Convert A Decimal ( Decimal Place Holder = Dot) To A Decimal (decimal Place Holder =comma)?

Dec 20, 2010

how do you convert a decimal ( decimal place holder = dot) to a decimal (decimal place holder =comma)?


Loop Does Not Truncate Into A Two Decimal Place Holder

Feb 14, 2012

I wrote a loop that posted an accrued principal cycle to a listbox for a period of 10 years (10 loop cycles). The problem is: not only does the amount of the principal reconfigure for each loop cycle, but it does not truncate into a two decimal place holder as it should. I would like to use the ("F2") but I am not sure where to put it within the code. Here is what I have for the Calculate button event handler.


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Deal With Dots And Commas Used As Decimal Place Holder In A International Environment?

Nov 6, 2010

The user enter a number in a text box. what is the best way to overcome the big problem that in some countries 10,000 is written as 10.000 when you want to give the user the freedom to select its prefered format???

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.net - String.Format Decimal With Sign Fixed Number Of Decimal Places, No Decimal Separator?

Jun 27, 2012

What is the cleanest, most readable way to String.Format a decimal with the following criteria

start with a sign symbol (+ or -)
a fixed number of fraction digits
no decimal separator
right aligned
pre-padded with "0"'s

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Change Decimal To A Comma When Hitting Decimal Key On Numpad Only

Jan 17, 2011

My user requests to change the . on the numpad to a  when entering text in a multiline textbox.So I was thinking about the KeyDown event.To determine if the numpad . was pressed I can do something like this [code]But now how do I change the returned charachter as a , ? All e.Key... properties are ReadOnly. The KeyPress events let me change this by providing e.KeyChar, but in that event I can't check for the numpad .

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Get The Number Of The Decimal Place

Jun 15, 2011

How can I get the number of the decimal place, example 1.30  then it should give 2, for 5.0101 should give 4. I'm now doing that:


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Reduce Int To 1 Decimal Place?

Apr 17, 2009

I'm using the code below to convert the file size in bytes (test file is 31718 bytes) to KB (30.974609375 KB) but I want to display this to one decimal place (i.e. 30.9 KB). How would I do this in VB.NET?

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Rounding To Two Decimal Place?

Feb 25, 2012

I have a bit of code that returns some stupidly long number, and i need it to round up or down to 2 decimal places. I've looked online but I dont really understand much of it (I'm still learning!).

shill = txtshill.Text * 5
pen = txtpen.Text / 2.5


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Way To Check Decimal Place

Sep 13, 2010

How to check the decimal place of a input value?

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Set As Default Two Decimal Place For Textbox?

Jan 28, 2009

1)How to set the textbox only allow (Numbers , No decimal)?

2)How to set as Default two decimal place for textbox?

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Make Integer A Two Place Decimal In VB Express?

Jun 9, 2011

I am using Visual Basic Express. Here is my code but my number is always a whole number when I divide I want it to be two decimal places. For example 367/12 should equal 30.42 not just 30.


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Rounding Numbers In A Text Box To One Decimal Place?

Nov 22, 2010

I have a series of text boxes with numbers. They are an array called txtBF(0 to 16). I am trying to take the value that is to be displayed in the text box and make it have only one decimal place. I have tried using this code below but I keep getting an error message Run Time Error 13: Type Mismatch.

txtBF(11).text = Round(txtBF(11).text, 1)
and I have also tried this
txtBF(11).text = Math.Round(txtBF(11).text, 1)

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OdbcDataReader In Showing Decimal Fields Decimal Separator Disappear With DB2 Dsn?

Oct 19, 2010

OdbcDataReader in showing decimal fields Decimal separator disappear with DB2 dsn

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After Converting All Degrees-->decimal, And Decimal-->hours - Use Tan, Cos And Sin Formula

Aug 27, 2009

After converting all degrees-->decimal, and decimal-->hours, how can i use Tan, Cos and Sin formula in I want the user must enter an input (which it is a coordinat-->i already convert the degrees-->decimal value as suggested by stanav and paul.

The questions like this (i only calculate on paper but dont know how to implement in code):

Input user need to enter:
-latitude local (e.g. 1.4875)
-longitude local (e.g. 103.3883333)


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Rounding Up Decimal Numbers To The Nearest 2 Decimal Places?

Apr 17, 2010

How would I go about rounding up decimal numbers to the nearest 2 decimal places? For example $7.0000032 would be $7.01 In theory, VB would make it $7.00 but if it is > $7.00, I want it to reflect that to the nearest penny... so $3.0000001 would be $3.01

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.net - Dim X As Decimal = 100.0m Do A Cast From Double To Decimal Implicitly?

Mar 30, 2011

If I have the code:Dim x as Decimal = 100.0m

Is it casting from a double to a decimal implicitly. How would I do this explicitly in

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Form Decimal To Textbox, From Text Box To Decimal

Dec 21, 2010

1) One Decimal Varibale stores a decimal value

2) The value must be converted in string ( some time the comma is used as decimalplaceholder some time the dot)

3) the user modifies  the value

4) i need to riconvert the string back in decimal

how can i do this 


Variable 123.34D        ---->      textBox     123,34 or 123.34      -----> variable   123.34D

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Decimal Variable With 40 Decimal Places?

Apr 23, 2010

Is there a way in VB .NET to have a decimal variable with 40 decimal places?

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Two Decimal And Three Decimal Rounded Numeric Value

Dec 2, 2010

Maybe this is just a really basic question that everyone knows the answer to, and is why I couldn't find the answer. What I want to do is pretty simple. I want to declare a custom type that's just like a Single, except when you access the value, you get the value rounded to the second or third decimal place. Something like this:

Dim MyNumer as TwoDecimalNumber
MyNumer = 1.124
Msgbox(MyNumber) 'This would pop up a box showing "1.12"


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When Adding A Value To Another Value The Results Eventually Change From 2-decimal Places To Multiple Decimal Places?

Mar 13, 2009

Problem: Using the sub routing below, when adding a value to another value the results eventually change from 2-decimal places to multiple decimal places.Basically, the amount stored should always only be 2 decimal places, because the values passed in are always 2 decimal places. Output from calling the sub routine multiple times.

Running total = 329430.75
New Withheld Amount = 710.79
Running total = 330141.54


As a workaround, I have a new routine that uses a custom round function to properly store only 2 decimal places - as the VB round function does not perform the type of rounding desired.I understand that we are removing the value from the dictionary and adding it back..

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Format Number To Hower Many Number On Left Of Decimal And 1 Decimal Without Rounding?

Jul 28, 2010

format number to hower many number on left of decimal and 1 decimal without rounding

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Using Content Place Holder Within Head Section Of Master Page?

Dec 29, 2010

Can we use Content place holder within the head section of a master page?
For example :
<head runat="server">
<title>Untitled Page</title>
<asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="ContentPlaceHolder2" runat="server">
<link href="StyleSheet.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

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VS 2008 What Is The Place Holder For MySQL Parameter With Command Object

Jan 27, 2010

with vb 2008 express is there any EOF & BOF properties if not is there any alternative for the same any sample line of code (2) what is the place holder for MySQL parameter with command object?

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Comma Decimal Value Not Working

Dec 17, 2009

I have
Dim InputVariable as Double
InputVariable = Val(InputBox1.Text)

Now I am in Germany and we enter decimal values with a comma, like 53,52. When I enter this into my InputBox, the InputVariable shows only 53 after Val(). This is caused by entering the comma as decimal separator instead of the dot. When i enter it with a dot, like 53.52, the variable has the correct value. Is there a workaround, so that i can use the Val() function together with german input of comma decimal symbol and my variable gets assigned the correct decimal value instead of cutting it off?

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Decimal Symbol: Period Or Comma?

Sep 29, 2010

My chemistry calculations program, written in Visual Studio 2008, VB.Net (Win XP), gives completely wrong results when a Comma is used as Decimal Symbol.The calculations are only correct with a Dot (.) as Decimal Symbol.How can I make the calculation results independent of the Decimal Symbol? (Dot or Comma)?(For example Excel calculates correctly with a Dot or Comma as Decimal Symbol)I have found an old thread adressing the same problem, but no simple and easy solution was given.

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How To Get Comma Instead Of Decimal Point In Label

Aug 11, 2009

For some time I try to get the comma instead of the decimal point, but the labels I use won't display a comma. For some reason I don't understand, the msgbox() does the trick, but is useless in my application. This is my last desperate piece of code I tried but it also failed.

Expresserprijs = EuropluscolNL(ArrayCol, 2) - EuropluscolNL(ArrayCol, 1)
' All above are "Doubles" and are fed with data like 21,45 (with comma's that is)
Decimaalteken = Expresserprijs
' Decimaalteken is a string
[Code] .....

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Format Decimal Number (Comma As Fraction Separator With Two Digits)

May 22, 2012

Is there a format string to format a decimal to 000000000,00. So first 9 digits, right padded with zeros if needed; a comma as fraction separator and two fraction digits.
0 => 00000000,00
12 => 00000012,00
987456,456 => 000987456,46
So something like myDecimal.ToString("D9") together with .ToString("F2").

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VS 2008 Double To String Without Decimal Point Change To Comma?

Mar 14, 2012

I'm having some trouble converting a double to a string.I have a double value, like 43.64 and I need a string like this: "43.64"If I try to convert the double to a string I always get "43,64" what doesn't work for me..

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Formatting :: Add Comma, 2 Decimal Places To Cell Values Excel Interop?

Jun 22, 2010

Does anyone have any or vba code that will format excel values or a range of cells to have comma for 100s, 1000s,10000s etc

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Detect Culture Of Number Period Or Comma For Decimal Point / Thousands Separator?

Jul 1, 2011

In VB.Net, is there a way of auto-detecting the culture of a string representation of a number? I'll explain the situation:Our web site receives xml data feeds for boat data. Most of the time, the number format for the prices use either a simple non-formatted integer e.g. "999000". That's easy for us to process.Occaisionally, there are commas for thousands separators and periods for the decimal point. Also, that's fine as our data import understands this. Example "999,000.00".We're starting to get some data from France where some of the prices have been entered with the periods and thousands separators the other way around as that's the way it's done in many European countries. E.g. "999.000,00". This is where our system would interpret that as nine hundred and ninety nine pounds instead of the nine hundred and ninety nine thousand pounds that was intended.

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Convert BCD To Decimal?

Dec 7, 2009

I am trying to convert information stored in a file to a decimal (or ASCII) format, then write the contents of that file to a new file.

What I have is a list of files that are generated from a cash register. The documentation that was provided to me says that this particular file I am trying to work with has a length of 6, a width of 6, and that it's BCD type.

I've done quite a few google searches and can't seem to find a good solution. I know BCD numbers should be stored as 0000 format. But the problem I'm getting is when I read each part of the file (using my I'm getting full numbers..and I am expecting the 0000 format. I'll get a 0, 0, 0, and then all of the sudden I"ll get a number that's 65,000..then I'll get a 34...and there doesn't seem to be any

I'm sure I'm doing something incorrect here, my knowledge of reading HEX, BCD, etc. is very minimal. I'm guessing it has to do with using a filestream, so I can use the fs.ReadByte() method..but when I tried that my program was literally chugging along for several minutes with no sign of ending.[code]...

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Convert A Decimal Into A Percentage In Vb?

Feb 1, 2010

How do you convert a decimal into a percentage in visual basic? I have the code to get the problem but I need to move the decimal over two places.

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Convert A Double X To A Decimal Y?

Oct 5, 2011

Let's say I want to convert a Double x to a Decimal y. There's a lot of ways to do that:

1. var y = Convert.ToDecimal(x); // Dim y = Convert.ToDecimal(x)
2. var y = new Decimal(x); // Dim y = new Decimal(x)
3. var y = (decimal)x; // Dim y = CType(x, Decimal)
4. -- no C# equivalent -- // Dim y = CDec(x)

Functionally, all of the above do the same thing (as far as I can tell). Other than personal taste and style, is there a particular reason to choose one option over the other?

EDIT: This is the IL generated by compiling the three C# options in a Release configuration:

1. call valuetype [mscorlib]System.Decimal [mscorlib]System.Convert::ToDecimal(float64)
--> which calls System.Decimal::op_Explicit(float64)


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Convert A Whole Number Into Decimal?

Jan 14, 2012

How to convert a whole number into decimal..For example 70 to .70 because there are some price in my system that needed to be calculated by grams for example $5 per grams... I am saving the price in my database as an integer..

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Convert Decimal Into Time?

Aug 18, 2010


Very simple, I click a button and it shows the answer in the label. The answer to this is: 00:02:38 (according to excel)

But I want my to change the decimals into the time as excel would do so. The answer vb gives me is: 0.001833786. So how can I change a decimal into a time?

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Convert Decimal To DateTime?

Mar 25, 2011

how to convert Decimal To datetime?

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Convert Decimal Value To Datetime?

Jun 8, 2009

I have a decimal value and i want to convert it to datetime.


Dim Excess As Decimal
Dim FixEncodedHours As Decimal
Dim OvertimeLimit As Decimal = 4D


How can i convert the decimal result Hr_Ex to datetime?

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Convert Hex To Decimal Using Program?

Mar 13, 2009

I need to convert hex to a decimal in VB.NET. Found several examples in C#, but when I tried to convert to VB.NET I was not successful. An example of a hexadecimal number that I am trying to convert is"A14152464C203230304232323020572F544947455234352E".

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Convert String To Decimal?

Oct 7, 2010

How to convert string to decimal ?

input - output
45 - 45.00
45.5 - 45.50
45.51 - 45.51

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Convert Text To Decimal?

May 11, 2010

The code below works until I try to convert the text box to a decimal. I think it might be because at the time of conversion the text box is empty. If thats the case, where could I do the conversion?[code]...

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