Show A Figure In One Label In Another Label Through A Button Click Event?

May 5, 2009

is it possible to show a figure in one Label in another label through a button click event? for instance, i have a figure in label1 and i want to display that figure in a label of another form is it possible?


Handling Click Event For Label In Label Array?

Jan 29, 2011

i am developing a web browser in as my final year project.currently working on displaying browsing history in labels contained in a panel . i have coded label array dynamic in size , using redim stmnt in some method say abc () . now i want to handle event generaten on clicking these label .but i have no idea how to do it .

Public Class frmhistory
Dim domainarray(50) As String
Dim lblpagename() As Label


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VS 2008 - How To Show Label With Digits In Textbox On Button Click

Oct 3, 2010

I need to click a button but after doing so a label will show the first digit in a text box and
another label will show the second digit. I know the button control but I don't get how to get the label to say what the first and second digit is.

View 1 Replies View Related - When Click Save Button Label Display Successfully Done But After Few Second That Label Should Be Disappear

Oct 29, 2011

I'm try to hide the label after few second but it is updating page continuously after 10sec, i just want it once time when i click save button label on display me successfully for 10sec and get disappear


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Forms :: ComboBox And Label - Click Event Button

Dec 27, 2009

I have a Combobox1 and Label1 in a form. There are items in ComboBox1 which is integer from 1 to 9. I want the user select the number in the combobox, and the selected number will be * 2. The answer will be shown at Label1.Text without any Click Button Event.

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IDE :: Create A Button Click Event That Changes A Label And A Picture?

May 18, 2009

I am trying to create a button click event that changes a label and a picture like this.

Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnalb.Click
lbl2.Text = "Montgomery"
PictureBox1.Image. ???
End Sub

There are 4 buttons and 4 pictures, and I added them in a project resource file (resources.resx).I'm not sure how to add the pictures from the picturebox index (?) to the picturebox when one of the buttons is clicked.

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Make Label And Its Event Beside Label / Button

Jun 9, 2011

I want to make label beside label/etc. For example, after i clicked button then label appear beside its button , and after 5 second / less, i want to make the new label dissapear / erased . Visual Studio,

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Label Missing Click Event?

Mar 3, 2012

Trying to programmatically raise the click event for a label.

Have added the event handler and when clicking on the label at runtime the event is handled.

Neither .OnClick or .InvokeOnClick show as methods for label.

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Link Label Click Event?

Dec 15, 2011

I have a total of 72 link labels on a form and I want them to do a similar task. Is there a way to accomplishing this without writing each labels individual code?


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Add Click Event To Custom Label Control?

Jun 16, 2009

I am having problem in adding click event to my custom label control

Public Class LgxLabel
Public Event LtxLabClick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)


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Perform A Label Click Event Using The Code Only?

Oct 15, 2011

how can i perform a label click event using the code in button we have a code like me.button1.performclick

is there something like in label

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Coding A Button That Calculates A Set Of Label Answers And Represents A Percentage Answer In A Different Label?

Feb 19, 2010

Private Sub uiSCORE_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles uiSCORE.Click
'Displays Correct or Wrong in Labels
If ui1Textbox.Text.ToUpper = "FOOD" Then[code]....

I finally finished all my labels and textbox codes for this button.But now I have to code it so that I will be able to click the button and it will calculate all the wrong and correct answers in the labels and then finally place the percentage score in the uiScorePercentagelabel. What I dont understand is how to calculate all the different labels as one and then show the percentage right in the appropriate label.

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Use A Label And A Button - Label Should Have The Name Of The Programmer And The Button Should Hide The About Us Form?

Jun 30, 2011

In the about use should be a label and a button. The label should tell about the program and have the name of the programmer and the button should hide the about us form.Here's my code:

Public Class Form1
Private Sub ExitToolStripMenuItem_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles ExitToolStripMenuItem.Click[code].....

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While Pressing A Button A Random Text Will Show In A Label?

Jun 17, 2009

When a press a button. a random text will show in a label. -

Public Class Form2
Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click


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On Button Click Decrease Label Number

Jun 28, 2011

I have a button and a text box. The text box should start out with number 41. Each time I click the button the text box number should decrease by 1 until it hits 20 then when the button is clicked nothing happens. I have tried multiple pieces of code from For counter 41 To 20 Step -1 to If counter <> 0 Then textbox -= 1, but it only works for one click. Not sure how to keep it decrease on every button click until i get to 0.

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Drawing A Figure - Display Something In A Label And Taking Some Values From A Textbox

Aug 8, 2009

I would like to draw a figure like this. But i do not know how to start drawing it. What i could do is simple mathematics calculation, display something in a label and taking some values from a textbox.

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Click On The Button And It Shows EVEN NUMBERS On The Label At Random?

May 9, 2009

is there anyway i can randomly call up even numbers like i have a label (label1) and button (button1) i want to click on the button and it shows EVEN NUMBERS on the label at random?

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Convert Input And Display In A Label Using A Calculate Button Click

Apr 13, 2011

I'm trying to convert input and display in a label using a calculate button click.I need to take the input from the textbox add it to data inside a label and display it in a label (output). The data has to be validated for no negative or non numeric data. [code]Nothing is being displayed in the output label and only getting label with error msg???

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Javascript - How To Show Msgbox On Button Click Event

Jan 28, 2011

how to show msgbox on button click event if i have some disabled checkboxes and user forgot to check checkboxes. i m using Usercontrols How to show alert msgbox if user doesn't select atleast minimun 1 checkbox from checkboxes. if i have disabled some checkboxes on page load event then after user forgot to check checkboxes and click on button then still msgbox will popup "you haven't select checkboxes". to show msg box on button click event if i have disabled checkboxes and if user haven't select any of the checkbox [Code]

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Show Validation On Button Click Event When Have 200 Checkboxes?

Jan 28, 2011

How to show validation on button click event if i have 200 checkboxes and some of the checkboxes would be disabled and some are unchecked ... if user doesn't check any of the checkbox then validation control will display and user will be stay at the same page until they check any of the unchecked checkbox ..

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Make Verify Answer Button Click Event Show Incorrect?

Feb 22, 2012

If strChoice = StrCapital, display CORRECT in the lblMsg Else, display INCORRECT

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Change Text In Label.text With A Click Of A Button?

Jan 20, 2010

I have this problem but I already simplify the code as below:Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

Label1.Text = "hello"
Label1.Text = "world"
End Sub

What I'm trying to achieve here is, after I click the button, the label1.text should change to hello, and after that to world. But I couldn't achieve that. Instead when I click the button, it just paused for 5 second and displayed world.System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(5000) The code is just a dummy for a loop that I have.

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Access Button Click Event On Modal Popup Button Click Event?

May 14, 2011

my source code in design part is:

<asp:Panel ID="Panel1" runat="server" Style="display: none" CssClass="modalPopup">
<asp:Panel ID="Panel3" runat="server" Style="cursor: move;background-color:#DDDDDD;border:solid 1px Gray;color:Black">[code]......

Ok button click is not accessing click event.

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Show Script Alertbox On Button Click Event In Webpage If Textbox1.text=""?

Dec 20, 2010

How to show javascript alertbox on button click event in webpage if textbox1.text="" ?

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All 10 To Show In The Label?

May 5, 2009

Having trouble getting this to work. Only one number shows in the label. I need all 10 to show in the label.

Dim list As New ArrayList
Dim selected(19) As Boolean
Dim thisnumber, i As Integer


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Label Size - Drag The Label Object From The Toolbox And Drop In The Tab Control Container

Feb 4, 2007

I have been using vb6 for a while, I am following a tutorial by MS to develop a basic application and a simple task cannot be completed for whatever reasons! The tutorial asks to drag the label object from the toolbox and drop in the tab control container. Then, go to the label size property and adjust the size to some different dimansion. Basic stuff, right? It won't let me do it! After I enter the new dimensions (which by the way are not large or very small), the label size (both width and height) resets back to its original dimensions! I have the sp1 installed.

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Label Attributes - One Label The ForeColor, BackColor And Text Of Another One Of 3 Possible Labels?

Mar 24, 2011

Is there an effecient way to give one label the ForeColor, BackColor and Text of another one of 3 possible labels? I need to do this frequently for a dozen labels in a windows form.

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Scroll The Text Inside The Label For Anything That Is Longer Than The Label Width?

Apr 5, 2009

I am using a label to display a song for an mp3 player. I wanted to scroll the text inside the label for anything that is longer than the label width. I figured out the width of the label and if the width of the text inside the label is longer. But I have no idea how to turn this into subtracting parts/pixels of the text currently displayed and how to append the subtracted parts to the end of the new text.

Sub f1timer2tick()
Dim g As Graphics = f1l2.CreateGraphics
Dim s As SizeF
If f1l2.Text.Length > 19 Then


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Getting A Messagebox To Show A Label

Feb 16, 2010

I have another probably easy question to answer but i can't figure it out... I have made a little snake game with a score attached to it running through a timer that outputs to a label.

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Show Date In Label?

Apr 7, 2012

How do i show the date in a label 2 months before today?[code]...

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Windows - Make The Number In The First Label Greater Than The Second Label?

Apr 10, 2012

I made a program that generates random numbers and places the numbers in two separate labels.How can I make the number in the first label greater than the number in the second label.Here is my code for generating random numbers:

Dim nRandom As Integer
Dim nRandom1 As Integer
Dim randomgenerator As New Random[code]....

I want to make the first number greater than the second because the numbers should be subtracted .

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Write To A Label Via A Loop Incremental Label Number On Each Run

Aug 20, 2010

i am trying to write to a label via a loop incrementing the label number on each run .The Labels are part of a "windows form" if that makes any difference .The code bellow is an example of what i wish to do [code]

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Format A Label To Show Numbers In A Certain Way?

Dec 8, 2011

I need to format a Label to show numbers in a certain way.  I had asked this before about textboxes so I looked into that first but it didn't do what I wanted.


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Label To Show X / Y Cordinates Of Cursor?

Mar 7, 2009

Im working on a project containing a couple of forms. On the main form I want to labels in the status bar that show the X,Y location of the cursor when it moves over the form. I thought this code would do it but it doesnt work

Private Sub MainForm_MouseMove(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs) Handles Me.MouseMove
lblCursorX.Text = "X: " & e.X
lblCursorY.Text = "Y: " & e.Y[code].......

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Label.text Won't Show The Readline?

Mar 21, 2012

I have to work with network program with vb 2010. I'm trying to show the ReadLine stream in label text but it won't show.

Dim tcpCli As TcpClient = tcpList.AcceptTcpClient() 'claiming tcp listener to accept the tcp client
Dim ns As NetworkStream = tcpCli.GetStream ' assign ns as network stream and assign as client to get nw stream


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Show Combobox Value From One Form Through A Label In Another?

Aug 11, 2011

I've got two forms. I have a combobox named 'cmbThrow' in the first form. I need to pass the numeric value of it to the second form and show it with a label.

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Show Information From Database In Label?

Apr 3, 2011

i just want to ask how can i show information from my database into label..

Im using Visual Basic 2010 and . Net connector..

this is my sample codes and i dont know how to put it..

CN.ConnectionString = "Server=localhost; database=libsysdb; Uid= root; pwd=dbpass; Port=3306"
Dim myCommand As New MySqlCommand


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Show Item From Listview In Label?

Jun 11, 2011

I want to perform following action when i click on a item in a listview it would also show in a separate label.....

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Show Label Message When Expired?

May 23, 2011

I would like to have a label that shows a message when a warranty is past its determined days. Here is what I got for now.[code]....

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Show The Timers Interval In A Label?

Mar 4, 2010

Man I've tried to figure it out but i cant get it, anyone know how to?

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