form has book lending details. The datagrid forms are for books in the library and books that have been borrowed.

Both datagrid forms will be open as shown in the attachment, how do I refresh the "Borrowed Books" datagrid form from inside the form that has the "Book in Library" datagrid.

So far I've been able to update the "Books in Library" datagrid because control comes back to that form after the details form closes but since the "Borrowed Books" form is still opened up, we would like to refresh the datagrid on that form.

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Refresh Form With Data?

Oct 28, 2009

I have a program that has a main form, that stays on all the time.It does not get closed at all, it's the main form for the program.  I have this procedure running on loadup of the form.[code]...

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Refresh The Windows Form?

May 12, 2011

in my project one task is there how to refresh the windows form in window

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Reload/Refresh A Form?

Mar 11, 2010

How can i reload/refresh the same form again without losing the data stored along with the form?

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Auto-refresh After A Form Has Already Been Loaded?

Jan 13, 2010

How do you auto refresh after a form has already been loaded?

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Dynamically Refresh / Update Form

Jun 6, 2011

I am trying to update my form once the delete button is clicked. There are several fields like Name, Date, Date of Birth and so on. Once I delete record I want the form to automatically load with new / updated data. This form fetches data from MS Access using OLEDB. Once when I close the application and reopen then form will be updated with new values. But I want this to happen once the form loads after deleting.[code]

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Form Refresh Or Make Duplicates

Apr 29, 2010

got question on using windows forms in visual

what i have going on is on one form i have a calendar that is for the month of may. when you click on may opens a form with some combo boxes and a gridview that displays the choices from the combo boxes.

my question is this..

can I just link all of the other 30 days in may to go to the same form or do I have to make 30 duplicate forms LOL...i know it is a kinda silly question but I really dont know.

It would be a travesty if the user were to click on may 2...and get a form all filled out from may 1...*blush*

Secondly if i were to have a calendar control on the form that may 1 is pointing to (at the moment I dont) how do I get the calendar contol to reflect that it is may 2 and not may 1??

this is not for a web site it is for a tire shop here in town, and it is the first project that I am it is kind of important to me.

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GDI+ Resize The Form Does Not Refresh Properly

Apr 22, 2009

I'm trying to figure out how to make a dynamically scaling/resizing 2d chart on a form as my 1st trip into graphics. Most 3rd party addons/DLLs are of no use to me as the bank I work for is unlikely to allow any of those to be used in my projects.


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Make A Refresh Form Button?

Jun 15, 2012

I want to have a button on my form that will close the form itself and then reopen itself essentially refreshing the form. i have read several posts about this topic and most people say use the hide and show functions but i don't want to hide the form i want to close it. I have also tried to use the form1.refresh thing and that doesn't work either.

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Refresh Another Form On Button Click?

Aug 11, 2009

I have a form called FrmPracDetails which is built up with a List view called LvwColProc. Therefore when you click a field on the LvwColProc it takes you to another form called FrmColProcessing, here you can make changes to certain fields which are also present on FrmPracDetails. What I want to do is when you make changes on FrmColProcesing and Click the Save Button (which calls the Save function)the changes appear instantly on FrmPracDetails. Please note, FrmColProcessing will always be open next to FrmPracDetails. I have tried to put this code in the Save function present in FrmColProcessing as shown below, but it doesnt Refresh FrmPracDetails form.


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Refresh Bound Form After DB Insert?

Jun 12, 2009

My environment: VS2008/VB using Data Sources (datasets, binding sources, table adapters) to interact with MS Access 2007 database.

My application: A Master form displaying a 4-level hierarchy of data using listboxes instead of grids. Data source for each listbox is a query containing child table data and a stub (foreign key provided by a cross-reference table) to parent record.

Processing: User double clicks Listbox on the Master form to call a popup form bound to child table (to enable data entry). When popup SAVE is clicked, new data is saved to Child table and a new cross-reference record is created to enable future Parent-Child connections. Changes are posted directly to the underlying Access 2007 database.

Problem: On return to Master form, impacted Listbox does not refresh even though I've done another tableadapter.fill on the control. I have been unsuccessful over the last week in finding ANY way to refresh the set of queries that supply data to the Master form or the form itself. When I close/reopen the Master form, Listbox includes the new record.

Need: a way to refresh the Master table without closing/reopening.

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Refresh Combo Box In Windows Form?

Mar 9, 2010

I have a Main form (a window form) in VB.NET which has a Combo Box to display a list of countries. A sub form activated from a "Button" on the Main form allows users to add Countries to their list. But After Adding a new entry the Combo Box on the Main form does not show the update (while it is still open). I have to exit the main form and relaunch it to see the update.

The populate function in shown below. I call this method after adding new countries but still; not good. I have used Invalidate function of combo box but of no use as well.

Public Sub PopulateCountry()
Dim rsLocal As New ADODB.Recordset


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Refresh Form After Adding Data

Sep 17, 2010

I have a form with several tabpages. on each tabpage a datagridview and some textboxes or comboboxes. i add, delete and update truough this. i magaed to refresh the datagridview after adding something or deleteing or updating but i haven't managed to refresh the comboboxes and the other datagridviews.


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Refresh The Datagrid On The Master Form?

Mar 16, 2010

I have a small vb 2008 app that allows a user to select a row in a datagrid control that launches a detail form. When I then update or change the record on the detail form and save, how do I refresh the datagrid on the master form?


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Refresh The Datagridview From Details Form?

Mar 25, 2012

I have a windows detail form once im dont with the changes i want to refresh the list form

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VS 2005 Refresh Open Form

Jan 14, 2011

I have a form that remains open while running an application. The user can open multiple instances of a form to edit customer information. After editing and exiting an instance of the Customer form I want the form with the buttons to refresh and show the changes. Basically the form show the availability of storage units, green rented, yellow available and red is late payment. Right now I am acheiving this by closing and opening the button form when I exit the Customer form. This works but there must be a better way to do this.

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VS 2008 Refresh Data On A Form?

Dec 6, 2009


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.Net WinForms Form OnPaint() Transparency Refresh?

Aug 13, 2010

I'm trying to write some toast-style popup notifications (similar to Growl) which should appear next to the system tray and stack as appropriate.I can handle the instantiation/location/etc... but I want to add a capability for non-rectangular toasts. I'd also like to have Alpha transparency so a semi-transparent background PNG on the toast form would blend with the desktop or windows behind it.

So... To get the obvious out of the way: Form.TransparencyKey is not sufficient for my needs as it's an all-or nothing transparency effect I want to get 50/50 foreground/background in some places, 0/100 in others, 100/0 in yet others etc.My initial approach is to override the OnBackgroundPaint() method, comment out the call to MyBase.OnBackgroundPaint and use the graphics object in the eventargs to draw exactly what I want to a form.This seems to work to start with - at the moment, I'm just drawing some rectangle for testing purposes so a PNG may present new difficulties but I haven't got there yet.

What I haven't been able to accomplish is updating the graphic - The first time the form is rendered, it shows perfectly as I'd expect (no border, just some rectangles floating on a desktop). If I move the windows behind the transparent window, the transparent window doesn't update/re-paintI believe that I need to be calling Me.Invalidate() to force a re-draw but am unsure when I should make the call - How do I know a window behind me has changed its' contents?

Edit: I tried putting a Me.Invalidate() inside a timer just to test how the redraw happens - it seems that it does trigger a re-draw but the re-draw opccurs OVER the existing form background - ie an area that was originally 50% opaque is now 75% opaque (50% + 50% of what was there before)So, after a couple of Invalidate()s, my form is showing as a black box - I need to clear the background of the form before re-drawing but Graphics.Clear(Color) seems to simply do a fill with the specified color - and obviously for the purposes of this question, Colors.Transparent doesn't really mean transparent - It seems to be a trick used when rendering the window to "show contents of control beneath this" which just doesn't work when we're dealing with the form itself?

Imports System.Drawing
Public Class TransparentForm
Private Timer As Timers.Timer


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Form Don't Auto Refresh When Change Certain Values

Dec 23, 2010

i am currently making a project which is to make a cinema screen booking system. My main problem is that although i have most of what is working i need to find a formula to give the full result (overall price) in a label. My other problem is the fact that when i interact with my form certain things dont auto refresh when i change certain values e.g i change number of seats but it doesn't auto refresh the price or anything OR i click one discount then another but nothing changes and it keeps the old value.

Okay in my menu i have a CombBox (ComboBoxScreen) for choosing the film and there are 3 films to choose from in the drop menu each with their own price. I also have a Textbox (NumberSeats) for inputting a number of seats you want to book for chosen film. And lastly there are 3 radio buttons each with different discounts. e.g No discount, 10% off and 25% off. A formula to work out the overall price uses all three functions/tools above. [Code]

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Refresh Form During Long Synchronous Operation?

Nov 13, 2009

I am running several long synchronous operations in my VB.NET application that can take several minutes each to complete. During these operations the form will turn white and the title bar will show "Not Responding" and some users may close the application thinking it has stopped working when in fact it is still running.I am pretty sure I need to multithread to do this, but my initial efforts have been unsuccessful. What is the easiest way to refresh my form every couple of seconds or so while these long operations are running?

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Refresh Form Gridview After Insert Into Query?

Jan 4, 2011

I have a form with gridview data with database data. With query I run INSERT INTO from one table into another, with button. I would like when I run procedure, also reset/update/refresh gridview with new import data??!!

For info, I have try with some methods, such as me. gridview.refresh() or update(), but nothing. Maybe I have also using this methods wrong.

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
Dim TEST = New WindowsApplication1.IdisDataSetTableAdapters.Queri esTableAdapter
End Sub

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Refresh Main Form Background Image?

Feb 3, 2012

how i can refresh my main form background image once a user picks a different image as the background.I have 2 forms namely Form1 (main form) and form2 from where the user can select the image he or she would like to set as the background image of form1.But the problem is that after selecting the image file from form2,when form1 is opened the background image doesnt change and remains the same as before.Only when the user ends the program and re-runs it again the image changes.

I tried


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Reload/refresh The Same Form Again Without Losing The Data?

Jan 10, 2010

How can i reload/refresh the same form again without losing the data stored along with the form?

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