DataGridView Getting Rid Of The 'new Row' (asterisk Row)?

Sep 16, 2010

This is my first time using DataGridView, and I've managed to solve most of my problems but one.In my datagridview table, I want the user to be able to add and remove rows as they please, they just select the row, click delete, and that row is goneMy problem is there is a row that is labeled the "new row" (i think?) that has an asterisk beside it(to the left) that will generate an error if you try to delete it.How do I remove the asterisk beside the row and make it so the row is deleteable by the user, and that it will not generate an error?Private Sub Button3_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button3.Click

If DataGridView1.CurrentRow.IsNewRow Then
'This is not ok. I do not want to have to have this If section here.



VS 2005 Display Asterisk In Datagridview

May 4, 2009

I can retrieve data from my table and display it in datagridview. One of the column contains user password. I want the password column to display just asterisk or any character not the real password. Is this possible to do in datagridview?

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IDE :: Assemblyversion Not Incremented While Asterisk Is Used

Jun 18, 2008

When I rebuild a VB.NET solution (class-lib, winforms) in VS.NET 2008 prof, the assembly-version isn't updated anymore.This i a project which i used to open in VS.NET 2005, but converted to VS.NET 2008 (no code changes, because is a ms.NET 2.0 project)I have the only following in my AssemblyInvo. vb <Assembly: AssemblyVersion("2.0.*")> Before it worked in VS.NET 2005 (when I reopened Vs and rebuilded, the assembly-version info did changed). But now when i reopen the VS.NET 2008 solution, change something, rebuild --> the assembly-version info did NOT change. Even closing vs.NET 2008 an reopen, change, rebuild --> still no changes in the assembly-version...Why doesn't work this anymore (It still works in a C# project) ? My custom-auto-update solution uses the internal versions of the dll's, exe,

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IDE :: Asterisk Character Does Not Disappear From Tab

Jun 4, 2009

When I open "My Project" in VB WPF Project, then make changes and save, then character "*" doesn't disappear from tab.

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Create Asterisk Square Using For Loops?

Oct 26, 2010

I'm having a little trouble with this assignment for my 1341 Fundamentals class...A copy of the assignment can be found here. The section I'm having trouble with right now is as follows:


Add another TextBox and Button to your program window; label the TextBox side: and change the Text of the Button to Print hollow box. Write code to clear the ListBox and then print a hollow square box of asterisks with sides of length equal to the input number. For example, if the number entered is 10, the output should look like


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Use The Asterisk Character * For A Search Action In SQL Database?

Mar 1, 2011

Can we use the asterisk character * for a search action in SQL database?

MASQLComm = New SqlCommand("SELECT COUNT(*) AS [RecCount]
From " & tName & "
WHERE " & tName & fName & " = '" & {*} & ".Temp' ",

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VS 2008 : Creating Asterisk Square Using For Loops?

Oct 26, 2010

I'm having a little trouble with this assignment for my 1341 Fundamentals class... Add another TextBox and Button to your program window; label the TextBox side: and change the Text of the Button to Print hollow box. Write code to clear the ListBox and then print a hollow square box of asterisks with sides of length equal to the input number. For example, if the number entered is 10, the output should look like

* *
* *
* *


You may want to use a For loop inside a For loop. Use a string to build each line of output before you send it to the ListBox. Your program should produce correct output even if the input is 0 or 1. Be sure to catch all exceptions and handle them intelligently. After this step, your program window should look like this.

NOTE: I had some trouble getting the desired output for the 10 and 4 user inputs to print out right... Rather than there being 2 rows next to each other, they should be spread apart by the number of asterisks on the top (and bottom...) thus creating the "asterisk square".

Public Class Form1
Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
Dim first, last As Integer


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DataGridView Input Validation - Certain Column On Datagridview Should Accept Integers Only, Otherwise, It Will Return A Messagebox

Jun 5, 2011

Some codes here on how could I validate my datagridview? I mean, a certain column on my datagridview should accept integers only, otherwise, it will return a messagebox. Kindly include on which event it should be posted.

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DB/Reporting :: Displaying DataGridView Text Column In A Mixed Bound/Unbound DataGridView?

Mar 15, 2011

I have a DataGridView (dgv) on a Windows form (VB.NET) which is bound to a datatable. One of the bound columns is a an ID (Foreign Key) to another datatable. All I want to do is Hide the ID column and populate an unbound column with the Name (ParmName) for the user. I searched the foreign value in the datatable and retrieved the information. I set the Value of the cell in the Datarow. All works well, but does not display. The cell accepts the value...I can even Debug.Print the values to the console. They are there just nothing displaying in DataGridView. Nothing odd about DataGridView. Should be straight forward...

My Code
Dim dtParm As DataTable = MyDataSet.tblParameter
Dim dgv As DataGridView = Me.dgvResultNum_DataGrid


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Sort DataGridView Numbers (when Clicking The Datagridview Column Header Text)

Mar 11, 2010

A datagridview is sorting numerical values (when clicking the datagridview column header text) in the wrong order based on the initial digit:


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Sort Not Working Datagridview Gives "DataGridView Control Must Be Bound To An IBindingList Object To Be Sorted?

Dec 4, 2009

I have a few classes, one is a form, the other is the source of the datagridview. I want to be able to sort the columns of the datagridview by clicking on the header. Here are the classes that I am dealing with:

Imports DiscoveryByte.AddTools.Misc_Tools
Public Class ViewDiscoveryFlashCards
Private DBBindingSource As New BindingSource


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DataGridView - Group The Displayed Data Of The DataGridView By The Primary Key Of Both Tables?

Jul 20, 2011

I want to see if anyone has used one table that has a primary key (not displayed) in the DataGridView. Then use a text box on the same form to call and group what if viewed in the DataGridView table. I want to group the displayed data of the DataGridView by the primary key of both tables.

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DataGridView - Nonvisible Rows Are Still Visible And The DataGridView Is Empty Despite Having A DataSource

Jul 30, 2009

I have several problems with rows in a DataGridView. Background information: The DataGridView (DataGridViewCalib) is in one TabPage of a TabControl, some columns of the DataGridView are automatically DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn as the DataSource have some colums which are Boolean. This is a Windows Form written in VB.Net with Visual Studio 2008. The user loads an input data file.

The problems:

1) At first arrival in the TabPage, ShowDataGridViewCalib (code below) is called. All rows are then shown in the DataGridView, despite the code saying that some rows should not be visible. Breakpoints in the code show that the code do arrive at the Rows.Visible = False events. Despite all rows beeing shown a Watch in the debugger shows that:


There are two alternative ways of handling the rows in the code. The first attempt (commented away here) is probably the "nicest".

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Datagridview In Application - Datagridview Should Display According To The Windows Screen Size

Nov 2, 2009

Using VB.NET 2008. Am using Datagridview in my application, Datagridview should display according to the windows screen size, Before I used vb6


Private Sub Form_Resize()
On Error Resume Next


Am new to, How to set a datagridview size according to windows screen size, In Datagridview property itself any option is available or i have to make a code as like vb. If i have to make a code, how to give form_resize in

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How To Make A Combox In A Datagridview Change Output In Textbox In Same Datagridview

Jan 29, 2010

I am using VS2008 and I have a form which has a datagridview. This is for an invoice where I already have the user select the customer from a details view and want to have the items in the datagridview change based on what the customer selected. Then when the item is selected I want to have the price change accordingly.
So far I have the customer selction as well as the item combobox(not limited to cust items yet) appear, but I cannot figure out how to get the join of the 2 items (cust+item as the price varies from cust to cust) to change the price. Question is, is it possible to do this in the same datagridview, or should i try to just break this down some other way?

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VS 2008 DataGridView Cell Validation - Allows The User To Exit Out Of The DataGridView Changes

Nov 6, 2010

I have a DataGridView where Cell_Validating is being done. I have a Cancel button on my form that allows the user to exit out of the DataGridView changes. The problem is that if a cell was currently flagged as in error, I cannot exit and remove columns from the DataGridView. I get the following error: Operation did not succeed because the program cannot commit or quit a cell value change. Is there a way to cancel the validation once the focus has been removed from the DataGridView? Here is my Cell_Validating


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Multiple Rows Selection From One Datagridview To Transfer To Another Datagridview?

Jul 10, 2010

In VB.NET 2008 I've two forms 1 & 2 containing two datagridviews connected to two data source 'ACCESS 2007 tables' Now I want to select multiple rows from one datagridview (form1) & transferring these to another empty datagridview (form2) with a button_click.

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Transfer All The DataGridView Rows From From2 To Another DataGridView Of Form1?

Mar 13, 2011

I have 2 forms, each one with a datagridview.I want to transfer all the DataGridView Rows from From2 to another DataGridView of Form1. but it's not possible.


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Using A Datagridview To Update A Database And The Datagridview Is Bound To A Bindingsource

Dec 12, 2010

If using a datagridview to update a database and the datagridview is bound to a bindingsource which has its datasource as the table to be updated: where dshould you place the tableadapter.update(mydatarow)

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VS 2008 Datagridview - Pass The Value From TextFname To The Datagridview Column1

Oct 4, 2010

I am making a simple program.. i have a Form named frmmain that contained datagridview control named DataGridView1.. and another form named frminsert that contains two textbox controls named txtFname and txtLname and Button control named btinsert.. I want to pass the value from txtFname to the Datagridview column1 and the value of txtLname to the Datagridview column2 when I click the btinsert.

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DataGridView Binded To DataTable - Now Sorting DataGridView?

Jan 20, 2011

At the moment I have a DataGridView (bindet to a DataTable) and some labels. If DataGridView's event SelectionChanged occurs,the labels should be filled with the information of the selected row -> No problems.But if I sort the DataGridView and click on a row, the informations in the labels are wrong.


Private Sub DGVMain_SelectionChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles DGVMain.SelectionChanged
If DGVMain.SelectedRows.Count > 0 AndAlso Not Me.DGVMain Is Nothing Then[code].....

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Get Datagridview Table Row When Datagridview Datasource Is DataTable?

Dec 8, 2010

My application must display some data in Datagridview (status of COM ports communication) and i Used .mdb databases before for faster search and Datagridview update. How i understand Datagridview is importing data from DataTable and data in DataTable is imported from .mdb file, so i decided to make shortcut - stop to using .mdb file (data must be erased every time application start and it is useless make .mdb file and erase it every time, becouse it is increasing even when drop is used) and using only DataTable..

I want to row in Datagridview change it color to red when it's Collumn(6).text countains %error% string..

When Error in COM port is starting, i can fast find row in DataTable for that port and write information that Error accured for that port and DataGridview automatically updates:

Dim RRow as () DataRow
RRow = ds.Select("Port = 'COM3')
RRow(0).Item(6) = "Error Opening COM3"

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Winforms DataGridView Select New Row On Sorted DataGridView?

Nov 16, 2011

Alright I have a DataGridView, where the user can click on the column headers to sort. When they add a new row while a sort is applied, the record isn't created until the moment they validate the row(which they cannot do till they exit the newRow). How can I make the row be selected once it is sorted?The DataGridView is databound.The selection mode for the grid is full row.I'm using VB.NET with SQLite database backend.I suspect I need to use the RowsAdded event, or DataBindingComplete events. The records in question do have a unique GUID attached but it is NOT visible in the DataGridView.

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VS 2010 - Datagridview - Rows Cannot Be Programmatically Added To DataGridView's Rows Collection When Control Is Data-bound

Sep 13, 2011

I have two datagridview's both are databound. First one shows items for sale and the second stores all the items that were sold. I am trying too transfer selected rows from one to the other but no matter what I keep getting told "Rows cannot be programmatically added to the DataGridView's rows collection when the control is data-bound."

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Add To Bound DataGridView From Unbound DataGridView?

Oct 23, 2010

I am trying to transfer the entire contents of an unbound datagridview (excluding the headers) to the next row of a bound datagridview. This is what I have so far but I'm not sure if I'm on the right track or not.
Dim rowcount As Integer = dgv1.Rows.Count


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Create A New DataGridView Control For Each New Row In Another Datagridview?

Sep 24, 2011

I have a DataGridView control (DataGridView6) that displays a list of managers. I want to generate a new DataGridView everytime I add a new manager to the list and put it in a specific place on my form.

EDIT: say if i have a main datagridview, and i want to add another datagridview of the same size directly below it, how would i achieve this using the event handler method described in your answer below? im not sure if this is the most efficient way of displaying new members in the program though...

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Link Columns In One Datagridview To Another Datagridview?

Aug 2, 2010

I have 2 datagridviews on different tabs of a tabcontrol.The user can input names into datagridview1 column1.I want these names to automatically appear in datagridview2 column1, in such a way that when rows in datagridview1 are added and removed the same rows are added and removed in datagridview2.I also want the column sort function to effect datagridview2.

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Nest A DataGridView Inside A DataGridView?

Mar 16, 2009

I'm looking for some direction on how to nest a DataGridView inside a DataGridView, much like subdatasheets in MS Access. Anyone tried this? I'm looking to actually create it, not spend $80 on it...

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Save Data From One Datagridview To Another Datagridview?

Oct 18, 2011

I want to save my data from 1st datagridview to 2nd datagridview. I only able to get each cell value from datagridview.

Private Sub dgv_CellClick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewCellEventArgs) Handles dgv.CellClick
curRow = dgv.CurrentRow.Index


I wish to copy only certain row data when user click on the cell and add in into 2nd datagridview when click button add.

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Clear All Data In Datagridview And Not Delete Data , Column In Datagridview?

Jul 19, 2009

How i clear all data and not delete data or column in datagridview?

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Pass The Selected Rows Of A Datagridview Of Form2 To The Datagridview Of The Form2?

Feb 15, 2012

In my scenario when i press the "Get Book Details " of the Form1 , it will redirect to the Form2 , in the form load of Form2 a datagridview is filled with values along with the checkbox column and the desired rows of all the columns are selected and when OK button(form2) is pressed the selected rows should get populated to the datagridview of the form1.But i m not getting the selected rows to the form1t.

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Fill DataGridView From DataGridView?

Nov 4, 2011

I'm looking for a code, to Fill a dataGridView from DataGridView by clicking on a row.This is what I have til now

Imports System.Data.SQLClient
Public Class hulBereken2
Private Sub hulBereken2_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load[code]......

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Fill DataGridView Into Another DatagridView

Mar 21, 2009

Am using VB.NET 2008 and I have two DataGridviews namely DataGridview1 and DataGridView2. Now, I have 4 columns which are check1, Name, Address and Age. My headache now is, I want after a user checks/selects rows from DataGridView1, then those rows should be filled in DataGridView2 on a click of a button. Is that really possible?

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Put A Name On Each Row In Datagridview?

Aug 9, 2009

im trying to put a name on each row in my datagridview i have a string variable that i would like to assign to a name for my row in datagridview... this is how i set up my datagridview


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Add Row To Datagridview?

Apr 27, 2009

I have this code which i think should work but doesnt.

dim Mainform as new Slideshow_Professional.frmSlideShowPro
Dim dgvRow As New
Dim dgvNumber As new System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewTextBoxCell


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Cannot Add A New Row In The Datagridview

May 7, 2011

i fill the datagridview table with data from excel the problem is i cannot add a new row in the datagridview

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Datagridview Add Row And And Value?

Jun 21, 2010

I want a row to add data grid view that is linked to dataset and datatable.Aftet that I want to that new row in the first cell i want to put a new value (data)

myCommand1.CommandText = "select * from groups"
myCommand1.Connection = myConn
myAdapter1.SelectCommand = myCommand1


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Get Both Value Datagridview?

Jul 20, 2009

I have a datagridview with four columns[code]...

I need to change the price of first and third row, then i want to store new price and old price of both item in another table(pricelog).

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Get Every Nth Row From DataGridView?

Dec 22, 2011

I have two DataGridViews, one displays months running for 25 years, the other displays years for 25 years.I need to display some of the columns from dgvMonths to dgvYears, but, as implied, I need to show the corresponding year to the right month.

For example Month 12 would be showed in Year 1, and Month 24 would be shown in Year 2 - if I display the start of year it will confuse the clients quite a bit, as they won't quite know what's going on as well as what their position will be at the end of the particular year.

I'm using the code below at the moment, but it's not right because at the end of year 1 (month 12) it shows month 13 instead of month 12.

Dim count As Integer
count = (dgvYears.Rows.Count - 1) * 12
Dim x As Integer = 0
For i = 0 To count Step 12


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Get Old And New Value From Datagridview?

Jul 19, 2009

i have a datagridview with four columns

sku           qty     barcode         price
2001           1      3333334          4.95
2001           2      3333335          9.75


i need to change the price of all qty, then i need to get the value of price and qty new and old.

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