Permutation With 2 Numbers In VB Express 2008?

Mar 20, 2012

If you have two text boxes and when you input two numbers it outputs th permutations in a third text box of the two numbers. Example: You put 5 in textbox1 and 6 in textbox2 textbox3 outputs:


I know this can be done with nested For loops, but I don't know exactly how.


Convert Numbers To Text In VB Express 2010?

Jul 12, 2011

I need to convert numbers to words, (ex: 123 to one hundred twenty three/ 123.5 to one hundred twenty three point five.I use visual basic express 2010. I intend to create a textbox for the input and use a label to show the result. If I call the textbox "textbox1" and the label "label1", what will the code be?

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VS 2008 - Add Two Excel Sheets With Numbers And The Equal (similar) Numbers To Save Once

Mar 28, 2010

how can i add two excel sheets with numbers and the equal (similar)numbers to save once

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Implement Calendar With .net Express 2008 And MSSQL 2008 Express?

Sep 21, 2009

how I can implement my calendar with VB .net express 2008 and MSSQL 2008 Express. How do I get it to work with datasets, binding source etc.If I go to Properties>settings my connection string is:

Data Source=.SQLEXPRESS;AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|CalendarDatabase.mdf;Integrated Security=True;Connect Timeout=30;User Instance=True

and I have a table with fields:-



I can Add the event to the calendar I have the necessary items on my form linked to my table and I can save them to my table:


But I cant keep the event displayed on my calendar when I close it and open it again.

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Vb 08 Express Case Statement - Take User Input, Validate To Ensure There's No Negative Numbers

Apr 9, 2011


I need to take user input, validate to ensure there's no negative numbers and display monthly fee and check fee in a Label.....with a calculate button_Click

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Proper Update And Delete Code For SQL Express In 2008 Express Edition?

Oct 3, 2011

I'm just using the default SQL Server Express in my vb 2008 express edition as my database server for my database operation. When I tried to update the records on my table I got a runtime error which indicates the error on this line 'myCommand.ExecuteNonQuery()'and it highlights a yellow background on it. The runtime error says "SqlException was unhandled: An expression of non-boolean type specified in a context where a condition is expected, near 'Number'. ".

Imports System.Data.SqlClient
Private Sub Button3_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button3.Click
Dim myConnection As New SqlConnection
Dim myCommand As New SqlCommand


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Unhandled SqlException In VB 2010 Express Thta Does Not Occur In VB 2008 Express?

Oct 16, 2010

I tried to start using VB 2010 Express with a program I originally developed with VB 2005 Express that I moved to VB 2008 Express successfully a couple years ago. It uses a database file (*.mdf) that is on the computer ( not out on a server). When attempt to run the program in debug mode, I get the following error  "An attempt to attach an auto-named database for file C:Documents and SettingsTomMy DocumentsQuizzing StuffQuestion Database 2010QuizQuest ionGameQuizQuestionGameinReleaseQuizQuestionDB.mdf failed. A database with the same name exists, or specified file cannot be opened, or it is located on UNC share."

I first made a copy of the entire project folder that was working in VB 2008 Express and gave it a different name. In VB2010 I opened the project in the copied folder and it said it successfully converted the project. I am able to open the Data Source inthe Designer and see the database structure as I expect. I think the project is still using SQL Server 2005 Express (because it is what is checked in the list of prerequisites on the Publish tab).

Note, I have programmed off and on for many years, but fairly new to using databases and SQL Server.

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Connecting VB 2010 Express To SQL Server 2008 Express Database Via IP

Feb 29, 2012

Here is the scoop: I am trying to make a user account SQL database work with Visual Basic 2008 Express for login purposes, i.e. usernames & passwords. Plan is to host this server so people can login to use the the application and verify they have a valid account. I would like to host all the account information in SQL due to the possiblity of hundreds of users at any given time. I also need the ability to add data to the database for users registering for the first time. The SQL server will need to be able to access the SQL Server databases remote via WAN.

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INSERT Or Update In SQL Server 2008 R2 Express In VB 2010 Express

Jan 21, 2011

I am trying to re write a VB6 program using MS Access, many years ago, using VB 2010 express and SQL server 2008 R2 Express. I have a database with several tables, which I created using the designer. I am able to connect to the database and select data and display it in textboxes etc in vb code. What I have not been able to in code is to INSERT rows DELETE rows or UPDATE any data in the tables. I can do any of these operations using the Query Designer, but I want to do it in code. I can post some code if necessiary, but I thought it might just be some property that I had not set in the designer.


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Connecting VB 2010 Express To SQL Server 2008 Express Via IP

Feb 29, 2012

there Dream in Code Community! Im an okay programmer as far as skill right now I am still learning as we all are I need some help from some experienced VB.NET programmers in the community, Here is the scoop: I am trying to make a user account SQL database work with Visual Basic 2008 Express for login purposes, i.e. usernames & passwords.


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Converting A VB 2005 Express Program To VB 2008 Express

Feb 24, 2010

The program I am trying to modify was initially written using VB 2005 Express. I have subsequently downloaded the 2008 version. The program creates a monthly spreadsheet from a template. The old code that will no longer (highlighted and underlined) compile is as follows:


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Connecting To SQL Server 2008 Express From VB 2008 Express?

Mar 5, 2010

I'm using VB 2008 Express for our College Project. I'm also running SQL Server 2008 Express and have installed SQL Server Management Studio and used it to create my database. Both software have been installed and running locally. I'm trying to connect to the database from VB 2008 Express. Database connection wizard have 3 options:

connecting to Access db
connecting to SQL Server 3.5 compact db and
connecting to SQL Server db file.


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Connecting VB 2008 Express To SQL Server 2008 Express

Jan 7, 2010

I have SQL 2008 Express and Visual Basic 2008 Express runing on XP Professional SP2. When I select add new data source from VB I don't have the option to connect to SQL Server 2008 express to get at the to SQL Server Database. I also notice that the OLE DB connector is not availble as a data connector. Can somebody please confirm that VB 2008 Express can connect directly to SQL Server 2008 Express and how I can achieve it.

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Use VB 2008 Express And Connect To A DB Of SQL Server 2008 Express?

Jan 7, 2009

'm trying to use Visual Basic 2008 Express and connect to a DB of SQL Server 2008 Express but ... you can tell me why in the Database Explorer and the Data menu of VB only have the following options for data source? Microsoft Access Database File Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 Microsoft SQL Server Database File does not have the options Microsoft ODBC Data Source Microsoft SQL Server obs.: I have the Visual Web Express 2008 installed, and there are the options available.

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VS 2010 Connecting VB 2010 Express To SQL Server 2008 Express Database Via IP

Feb 29, 2012

I am trying to make a user account SQL database work with Visual Basic 2008 Express for login purposes, i.e. usernames & passwords. Plan is to host this server so people can login to use the the application and verify they have a valid account. I would like to host all the account information in SQL due to the possiblity of hundreds of users at any given time. I also need the ability to add data to the database for users registering for the first time. The SQL server will need to be able to access the SQL Server databases remote via WAN.

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VS 2008 VB 2008 Express Edition Softare - Specific Installation Directory For A Program?

Aug 9, 2009

Where in Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition Software program do you specify a specific installation directory for a program?

c:Program Filesfinished program

I want to publish my program to try it out on another system and I want to ensure its installed in the directory structure I want.

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COM Object Handling Differences Between 2008 Express And VB 2008?

Jul 15, 2009

I recently created a very simple project in VB express 2008 to interface with a COM object from an external vendor. I then downloaded the VS2008 90 day trial and found that the identical code in a VS2008 project results in a COMException error "Object is out of scope".  Is anyone aware of any differences in how the two packages handle COM object interfaces as I have run out of ideas. Both projects have identical code and all the references are the same. The CreateObject() method correctly creates the object, but any attempt to access methods inside the COM object result in that error. I can even open the VB 2008 Express project inside VS and it still generates the same error.

Here is the code - the vendor dll in question is from Siebel v8.0.0, you'll notice that I have commented out most of the code that comes after the error. Creating a watch in the debugger on the siebApp variable sees it correctly created as {System.__ComObject}type SiebelHTMLApplication. I first tried this by creating the Property Service for variable siebSvcs, but after I started experiencing the COMExceptions, I reverted to using the most basic method inside the COM object I was creating.



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DB/Reporting :: Using Vb Net 2008 With SQL Express 2008 R2 In Windows Forms?

Sep 9, 2010

using Vb Net 2008 with SQL Express 2008 R2 in windows forms. that being said, I have a syntax problem in this form, form has 2 texbox an a datagridview and also the 4 components DataSet. BindingSource. TableAdapter, BindingNavigator. When I filter by LastName no problem it work fine (it's a String) but when I try to filter by CustomerID (it's alphanumeric) I get an error "Invalid character" here is part of my code: Private Sub surnameFilterTextBox_TextChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles surnameFilterTextBox.TextChanged


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How To Start MS Sql Server 2008 Installed With Vb Express 2008

Nov 28, 2009

I recently installed vb express 2008 and with that download i also installed Sql server 2008. Earlier i have been working in MS Access so i have no experience in SQL server. My first problem is how to start sql server. I can see only following:

Start>All Programmes>MS SQL server 2008>Configuration Tools, Import and Export Data(32 bit)>SQL server configuration Manager,SQL server Error and Usage Reporting,SQL server Installation Centre. Moreover in Programme Files i have two folders:


how to start to create a database in SQL server with Vb express 2008.

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Vb 2008 Get The Registration Code For Vb 2008 Express Edition?

Apr 9, 2012

registration code for vb 2008 express edition.

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VS 2008 Connect VB 2008 Express To A Database File

Jan 12, 2012

I am using VB 2008 express and SQL Server 2008 express on a test basis and I used to connect VB express to a SQL database (created in SQL Server 2008 Express management studio) file and it work perfectly until my hard drive packed up and I had to get a new one, so I had to reinstall both of these again and copied my old databases from a backup I had. Now when I try to connect to the database file it cannot connect. Network related error or the instance name is incorrect. When I look at the advanced options in the connect dialog it shows my instance as .SQLExpress and my correct instance name is .SQL2008Express. I clicked OK on the connect dialog and manually changed my connection string to the correct instance and that worked but whenever I run the application in debug mode it give me the same error as above.

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Create Another Six Textboxes / Same Time Allocate These Numbers In Ascending / Descending Numbers.

Jun 21, 2010

I have six textboxes, and upon button press it randomly generates six numbers, one in eact text box e.g. [43] [85] [93] [1] [0] [17]..i create another six textboxes and at the same time allocate these numbers in ascending/descending numbers.I am not looking for any codes whatsoever, as i love the challenge of VB.Net.

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Project - Average Numbers, Maximum And Minimum Values, Range Of The Numbers

Apr 7, 2009

Im trying to write a program that will do:

1.The average of the four numbers. This answer will be placed into a text box reserved for that value. This text box cannot be changed by the user.

2.The maximum and minimum values. These will be denoted by changing the color of the largest number green and the smallest number red.

3.The range of the numbers. The range is defined as the difference between the largest and smallest numbers. The range will be placed into its own text box, labeled as such. This text box cannot be changed by the user."

Im using visual studio 2008 and it has to be written in VB

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Use .next (random Numbers) To Randomly Select Something From A List Of Numbers But It Can't Repeat The Number?

Aug 16, 2009

So how would I use .next (random numbers) to randomly select something from a list of numbers but it can't repeat the number?I could do:

dim num as integer
dim r as new random
num =,5)
if num = 1 then
elseif num = 2 then

That wouldn't work because it would repeat.If I donwload someone's game can I disect it in VS? :0 I tried going to open project, then I went to the folder and clicked open. It brought me inside of the folder so I tried to open the game but there is no form1 there. It says the games name then .exe in the explorer-like thing in the top right?Also, how would I have a value or something in a label and access it from a button.

Example:This is in a label.

Dim number as Integer
number = 0

Then in the button do

Label.number = 0

How would I do something like that? I want to use that a lot as I did in a different language.

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User To Input Numbers From An Inputbox And It Displays The Total Numbers Entered?

Mar 18, 2011

I have a program that allows a user to input numbers from an inputbox and it displays the Total numbers entered, the sum of the numbers entered, and the average of the numbers entered. What I can not seem to find it how to have it display the largest number entered. The code I have so far is,


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VS 2008 Creating Reports Using .Net Express 2008?

Apr 24, 2009

Is there any way to design and print reports using VB.Net Express 2008 If there is no solution, my backend is Access 2000 - so can I open & print a stored A2000 report from within VB.Net 2008 Express ? How

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VS 2008 VS Studio 2008 Express Reinstall?

Apr 26, 2011

I'm having a virus problem on my PC with VS studio.If I reinstall on another PC, do I simply copy the VS studio folder shown in my documents into the new installation and all is well?Or just "projects and settings"? Or ?

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Box - Conversion Error - User Enters 6 Numbers In 6 Different Text Boxes - Displays The Larger Of Those 6 Numbers

Oct 4, 2011

I am making a program, where the user enters 6 numbers in 6 different text boxes, and it displays the larger of those 6 numbers. But I also want to make it where if the user enters a string value (like S for instance) in the text boxes, it gives an message and says "please enter the numbers again" and the user gets to enter the 6 numbers again. But when I do try to do that, it gives an error message saying conversion from "w/e the user entered" to Double is not valid. If the user just enters the numbers, it works fine. However, I am trying to make it if the user does enter non numeric value, it gives a message window and the user can reenter the numbers again.

Here is my code Example


This is where I am trying to use IsNumeric to show a message if a user does not enter a string so the user can renter the numbers again, but when the user does enter a string value (say in textbox 1) it gives me an error message saying conversion from "S" to 'double' is not valid.


Then right here this is where I have my series of ifs statements, this part works fine, it displays the largest numbers of the 6 textboxes every time. Error free.


And do this with variable number 2, 3, 4, 5.

I know there are easier ways to do these with arrays and stuff. But I am not there yet. I am still learning about ifs and stuff.

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Program To Randomly Select Numbers For A Bingo Caller - Prevent Reversed Numbers Being Selected

Mar 6, 2011

I have just about completed a .NET project to write a program to randomly select numbers for a Bingo caller. Over the last month or so Ive learned a lot about .NET but heres something that I consider to be odd and maybe one of you guys can offer an opinion.

One of the features of calling Bingo in a small local club is that callers often use little sayings to accompany certain numbers, I expect youve all heard of (say) All the sixes, clickety click for 66 or 5 and 9 the Brighton line for 59 etc. My little program gives an option to incorporate these with a prompt for the caller that can be edited outside of the program. One of these conventional sayings is used when a number is reversed 12 followed by 21 or 45 followed by 54 for example, when the caller might call (say) 1 and 2, one dozen, number 12 And the other way round 2 and 1, twenty one.

So, I programmed in a bit of code to detect this and to over-ride whatever might otherwise have been the quote with And the other way round and set about testing it. Ive been through literally dozens of full 90 calls watching for the occurrence of a reversed number, spent a few hours doing it, and not once has it occurred which is to say the least, unusual.

So, Im wondering about the Rand Function, could it be that it isnt possible for a reversed number to be selected? Just so you know, I randomly pre-select the order of all 90 numbers, I fill each of the 90 elements of an array with a random number first checking that the number selected hasnt already been stored, if it has, I just get the next random number (and check that too of course), but I cant see how that could prevent reversed numbers being selected, especially in light of the fact that frequently it's not the 'next' number that's used.

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Generate Automatic Numbers For Order Number And Inquiry Numbers?

Feb 15, 2012

am writing an system application for a company that must generate inquiry id and order id automatically. Whenever a customer makes a new inquiry or new order by clicking the add button, an automatic number should be displayed in the text box and when it's saved, it should be saved in the database access.

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Sort Strings With Numbers When Want Numbers Sorted Based On Their Dimension?

Nov 9, 2010

How do you sort strings with numbers when you want numbers sorted based on their dimension?

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Arranging Numbers - Get Equal Numbers And ELSE Giving All Series?

Dec 26, 2010

Sub five()
Dim i As Integer
For i = 1 To 14[code].....

I want the numbers that I was comparing similar numbers. I get equal numbers and ELSE giving all series.I like numbers 2 4 6 8 9 10

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Combine Multiple Numbers And Know What Numbers Are Selected Later From One Number?

Aug 18, 2009

I would like to know how I can have an enumeration that has multiple values and can be passed to a function.


NoAction = 0


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Fibonacci Numbers: Display First 10 Finonacci Numbers In Sequence

Mar 11, 2012

I am working on an assignment that will display the forst 10 fibonacci numbers in sequence. However when my results are displayed, the numbers are all stacked on top of each other like this: 011235813213455. I have tried to play with it but i can't seem to get my numbeers to space out or even maybe have a comma "," betweeen each number.[code]

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Generate 6 Unique Random Numbers - Sometimes Get Duplicate Numbers ?

Oct 6, 2011

The program must generate 6 unique random numbers but when I click display numbers sometimes it gives me 6 unique numbers and sometimes I get duplicate numbers. I will add the code I have so far.

Public Class frmMain

Private Sub btnExit_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnExit.Click


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Limit Textbox Input To Numbers And Range Of Numbers

Apr 4, 2012

i have one more issues, and hope is the last for now. How can I limit a textboxe's input to only numerical with certain range of values (eg -10 to 10) and with that happening while I type in the values?

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Make A Program That Will Calculate Sum Of Consecutive Numbers Between Two Given Numbers

Jun 4, 2012

I'm trying to make a program that will calculate the sum of consecutive numbers between two given numbers. [code]

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Sum Numbers In Listbox - Add All Numbers Together And Display The Result In A Label

Jan 10, 2010

I'm using VB08. I've populated a listbox with numbers and I want to add all those numbers together and display the result in a Label. I've heard about using parse but I don't understand exactly how it works.

This is the code that I have that i think should work.

Dim lblTotal As Decimal
Dim sum As Double
For Each decAdded As Decimal In Me.lstRunningTotal.Items
sum += Double.Parse(decAdded)
lblTotal = FormatCurrency(sum)

When I run it, nothing happens. My "For Each" statement I'm not sure if it's doing what I think it's doing. I can't believe I spent 6 hours banging my head against the wall but I finally got it figured out.

This is my revised code:

Dim sum As Decimal
For Each decAdded As Decimal In Me.lstRunningTotal.Items
sum += Decimal.Parse(decAdded)
lbl_Total.Text = sum

Just some suttle changes made the difference

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Connect To A Database On SQL Server R2 Express From Visual Basic Express?

Nov 1, 2011

Is it possible to connect to a database on SQL Server R2 Express from Visual Basic Express? I am following a set of tutorial videos done in SQL Server 2005, but cannot seem to connect to create the database. I have created the database in SQL Server R2 Express, but cannot connect. Is there a work around?

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VB Express 2010 Slower To Compile And Run That Older Versions Of VB Express?

May 12, 2010

Is VB Express 2010 slower to compile and run that older versions of VB Express? I've installed it this weekend and it seems a little sluggish on my quad core computer with 1 gig of RAM. I have VB Express 2005 installed for my students at school and it seems to fly just fine. Those school computers are older P4s with 512k of RAM.

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