Calculation Function - Takes The Average (which Is Calculated By A Different Function)

May 24, 2011

To have a function that takes the average (which is calculated by a different function) say for example the average is 6, now the function is to take the number 6 and get the variance from six to another number lets say its 12 so this will return a calculation of 50% variance. now here comes the issue, i have it calculating the variance how ever lets say that there is a score that is 0, how can i make it calculate the variance without taking count for that 0? i guess you can say i need it to "skip" if its a 0.


Debug Calculated Function Returns Without A Return Variable?

Jul 13, 2010

It's often the case that I can write a nice tight little VB.NET function, and when it comes time to do the Return statement, it's really natural to just return the result of a quick calculation or a method call. However, this makes it difficult if I need to step through the debugger to see what is going to be returned from that Function. For example, take this simple method to illustrate the concept[code]...

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Linq-to-Entities Aggregate A Column That Is Calculated In An External Function?

Feb 21, 2011

I want to Sum of the calculated column Red which is calculated in the Function IsRed() that return an integer.When I run the query I get the following error: Method 'Int32 IsRed(Int32)' has no supported translation to SQL.How should I rewrite this to get it to work.


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Function That Takes A String As A Parameter?

Jan 1, 2012

I have a function that takes a String as a parameter And in it I have variables, so if I call it it's like

Dim Text As String = MyStringConverter("Hello Mr. " & Name & " " & Surname "!")

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Calculation In Function Is Different?

May 8, 2011

i have an issue with my program. when i create a function and use a calculation in it it returns a wrong answer. if i copy the calculation and put it directly in the btnClick event it works ok. is this normal?

here is the code if you would like to try see what i am doing wrong.
Private Sub btnExit_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnExit.Click


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Creating A Function For Calculating An Average?

Jun 28, 2011

I'm having a problem creating a function for calculating an average. I need to divide the sum of a column of integers by the number of rows in that column. These integers are generated by a datediff command and their values are assigned to textboxes in a report. The results can only be whole numbers, no decimal points.

I'm pretty new to this so if this is an obvious question please excuse my ignorance. If you need any more information to address my question please let me know.

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Use A Function To Calculate The Average Of Those Numbers?

Apr 28, 2011

I'm trying to write a program that allows the user to enter 10 numbers into an input box and then the program will use a function to calculate the average of those numbers. I'm really illiterate when it comes to Visual Basic.

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.net - Function That Takes Other Functions As A Parameter And Executes Them

Apr 29, 2010

Is there a way in to create a sub/function that will take as an argument some kind of pointer to another function, and allow this new sub/function to execute the passed function? What I have are 10-12 xml-rpc functions I am calling against a remote server. Each of these functions has different argument lists (one takes 1 string, another might take 3 strings and one int, etc). All of them return an object.


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Sql - Function Takes Long Time For Execution?

Jun 13, 2012

Actually, I am trying to find out whether the partno is existing in the database table or not and it takes long time in count = checkCommand.ExecuteReader statement

Public Function CheckProductNo(ByVal Partno As String) As Boolean
Dim count As SqlDataReader
Dim valid As Boolean = False
Using connection As New SqlConnection


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What Is Correct Format In Creating An Average Function

Feb 18, 2010

I am working a VB project that requires me to create an "Average" Function. What is the correct format in creating an average function? I tried different ways and gives me an error.

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Build A Function That Takes The Exact Parameters Of CType?

Nov 2, 2009

what exactly is the type of the second argument of CType

CType(testobject, Control)

what exactly is Control? how can Control be used as though it is an expression?i nid to know this because i'm trying to build a function that takes the exact parameters of CType, let's call it CType2public function CType2 (byref object as Object, byval thetype as Type) as Object problem is when i do this: CType2(testobject, Control) they give me "Control is a type and cannot be used as an expression".

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Function That Takes ByRef Parameters Using Control.Invoke ?

Nov 10, 2005

I'm currently invoking a function that takes ByRef parameters using Control.Invoke (which I notice specifies the Object parameter array to be ByVal) but the array of parameters I give it isn't updated by the function.  Is this possible with VB.Net 2003 or must there be some error in my code?

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Is Write A Function Procedure That Takes An Array Of Strings

May 9, 2010

I'm a beginner and doing a review for my final...the question is-Write a Function procedure that takes an array of Strings, sorts it using Shell sort and returns the sorted array. I do not get shell sort at all.

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Make A Function Which Takes A Number Then Does An Operation To It Again And Again Until It Gets A Vlue?

Apr 26, 2009

This is probably a stupid question, but how do you make a function which takes a number then does an operation to it again and again until it gets a vlue which it already has seen, when it returns all of its values? I have this function:

Private Function fractal(d as string) As double
Fractal = Val(D) * (Val(D) - 1)
Fractal = FormatNumber (Fractal, 2)


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Call Function And 2 Calculation Options

Mar 22, 2010

When I switch my selection from one radiobutton to the other radiobutton I get a "NullReferenceExeptionwasunhandled"next to the channel= expresion. Other wise calculation and funtion work well.[code]

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Call A Function To Calculate The Average Grade For The Class?

Apr 4, 2012

Write a program that reads in a set of grades for a class.The program takes in the number of students in the class from the user. When the Get Grades button is clicked the program then reads in a grade (0-100) for each student using an inputbox. The program should then display the percentage of students who pass and the percentage of students who fail.The program should call a function to calculate the average grade for the class. Then finally the result is then displayed.

Public Function GetPassRate(ByVal intGrade As Integer) As String
Do Until gradeCounter >= NumericUpDown1.Text
If intGrade >= 40 Then[code].......

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Multithreading - Threading Function That Takes Variables And Returns A Datatable

Mar 7, 2012

I've been looking at threading to make my webapplications more responsive. I've found out how to thread a sub that takes no variables and doesn't return anything, but I can't find out how to achieve this for a function that takes variables and returns something. here is an example


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VS 2005 Function Loop - Each Distance Calculation Is Being Obliterated

Feb 20, 2011

I am using the following code to get distance between two propertys. The problem i am having is each Distance Calculation is being obliterated and I am only geting back the last Calculation instead of each calculation/distance


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How To Pass A Function To A Function Is Functors/function Objects Avaiable In VB2010

Oct 12, 2011

I want to make an numerical integration method with takes in an analytic function and integrate it over a specific interval. For the numerical integration procedure I want to use some procedures in The problem is that these are programmed in C++ and they uses functors to pass a function to the integration method. How can I do this in VB 2010?

I want to initialize the function (i.e. set a=1,b=0 for function y(x)=a*x+b) and then pass the function to the integration method. Then when the integration method call the function it only calls the function with one parameter (i.e. x since a,b is already set)

What is the best way to do this in VB2010?I want to make a general integration method where I can pass any single valued function and integration limits.

I have just started using VB, and from what I have found so far it seems like the tools you have is

- to us a delegate for the function
- to use a lambda expression for the function
- send a pointer/adressOf
- to create a function class/structure and submit this to the function

As for now I am most inclined to create a function-class. But I am not really sure how.F.ex. I make different classes for each "uniqe function" I want to integrate, but how can I pass them to the integration function when I need to specify the argument type in the integration-function-call?This seems like a basic problem which applies to many Math operations, so I think it would be very useful to clarify this.

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Function Syntax - Call A Function With 2 Arguments When The Function Is Only Defined For One

Apr 1, 2010

I'm trying to undersatnd the syntax of calling a funciton and it seem confusing when I'm using a web service in Maybe this question should be in an ASP forum, but it is a VB question. This simple web service allows you to type in your name and it response with an alert box with you name.

My question is, How can you call a function with 2 arguments when the function is only defined for one.  I understand that the second argument is actually a method that handling the respons, but how can you interchange function arguments for methods and how do you know that there are methods for

Here's my call:

<script type="text/javascript">

function HelloWorld()

var yourName = $get('txtYourName').value;


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Datatable Getdata Performance - In-line Table Valued Function In SSMS Takes About 6 Seconds To Return 11088 Records?

Mar 25, 2011

An in-line table valued function in SSMS takes about 6 seconds to return 11088 records.  The same function in VB .Net 4.0 using TableAdapters.InputTableAdapter.GetData (Created with data set designer) takes about 15 minutes complete.Both are executed from the same workstation.Why does this discrepancy exist?


Windows XP SP3, 2GB

VS2010 Ultimate

.Net 4.0 Framework


SQL Server 2008

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Takes 3 Percentages(numbers) And Returns An Average Of The Grades In Letter Format(A,B,C)?

Apr 15, 2011

I'm new to coding and i need to make a program that takes 3 percentages(numbers) and returns an average of the grades in letter format(A,B,C). This is what I have so far:[code]......

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VS 2010 : Convert A DLL Function Call Which Has The Callback Function Routine Called Within The DLL Function Call?

May 25, 2012

I am trying to convert a DLL function call which has the Callback function routine called within the DLL function call.The DLL function call signature is like this:

typedef void *HANDLE;


how to convert this DLL call to VB.NET and also how to create the callback function and send it as parameter to this function

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Mimicking Does A Simple Calculation Where It Takes Key And Plain Text Characters

Jan 31, 2011

I am trying to mimic an encryption application. The application I am mimicking does a simple calculation where it takes the key and the plain text characters 7 bit ascii code and xor's them together. If the two spots in the code are = then it returns a 0 if it is ~ then it returns a 1. I have tried several code snippets for xor and none of them produce the results I want. I have only taken a couple programming classes so I get lost easy. This is what I have so far. My goal is to decrypt something encrypted by the program I am replicating using a password generator to come up with the key.I already have the binary for the encrypted text from the program I am copying. So I need to convert the key into the matching binary format. I used this snippet for that. [code] When I run this as is I get a much longer result than I should. If I use an "a" as my key and "00000000" as my cipher bi the result is "0011000000110000001100000011000000110000001100000011000000110000" when it should be "01100001".

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Make Picturebox1(function Already Assigned) Perform The Same Function As Picturebox2(no Function Assigned)

Aug 1, 2009

i wanted to ask how to make picturebox1 ,to which functions are already assigned, perform the same function  as picturebox2 ,to which no functions are assigned.For example:I have already made picturebox1 and have assigned it alot of function like when play button is pressed then picturebox1.visible = true and when we press pause button picturebox1.visible = false. So now i decided to make a theme and have to remove the picturebox1 and want to allow the picturebox2 to havefunction of picturebox1.But when i disable the theme the function of picturebox1 should go back to picturebox1.

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Is There Function Takes Name Of Instance And Return Instance

Feb 29, 2012

I was trying to fill 10 checkedlistboxes with items..So I made a sub with 2 arguments like this Private Sub fill_checkedlistboxes(ByVal items As String, ByVal checkedlistbox As CheckedListBox) End sub the first argument items is a long string whitch splits in the sub into many strings and added them all into the second arguments (thecheckedlistbox) I want to make for next statement to fill all the 10 checkedlistboxes in my form with an 10 long strings held in an array called strings, so i write something like this [code] What i have to write in the "?????" area to have the checkedlistbox that i want? the checkedlistboxes names are checkedlistbox 1, 2 , 3 ....10

View 12 Replies View Related - Execute A Stored Function In Oracle Or Sql - Adding The Parameter Values Of The Function

Dec 13, 2011

I need to execute a stored function in oracle or sql through I created a command object. Depending on the database type(oracle or SQL) i am preparing the Command text as Select functionName(?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?) from dual; (For Oracle) Adding the parameter values of the function. Now performing the ExecuteScalar which is not working saying invalid parameter. This works with ODBC connection string. But ODBC doesn't with 64bit. My Requirement: Code should execute a user defined stored procedure by taking the values at runtime.

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Setting A Variable To Accept The Result Of A Function By Calling The Function With Many Parameters

Feb 17, 2011

I'm currently working with a client's VB.Net code, which was developed for them by a small development shop a few years ago and which they purchased and have been maintaining and uprgrading since. This client's primary developer is out on indefinite (likely permanent) medical leave and I'm now filling in until they bring in a full timer (as I'm a contractor here). My current task is to add some functionality to a the VB.Net code they purchased. I'm finding practices and techniques in the code that absolutely baffle me and can't make the code do what I want. I'm starting to wonder if it's me and was hoping to get some thoughts on the code I've encountered.

For example: Setting a variable to accept the result of a function by calling the function with many parameters, clearing the parameters in the function, setting them to some value, calling another function with those new values, then never using the values returned by the functions. I'll add a code snippet in the first comment since this is already getting long.

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VS 2008 Difference Of Sleep Function And Pause Function (using Timer) Between A Loop

Aug 20, 2009

Hi. what is the difference of sleep function and pause function (using timer) between a loop.

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C# - Function Or Interface Marked As Restricted Or The Function Uses An Automation Type Not Supported In Visual Basic?

Oct 19, 2010

What does this error mean in VB6? Function or interface marked as restricted, or the function uses an Automation type not supported in Visual Basic.

I keep getting it when i call a particular method of a dll that comes with windows xp and beyond (in system32 called upnp.dll)

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Call A Function From Inside Another And Suspend It Until The Called Function Is Finished

Jan 25, 2010

How can I call a function from inside another function and suspend the calling function until the called function is finished? I hope I can get some replies because I don't know how to ask the question and make sense:).

Anyway what I am trying to do in steps:

1. The user clicks button1 which triggers the click event.
2. From the click event I call a function
3. I then pop-up a form, that has instructions for the user to read.
4. After the user has read the form he will click the "Done" button and return to the calling function.

The problem is the the calling function continues to execute. I want to stop execution of the calling function until the users clicks the "Done" button on the instruction pop=up. I know I can use a msgbox but the instructions can be lengthly and does not look good in a msgbox.

I have tried the Call method with return in the "Done" button click but I can make that work. I also tried a goto statement but I can get that to work either. In the call statement I said call and it got there but as I said the calling function continued to execute.

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Getimage Of Control Function - Call This Function For Saving The Images?

Jan 30, 2010

ive two custom controls, which are used to draw and edit etc...(like paint but customized....) i want to save their images with a single click....So im using the Getimageofcontrol function to do it....its code is below:::

Public Function GetImageOfControl(ByVal c As Control) As Image
Dim rc As New Rectangle(c.PointToScreen(c.Location), c.Size)
Dim i As Image = New Bitmap(rc.Width, rc.Height)[code].....

and the code to call this function for saving the images is simply.. ...


but the problem is that both the images have the same content....

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Threaded Function Call Slower Than Calling Function Directly?

Sep 14, 2010

I have a function where I am performing a lot number of database operations inside a Sub. The operation when called directly like:ExecProcess()

takes about 11 seconds to run.However, if I create a Delegate, and call the sub using BeginInvoke(), the very same process takes over 40 seconds to execute.Here's the threaded code:

Protected del As ProcessDelegate
Protected Delegate Sub ProcessDelegate()
del = New ProcessDelegate(AddressOf SELocal.ExecJob)
Dim cb As New AsyncCallback(AddressOf Me.ExecJobComplete)
del.BeginInvoke(cb, del)

Anyone know what may cause a function to take longer inside a new thread, rather than calling directly?

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Algorithm String - Function Encrypt And Function Decrypt ?

Jun 13, 2011

I have 1 string : abc @#ABC.xyz123ZYX

Now I need to encode the string:

The encoding alphabetic characters,


With this string, after encoding, the result is: zyx @#ZYX.cba123ABC

About Function Encrypt and Function Decrypt?

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Call A Function / String That It Uses Will Be Given To Function To Initiate A Download?

Aug 21, 2009

Some programs implement command parameters, Like my favourite computer game - Crysis - has them and windows media player has them.But how could i implement them in VB.NET..I want to have a component of my program built as a seperate exe - so it can be an Optional component.But of course the seperate exe, on load, needs data passing to it.So i need something like Process.start("Componentname.exe", "/StartDL <Suchandsuchastring>)/StartDL will need to call a function, and the string that it uses will be given to the function to initiate a download?

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Does Subroutine Called By A Function Have To Finish For Function To Proceed

Jun 5, 2011

If a subroutine is called within a function, does the function always wait until that subroutine is completely finished before it will proceed with the rest of the function? If so, is there any way to make it not wait and continue on with the rest of function and not care what happens in the subroutine?

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Override A Function And Call A Function With The Same Name From The Grandparent Superclass?

Sep 6, 2010

I am attempting to inherit an ASP.NET RegularExpressionValidator and add some functionality to it. I inherited the control and added my custom properties. However, I would also like the client-side functionality to call a different JavaScript function.

In order to do that, I will need to supress what is happening in the AddAttributesToRender method because the name of the function is hard-coded there. Here is what comes up in Reflector for the AddAttributesToRender function in RegularExpressionValidator:


Note: I tried to add the expando property before the parent class does to see if the code would check for its existence and skip it, but that just causes an exception.

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Pass Function (Of TElement / TKey) As A Function Parameter

May 28, 2012

I want to make a GetAllContacts method which takes a sort parameter of type Func(Of Contact, TKey) which is the same type that the OrderBy method for an IEnumerable(Of Contact) takes.[code]"Too many arguments to extension method 'Public Function ElementAtOrDefault(index As Integer) As Contact' defined in 'System.Linq.Enumerable'." on the second parameter.

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VS 2008 What Will Happen When 3 Function Calls Same Function At A Time

Apr 27, 2009

What will happen when 3 function calls same function at a time? I have 3 Function, f1,f2,f3.. Those function after completing their task will call finish() function. What will happen if Finish is Called morethan once..

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VS 2010 - Calling A Function - BackOrdered Function Of Program

Mar 30, 2012

I am having a problem with the BackOrdered Function of my program. I can`t get it to say anything but 0 when I run the program. Another problem I am having is the input box pops up like 6 times and it`s only suppose to once. [Code]

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