Set Custom Papersize To Printer From Code In .net 2005?

Mar 11, 2010

we have a windows appliacation that uses sql server as backend. we have created all reports for this application using crystal report that is embedded in visual studio 2005. everything is working fine except the reports specially which needs to be displayed is custome mode. we have used some code to dynamically set the printer settings because at runtime the original printer settings are unknown and we don't want to let user set printer settings manually everytime before taking the printout. so the question is, how to set a custom papersize programactically. here is the code snippet that we have used to set some printer settings in runtime :-

rpt.PrintOptions.PrinterName = Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("DefaultPrinter")
rpt.PrintOptions.PaperOrientation = PaperOrientation.Landscape
rpt.PrintOptions.PaperSize = PaperSize.PaperFanfoldUS

we have usedreportdocument object to set printer options. we have two rpts which need to displayed in custom paper format. the formats are like 9X6 and 14X12. we have created these formats in server properties. now how to to set this from code? like in place of rpt.PrintOptions.PaperSize = PaperSize.PaperFanfoldUS...some sort of syntax which will let us to put the papersize in place ofPaperSize.PaperFanfoldUS...


Print By Printer On Custom Paper?

Jun 18, 2012

This is pankaj, I am currently working on the printing project. Here I have creating a custom paper(height =

1000mm and width = 800mm) on the printer via code and then trying to print the text on a specific location (for

example. top = 1cm and left = 1cm). It does not print the text After trying many time i found that printable area,

created by the code, is not changed but it is changing height and width as custom paper i have given in the code. But still it's printable area remains the same as previous paper

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Custom Paper Size Printing In Dot Matrix Printer With Tear Off

Sep 10, 2007

I am facing a problem in printing document using custom paper sizes in dot matrix printer,i created a new paper size thru code and try to use the same paper size for printing, in preview it shows exactly [ giving output in same pape size ], but while printing the paper moves for A4/Letter and i cann't able to enable the Tear off Mode.i am using C# 2005.

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VS 2005 ComboBox For Selecting Printer?

Oct 15, 2011

I use a printcode in a Class, and a printcode by the Button in the Form.Olso i have a code for fill the ComboBox, with al printers.Is it possible to do a selecting in the ComboBox, with as results that the print go to that printer.

Public Class formCapture
Private Shared img As Bitmap


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VS 2005 Send Straight To Printer?

Feb 18, 2010

I was just wondering how the hell you send documents of different type directly to the printer without a preview.

At first I thought this would be easy but so far I have had no joy at all.

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[2005] How To Make Printer Type

Feb 25, 2009

How do i get a type of the installed printers? laser, ink, dot matrix etc

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[2005] Sending Data To Printer

Feb 18, 2009

I am making a program that will print out some things. I have two questions:

1. How do you print a RichTextBox's contents?

2. How do you print plain text in a specific font? (It's a whole document in 1 font.)

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Code To Check Printer Status?

May 24, 2011

The problem seen to appear again in printing job...I have a printer(Epson TM-T88IV Receipt)Before printing, i would like to check if printer is available for printing or not (connect or not). if not, i will show the print preview form. otherwise it will print automatically

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Code To Print To A Specific Printer

Jun 24, 2010

i have bin searching around the internet to find a code that helps me print to a specific printer i define within the code. i wasn't lucky to find any or c# code, i only found vb6 code. is there a way to do this in

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Write Printer Code Using VB2003?

Jan 6, 2009

i would like to write a system that every time the user using the printer to print, when the user click on the print button user name and password are request after user key in then only the printing job continue...... now my problem is how to let the spooler pause and wait untill the user name correct only the printer continue printing!!!

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Printing Code To A Zebra Serial Printer

May 26, 2012

I have a scanner Motorola MC 90090 which is a wireless scanner, till now we used to print a barcode label to a zebra wireless printer which is on a default location.

But now I want to print a barcode label when printer connected serially(through USB).

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VS 2005 - Throw An Exception When Print To The Printer Using The PrintDocument

Oct 29, 2009

When I print to the printer, using the PrintDocument, I want it to be able to throw an exception if there is a problem. Currently, if I print to a printer that has a jam, is offline, or doesn't even exist, VB still thinks it printed fine. I never get an error. How can I have the printer report back to my program so that if I print to a printer that doesn't even exist, it wont let me do it? I just tried adding a LPT1 printer to my computer (and there is no local printer). I called it some random printer and installed some random driver. Then used my program to print to that printer and never got an error.

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Visual Studio - Changing The Default Printer Through Code

Oct 19, 2011

In Visual Studio, how do I establish the printer that the user chooses as the default one for the PC?

I have this, but then I need to make the selected printer the one by default

Dim dlgPrint
As PrintDialog =
Dim result
As DialogResult = dlgPrint.ShowDialog() 'the user chooses one

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Visual Studio - Print POS Receipt Using 2005 With Thermal Printer?

Sep 29, 2011

Using VB.NET 2005 Express edition, I have a task to create a simple receipt using a Epson TM T88IV Thermal printer. I don't have any idea where to start. Can you show some good example or links that I can study to create an application?

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Print Crystal Report Directly From Specific LPT NAME Printer Using Vb Code

Mar 25, 2011

how to use vb code to code the crystal report viewer in the vb to print directly instead of view first before print from specific NAME of printer? i also need to ask how to set the printer name through in the vb code ??

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Define User Defined Paper Size In Bar Code Zebra Printer?

May 1, 2009

How to define user defined paper size in bar code zebra printer using dot net

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Interface And Graphics :: Code For Copying An Image From A Form To Send It To The Printer?

Apr 20, 2009

below is my code for copying an image from a form to send it to the works but it tends to be a little blurry. is there anyway to make it sharper?

Bmp = New Bitmap(Me.ClientSize.Width, Me.ClientSize.Height)
Bmp = New Bitmap(800, 500)
Dim G As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(Bmp)
G.CopyFromScreen(Me.PointToScreen(Me.ClientRectangle.Location), New Point(0, 0), Me.ClientSize)

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Print An Array WebBrowser Each Time To A Different Printer Without Changing The Default Printer

Feb 24, 2009

I want to print an array WebBrowser each time to a different printer without changing the default Printer (not to use the SetDefaultPrinter function) I tried to work with the PrintDocument object(he have the Print function and also i can choose a printer name) but I cant attach the


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Print Word Document In Dot Matrix Printer With Printer Default Font?

Apr 21, 2010

i m using this this coding to copy and print the word document

System.IO.File.Copy(Application.StartupPath &"PrintT.doc", Application.StartupPath & "PrintT1.doc", True)

Dim line1 As String

Dim line2 As String

line1 = "Line1 Replace"

line2 = "Line2 Replace"


now i need to print the Word Document with Printer Default Font(Draft 17.5 CPI) in Dot Matricx Printer

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Print Directly To The Printer : Change Printer Font Size?

Jul 2, 2010

For my current application development I need direct printing technique,For the purpose I refer Microsoft Support page Titled"How to send raw data to a printer using VB.Net "The code snippnet specified is perfect for my application.Refers link [URL]But I need something more like Setting the Printer font to Condensed.By default my printer use the font 10cpi ,by using this font size I limited to print only 80char on A4 sheet,but I have more than 80 char on line so I prefer Condensed font size.

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VS 2008 : Get Network Computer's Printer List And Printer Info?

Dec 7, 2009

get a list of printer's (name,port,model) from a computer over the network. I know how to list my own, but it's from querying the Win32_printer object on my machine, I need to be able to do something similar on a remote machine.

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Check Printer Status On A Win98 Shared Printer?

Sep 3, 2009

I'm trying to check the printer status of a shared printer on a Win98 platform pc and need some samples to get started.

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Get Printer DEVMODE Or HDC With Correct Printer Settings

Feb 22, 2011

I have printer vendor provided SDK implementing that i can get printer DEVMODE or HDC with correct printer settings. 

My questions is:

I am already using printDocument to print the image (System.Drawing.Bitmap). How can send use this HDC or DEVMOD with printDocument.

I already tried using the "PrintDocument.SetDevMode". it seems not be working.

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Printer Stuff - Detect If My Printer Is Busy ?

Mar 18, 2011

1. Detect if my printer is busy, because my code tells the printer to print more pages that it can cope with, so I need to delay the command for 'Print the next page' until the printer has finished printing the previous one.

2. Shift the output to my printer so that it gets printed in it's entirety on the paper, instead of seemingly being anchored to some nebulous point on the A4 page. It starts printing at X = 29mm from the left edge, and Y is 28mm from the top, and stops at X = 22mm from the right edge and Y stops at 22mm from the bottom edge, leaving (aprox) 50mm of X and 50mm of Y unprinted.

3. Get useful information on Bounds, which I'm fairly certain is what I need to control where my printing should start and finish.

I've hunted through this forum, MSDN, 'Help' (a misnomer if ever there was one) the VB Library and one or two other forums, which either baffle me with reams of code or suggest code to try which either just don't work or which doesn't declare all the variables and usually don't suggest what type of variable I need, it's all very frustrating

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Send Some Data To Printer Through COM1, Label Printer's Ready Signal Led Will Be ON/OFF But It Does Not Print Anything Or Any Label?

Feb 8, 2007

I have a label printer (Argox 1000-x) and i want to print some datas on it. And this printer is connected to my computer via the COM1 port. I can open/write COM1. And when i send some data to printer through COM1, Label Printer's Ready Signal Led will be ON/OFF. But it does not print anything or any label..

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VS 2005 Custom PropertyManager?

Oct 5, 2009

I need create a custom propertyManager because i must implement a different behavior at validation.

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VS 2005 Using Custom Fonts?

Jun 24, 2009

How do you use custom fonts in your application? I need to have it in a Font object. I have a TrueType font file. How do I import it?

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VS 2005 Remove The Box (0x0A) Unix End Line Code; Then Replace It With CR+LF Normal ASCII Code?

Dec 13, 2009

I have this string just down loaded of a Unix server. I would like to remove the box (0x0A) Unix end line code; then replace it with CR+LF normal ASCII code. Also, I would like to do the replace before I save the data, while it in memory.

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VS 2005 Building A Custom Control

Apr 14, 2010

While implementing this article,i cant understand what they try to mean by this:Still in the Code Window, change the line that reads:Inherits System.Windows.Forms.UserControl So that it reads:Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Button..if i change this line of the designer form: Inherits System.Windows.Forms.UserControl to this: Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Button...then when i return to the designer,i am getting this error: The designer cannot process the code at line 22: Me.AutoScaleDimensions = New System.Drawing.SizeF(6.0!, 13.0!) The code within the method 'Initialize Component' is generated by the designer and should not be manually modified. Please remove any changes and try opening the designer again.

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VS 2005 Create A Custom URL Handler?

Apr 30, 2009

Doesn't have to be in VB.NET, could be in C# or just point me to the right registry entries that needs to be created to make this work and I am happy too.Anyways we have a windows client server application called let's say "CoolApp". Now a third party is developing a web front-end using the Interface, BL and DL dlls. They want to add a functionality when user does some specific search on a records lets say a customer with the id of 12345, and then they can send an email to anyone with the access to the application where the link in the email would look something like;

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VS 2005 Custom Control As A Class?

Nov 9, 2009

What I would like to do now is well convert this somehow to a class. so I do not have to DirectCast the items. Is this possible?

Here is the original code that kleinma assisted me with:

Dim CtlLosArray(150) As ShieldLOSInfobox
CtlLosArray(0) = New ShieldLOSInfobox
CtlLosArray(0).Location = New Point(0, 0)


Is there a way to make this into a custom class so that I can make things easier to manipulate? at least that is how I think it would be done.

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VS 2005 Custom Exception Messages?

Jul 31, 2009

I am trying to learn .NET This is what I found on MSDN. I can create an exception class by using this code.

PHP 'Exception Class Code
Imports System
<Serializable()> _
Public Class copyException


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VS 2005 Custom Installation Program?

Mar 5, 2010

I've just finished a project, but in it, you can switch between three backgrounds, and I want to export it to another computer with an installatinoprogram, but I have no idea how to do that. I know that it should put these pictures somewhere so the program knows were they are. while it's installing, i want a picture to come up over the status bar, and maybe something that you must agree with terms.

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VS 2005 Custom Options On Messagebox?

Jul 23, 2009

Is it possible to have custom options on a messagebox other than Ok or yes no.. for example

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VS 2005 Custom Return Value From Dialog Box?

Apr 7, 2009

i am creating my own message box. My msgbox contains 4 button , so i want to return an integer value as the button no. that was selected (i.e return 1 for button 1, 2 for btn 2...)i tried me.dialogresult=1 , but its not working

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VS 2005 Specifying Custom Property Editor?

Nov 10, 2010

We have a Windows.Forms.PropertyGrid control that we use to edit application settings. We expose the application settings through a class, giving each setting attributes to control the appearance. An example property definition is shown below:

<DisplayName("Snap Tolerance"), _
Category("Tolerances"), _
Description("The distance (in Points - 1/72"") to be searched for snap points.")> _


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[2005] Custom Scroll Bar For MDI Parent?

Oct 15, 2008

i have a MDI Parent. As you know a MDI parent can have scroll bars. I want to make customized scroll bars. Meaning instead of windows default scroll bars i want just to images / buttons (arrows (up/down)) that when clicked will scroll up and down, and then others for left and right...

How do i do this? I dont want windows default scroll bars to appear.. i know can disable them but then is there a property / method to scroll in a direction, let my code do the work.... i would also then want it so as you scroll my custom scroll buttons wont go away, as you scroll they should stay in the same spot.. i think i can do that by a panel and docking, so that isnt important.

View 7 Replies View Related - Can Linq2sql Do This Without A Lot Of Custom Code?

Jan 13, 2009

how to make linq2sql behave like my custom code used to, I want to check to make sure that it isn't already "built" in behavior that I can just use by setting up the relationships right in the designer...

Very simple example: I have two tables: Person and Notes, with a 1 to many relationship (1 Person, many notes), linked by Person.ID->Note.PersonID.

I have a stored procedure (all data access is done via SP's and I plan on continuing that) which makes the Link2SQL a bit more work for me.

sp_PersonGet(@ID int) which returns the person record and sp_PersonNotesGet(@PersonID) which returns a set of related notes for this person.So far so good, I have an object:

Dim myPerson As Person = db.PersonGet(pnID).Single

and I can access my fields: myPerson.Name, myPerson.Phone etc.and I can also do a

Dim myNotes As Notes = db.PersonNotesGet(pnID)

to get a set of notes and I can iterate thru this list like:

For Each N As Note In myNotes
( do something)

Basically, Linq2SQl would need to call 2 stored procedures each time a Person record is created...Is this doable "out of the box", or is this something I need to code around for myself?

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Create And Build Custom Controls In 2005?

Mar 16, 2010

Can someone point me in the direction of a good tutorial on creating and building custom controls that can be added to the Toolbox?

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VS 2005 - Creating Array Of Custom Controls?

Nov 6, 2009

I am creating an array of customer controls by doing the following:
Dim CtlLosArray(150) As Control

Then I'm setting up the first control in the array like this:
CtlLosArray(1) = New ShieldLOSInfobox
CtlLosArray(1).Location = New Point(0, 0)
CtlLosArray(1).Visible = True
CtlLosArray(1).Name = "Label1"

Now on this custom control I have a panel and a few text boxes and as you can see I may be adding about 150 of these custom controls. What I am wanting to do is to be able to access that control then the item on that control based on the array. Something like the following:
CtlLosArray(1).Controls.Item(Panel1).backcolor = Color.Yellow
But the above does not work. How I can access a specific item on the customer control within the array?

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