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Crap PictureBox Image And Zoom?

I am stuck on crap picturebox image and it makes zoom on others picturebox.

View 1 Replies (Posted: November 2nd, 2011)

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Picturebox Zoom While Maintaining Same Size Of Picturebox?
I have a picturebox on a form.  The image in the picturebox is actually a report. I want it so if the user clicks on it it will zoom larger --- while the picturebox remains the same size. Of course, the entire image will no longer be seen.  So I also want to be able to drap this image around with the cursor.  The examples I've found for picturebox zooming cause the picturebox itself to get bigger and smaller. I need it to be like an Access report. Click on the report and it gets bigger. Click again and it goes back to the full image. Does anyone know of an example or tutorial in VB.Net for this type of zoom-with-fixed-size picturebox function?

Posted: 7/8/2011

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Zoom In And Zoom Out PictureBox
i have map of a State, i need to let the user to Zoom in amd Zoom out and show some buttons on the Picture if we zoomin or zoomout the buttons also will be moved according to the location like google map how to achive this?

Posted: April 07, 2011

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Any Way To Zoom In On PictureBox In Form?
I finished making a top view shooter game that shows the whole map from above. The map is kind of big so the characters that move around are kind of small. Is there anyway to zoom in on the main character (a picture box), but still keep all the original properties of the form?

Posted: Apr 23rd, 2011

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PictureBox Zoom But Align Picture To Top?
So I've got a picture box and I want to load up all kinds of pictures programmatically , with unknown dimensions. So I pick sizemode Zoom to ensure that the image isn't distorted and I can see all the image.  However if the image width is greater than height it vertically centres the image in the PictureBox control's bounds, leaving a gap at the top and bottom.

What I'd like is for the picture to be alighned to the top of the control in this scenario. So the picture will be immediately below a control above it.

Is there any way of acheiving this? Perhaps by over-riding paint event ?

Oh PS: The Picture box is docked to 'fill', otherwise I'd just change it's dimensions in code to have the same aspect ratio as the image.

Posted: March 17, 2010

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Implementing Zoom Feature To PictureBox In Paint App?
I've created a paint application, and now I want to implement zooming of the picturebox where everything is drawn.

Posted: January 17, 2010

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Zoom Picturebox With Static Edges (for Report)
My report is an image in a picturebox. I want it so if the user clicks on it it will zoom larger --- while the picturebox remains the same size. That's important. The examples I've found for picturebox zooming cause the picturebox to get bigger and smaller. I need it to be like an Access report. Click on the report and it gets bigger. Click again and it goes back to the full image. Of cours when you're zoomed in, the perimeter of the report is not visible. So I'd like to be able to drag the image as well so the unseen portions can be seen.

Posted: Jul 8th, 2011

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Draw A Zoom-ed Image With GDI?
I was wondering how I could draw an image using GDI, zoomed, like a PictureBox set on Zoom (SizeMode). How does that algorithm work?

Posted: Mar 23rd, 2012

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How To Draw A Zoom-ed Image With GDI
I was wondering how I could draw an image using GDI, zoomed, like a PictureBox set on Zoom (SizeMode). How does that algorithm work?

Posted: September 25, 2011

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Pan And Zoom Image Features?
I am more interested in the "Pan" feature. I haven't seen much on this so far.

Posted: Jan 25th, 2004

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Zoom A Particular Area Of Image?
How to zoom a particular area of Image in

Like e.g.,(50,50,100,100)

how to zoom this small region of an image I Already know how to zoom an image but not how to zoom a particular portion

Posted: 26 February 2010

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VS 2010 : Perform Zoom And Pan The Image In Picture Box
I am trying to perform Zoom and Pan the image in Picture box using the following The Width and Height of the picturebox is (1024,1024).

Private Sub Picturebox1_Paint(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs) Handles Picturebox1.Paint
If Mouse_Operation = "ZOOM" then
ZoomWidth = 1024 * Total_Zoom_value
ZoomHeight = 1024 * Total_Zoom_value


Total_Zoom_Value and (imgx, imgy) are calculated based on the mouse movements on the picturebox.Now I am able to do the PAN operation after Zoom operation. But If i try to do Zoom operation after PAN operation, I am not able to Zoom the image from the PAN co-ordinates (imgx, imgy). I am not getting how to retain the image drawn using to do the operations on

Posted: Jan 22nd, 2012

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Windows - Auto-sizing Zoom On An Image In .NET
I'm considering a personal learning project. Using .NET(preferably VB) I want to build a simple desktop app that's only function is to display comics, like CDisplay, but with more advanced navigation. I want to be able zoom in by clicking on certain areas of an image, individual panels for instance, and have the zoom area automatically snap to the panel and blow it up. The images are usually in a standard format like .jpeg, .png, etc..

Something like this is what I'm going for: [URL]

I'm not even sure what this is called? Image mapping? Tone mapping maybe? Is it possible to do this within .NET or would it require some kind of outside library? Code samples would be nice, but obviously this is pretty vague request.

Posted: Jul 16 09 at 21:17

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Image Viewer Control - Zoom / Draw / Rotate
Im looking for an image viewer that supports most types of image formats, including PDFs, and has the ability to rotate/zoom, and draw on an image. I've been looking but to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way of going about modifying a control so that I would have these features? The main problem that I am running into is the lack of the ability to draw on an image. Im still sort of a newbie to .NET,

Posted: 2010

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VS 2008 : Zoom Into Monitor To See A Pixelated Image Of The Screens Content?
How can I zoom into monitor to see a pixelated image of the screens content?

Posted: May 26th, 2010

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Change The Default Crap Look Of The Menu Strip?
How can i change the default crap look of the menu strip?

For example the checkmarked items, like a check in a box.

Horrible blue icon margin

Posted: Aug 26th, 2010

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A "preview" Form To Zoom Inside A Picturebox?
I would like to prepare a preview window to zoom inside a picturebox. In my form, I have a picturebox (name picSource1) and inside the same picturebox, I have some other pictureboxes (like picsmallSource1). All of them make a detailed whole photo. My aim is to make a new form with a new picturebox (name it picDestination) so that when mouse comes over the source picSource1 (and of course the other small pictureboxes inside this), Form2 becomes visible and picDestination shows the zoomed part where the mouse cursor shows. So while the mouse moves over the image, the new picturebox shows in real time the zoomed version.

Public Class ImageEventArgs
Inherits EventArgs
Private _image As Image

This code works very fine but I should revise it to somehow "overlay" the picturebox1 with other small pictureboxes, isn't it?

Posted: Oct 5th, 2010

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Zoom In/zoom Out Screen Display/output?
How can I zoom in/zoom out screen display? This is to be used for people having eyesight problem. I want to control the screen resolution by percent and not to any fixed size provided in control panel/display settings.I have to control the output of the main display and zoom in/zoom out by percent, according to user's eyesight matching

Posted: 4/4/2009

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[2008] Zoom In And Zoom Out Document In Webbrowser?
Is there a way to zoom in and zoom out document in webbrowser?

Posted: Aug 26th, 2008

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Drew An Image In A Picturebox With The Image Height As Picturebox Height And Image Width As Picturebox Width
I drew an image in a picturebox with the image height as picturebox height and image width as picturebox width. The image is placed somewhere on the center of the picturebox. My intention is to scale the image to fit to the picturebox.

Posted: Aug, 2011

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Drag Image From Picturebox To A Dynamically Created Picturebox?
I have a program I'm working on that, for one of the features, allows the user to drag an image from a picturebox, into the main form space, anywhere they want. [code]...

When trying to drag the image from the CurrentTilePicBox, the very moment I move the mouse while dragging the cursor becomes a circle with a cross and won't drag and drop into the new picturebox.

Posted: Sep 27th, 2009

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VS 2008 Add Picturebox During Runtime And Loading Image Into Picturebox?
i'm doing a simple form tat could add picturebox during runtime and i could add several picture into it.

Posted: Feb 8th, 2010

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VS 2008 Zoom In / Zoom Out Option?
I created a Zoom in and Zoom out function for my application and it works great. I would just like your opion on my code, because I am wondering if it can be done a bit neater and more effective.

ts = ToolStrip
cms = ContextMenuStrip
If Me.Font.Size < 30 Then  


Me.form.font changes the font of all the controls except toolstrips, contextmenu's and menustrips.

Any idea's if this can be done any neater or how you can make menustrip etc.. use the font of the form?

Edit:This is the Zoom In version btw. The Zoom out is identical except it uses - instead of + when declaring the newFontSize.

Posted: Oct 30th, 2009

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PictureBox - Image: Select The Path To A Local Folder That Is Within The Application And Get An Image From It?
I have a Picturebox and a two Buttons on my Form. On click of one of the buttons I want to change the image in the picture box at runtime.

This works fine when I give the location of the image (the full path ) on my computer - but then of course it will not work if I use the solution on a different computer .

So I have made a folder named "Pics" inside my application and added two images into it.

How do I get to this local folder in the following code?

Picturebox1.image = system.drawing.image.fromfile (??? )
instead of the usual,
Picturebox1.image = system.drawing.image.fromfile ("C:UsersMyName My PicturesMyPicture.jpg" )

Posted: September 15, 2010

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Runtime Picturebox.image Update From A Control Owned Imagelist.image
I'm trying to update pictures boxes with images of controls stored in an imagelist owned by a control. The images stored in the control.imagelist do not showup in the picturebox. I'm working on simplifying the code to post, but for now could use help.If I store the image in a member variable owned bythe control it woks fine.Something to do with persistance of images in control owned imagelist? [code]

Posted: 01 February 2012

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Add Picture Box Image Name To Textbox - Depending On Image Displayed In Picturebox
i'm lost on this code.. i have a picturebox that swaps 2 images, depending on the action, file_red and file_green.. what i'm trying to to is, if a picturebox switches a image or not, to be able to detect that and have textbox8 add a line with the detection.


Posted: May 20, 2009

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Add A Zoom Function And A Pan Function To A Picturebox?
I want to Use Picturebox_MouseCaptureChange Event Arg to zoom in on a peice of a PictureBox.Image. The Help Search says there is a zoom and a pan function on Systems.Windows.Controls But I cannot find it in the add reference component of the Visual Basic 2008 edition...I have one program that I did that allowed me to zoom using a TrackBar here it is...


The problem is that I cannot get the trackbar to zoom any closer that the top left side of the controler....I need to zoom and then pan around the image.

Posted: May 01, 2010

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FAQ: Draw An Image Respectively On The PictureBox Control And Image Object?
How do I draw an image respectively on the PictureBox control and Image object? Welcome to the All-In-One Code Framework! If you have any feedback,

Posted: April 10, 2009

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Make A Picturebox Image Equal A Certain Part Of The Image
i have a image with four squares evenly spaced out. I want a picturebox's image to be one of the squares at a time so it's like a animation except it's only one image.

Posted: May 23, 2010

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Comparing PictureBox.Image With Resource Image?
I have a PictureBox which I would like to check if it's the same as one already imported to resources . If it's the same it'd do a condition otherwise it's do something else .

If I try

If PictureBox1.Image = Jogos_Matem�ticos.My.Resources.Resources.Cross Then
'code here


Posted: Dec 30th, 2010

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Crop Original Image But Not Image In Picturebox?
I have an application which first load an 1200*800 image into an 600*400 picturebox. When i crop the whole image in picturebox and save it, the size will be 600*400. How can i make it save in 1200*800?

Posted: 2/8/2011

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Add Functionality Of Zoom In And Zoom Out? how to add functionality of zoom in and zoom out  

in AxWebBrowser in using buttons .

I am able to do it using ctrl + mousewheel but how to do it programatically.....

If I open an excel file in the axwebbrowser then this functionality will work or not ..

Posted: October 13, 2010

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Zoom In And Zoom Out A Richtextbox ?
how to zoom in and zoom out a richtextbox in

Posted: July 19, 2011

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Add A Image To Picturebox?
I'm wanting to add a image to the picturebox. The image would be a variable. I'm trying with the following code with no success.[code]...

Posted: Mar 9th, 2009

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Getting Image From A Picturebox?
how can i get an image that i drawn on a picturebox? in my application i created a form with the freehand drawing.but i can't save the image that i drawn as a file,there have a error message that "object reference not set to an instance of an object".I am using the code,sysytem.....jpeg)

Posted: Sep 9 09 at 7:25

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