IDE :: C# DatagridView Button Text Not Visible?

Dec 24, 2010

I just pasted a datagridview on the form , added a button and named its text as "ADD". I even changed the UseColumnTextForButton

property to true . But when the form loads the button text is not displaying .


Determine Which Datagridview Visible On Button Click Event?

Aug 3, 2009

I have a tabcontrol which contain 4 tabpages. Each tabpage have a datagridview.

When i select any tabpage the datagridview of it will show.

I want to check what datagridview is showwing(visible) in button1 click event.

I dont want to loop through controls thenafter check visible propety of control.

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Make A Button To Visible Using DataGridView's CheckBox To Check?

Dec 8, 2010

How i make a button visible or Un Visible using the DataGridView's Checkbox...

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Button Becomes Visible After Text Is Entered Into A Text Box?

May 13, 2011

I have a hidden button on a form.When text is entered into a TextBox, i want the button to become visible.

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Make A Link Button Visible After Another Button Has Been Clicked In In Button_click()

May 14, 2010

How to make a link button visible after another button has been clicked in in button_click()

it says error as "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

i've done this in my code

Protected Sub InsertButton_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
Dim receipt As LinkButton = FormView1.FindControl("LinkButton1")
' receipt.Enabled = "true"


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DataGridView - Nonvisible Rows Are Still Visible And The DataGridView Is Empty Despite Having A DataSource

Jul 30, 2009

I have several problems with rows in a DataGridView. Background information: The DataGridView (DataGridViewCalib) is in one TabPage of a TabControl, some columns of the DataGridView are automatically DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn as the DataSource have some colums which are Boolean. This is a Windows Form written in VB.Net with Visual Studio 2008. The user loads an input data file.

The problems:

1) At first arrival in the TabPage, ShowDataGridViewCalib (code below) is called. All rows are then shown in the DataGridView, despite the code saying that some rows should not be visible. Breakpoints in the code show that the code do arrive at the Rows.Visible = False events. Despite all rows beeing shown a Watch in the debugger shows that:


There are two alternative ways of handling the rows in the code. The first attempt (commented away here) is probably the "nicest".

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Change Text Of Button In DataGridView?

Jan 13, 2010

I have a datagridview (DGV) bound to a table.  I am adding an unbound column which is a button.  I want to be able to programatically change the text of the button and header between "delete" and "update" depending on selections made by the user.  I can't find a way to access the text property to do this.

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Button On Form - Visible To Invisible?

May 18, 2012

I understand the properties to change a button from visible to invisible, but I need to be able to have two buttons alternate visibility when the first button is clicked.It's for a game. The first button is to "Begin Game" and on open, the invisible button that sits over it is called "Begin Again" which I would like to only appear once the Begin Game button has already been clicked. This would then trigger the "Begin Game" to become invisible.

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Visible Property On Click Button

Jun 3, 2009

I have 2 group oxes of equal size on top of each other. I would like to click a button and show 1 and hide the rest. but even when i just use ''grpBxSalads.Visible = True, for the second button, it fails to show the group box. [Code]

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Button.performclick Not Work When It Visible False?

Aug 1, 2010

Button.performclick not work when it visible = false?

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Simple Visible On Button Can't Make It Work

Jul 9, 2009

My Com1.text has nothing in it but yet the button1 is still visible when it should be false and not showing. This worked fine in vb6 using command.caption.[code]

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Weird String To Create Button Name Visible?

Jun 29, 2010

I have a graphical button named ba1(blue arrow 1), ba2, ba3, etc to ba8 which coincides with questions on a sig pad 1-Qmax(=8) so that the clinician can see which question the patient is answering at the time.I need this For statement to work but it is giving me syntax errors and nothing much else. I am guessing it doesn't like placing a string and integer together. I have tried turning the int into a str and it balks.[code].....

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Column Headers Not Visible Datagridview?

May 27, 2012

I am populating a datagridview with data from a table and some unbound columns This is a large table and I want the form to fill the screen and the datagridview to fill the top half of the form. To do this, I have put a panel on the top and a panel at the bottom.I have anchored the dgv to the top left and docked it to the toplumnHeaderHeightSize is AutoSizehe issue is that the ColumnHeaders are not visible unless I click on the restore down button on the top right part of the screen

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Datagridview Row Filter And To Find Out If Row Is Visible Or Not

Jun 11, 2009

i have datagridview and datasource is dataset. Everything is fine no problem.

It has 3 coloumns, ID, Name, City. ID is PK

Now I have rowfilter on dataset like this

dataset.tables(0).defaultview.rowfilter = "Name Like '" + txtName.text + "%'"

everything is fine till here. it show selected records.

now, i have another text box on form which ask for id and search id in datagrid like this

dim dras datarow = dataset.tables(0).findbyid(cint(txtId.text)

in above case if id found then it will dr with row. which is fine...

the question is how i can find if current row is in list or not  because of filter on dataset.table

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Regarding DataGridView Visible Columns Count?

Aug 3, 2009

i have a DataGridView bound to a table that has 22 fields in it.  In the datagridview columns, the first 2 have the visible property set to false and the last 7 also set to false.  This works since there are 13 columns displayed in the datagridview when the program runs.  Here's where my issue come in.  When I do the following, Console.WriteLine("Column count = " & DataGridView1.Columns.Count.ToString()), I get the expected "Column count = 22 in the output.  However, when I do Console.WriteLine("Visible = " & DataGridView1.Columns.GetColumnCount(DataGridViewElementStates.Visible)), I get 20 instead of the expected 13 that actually have the property set to visible.


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Select First Visible Cell Of New Row In DataGridView?

Nov 30, 2010

I'm trying to focus input and fire the editing event on each new row that I add to a DataGridView in my form.[code]...

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VS 2008 Make The Datagridview Become Visible?

Jan 11, 2011

I have a class that inherits from DataGridView. However, when I create a new instance, set the position, width and height and then run the project, the datagridview is not rendered.Is there something else I need to do the make the datagridview become visible?

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VS 2010 : Visible Column In DatagridView?

Apr 8, 2011

I do not know what this term in the computer. but I try to send pictures, might be able to know what I mean.I want to eliminate the columns that I marked in the what can be set for width 0 ?

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Populate Textboxes And Make Them Visible Once Button Clicked

Mar 10, 2011

I was looking for some better way of coding to populate all text boxes and make them visible once a button is clicked. I have a letter like format on a page with labels displaying address, name etc and it was recommended that on this page some of the information should be able to be edited. The idea I had was to keep the labels displaying the information but then when the edit details button is clicked the labels disappear, text boxes will appear and be populated with the same text as the label to allow the user to edit the details.

I seem to repeating lines of code but changing one thing each time on page load
Dim Sname As String = Request.QueryString("Name")
lblStuName.Text = Sname
tbStuName.Text = Sname
[Code] .....

On edit button
tbAddress.visible = true

On the save button
sqlStatement = "UPDATE StuTable SET Name = '" & lblStuName.Text & "', Address = '" & lblAddress.Text
My code seems very repetitive in many parts, I was looking for a better coding style to do this.

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DataGridView (slow Processing Of 'visible = False')?

Jun 19, 2010

A DataGridView in my VB.NET 2008 program contains over 15,000 rows.   I loop through the rows, totalling groups of rows and appending 'total rows' and one 'Final total row' to the DataGridView.   That works fine.   I want to initially hide all rows except for the total rows, giving the user the option to show all 'detail' rows.   If i place the statement  << dgvTitleCounts.Rows(intRow).Visible = False >> in the loop, execution time increases by three minutes and that is unacceptable.

I see two options:   (1) find a faster way of making all rows invisible; and (2) place the total rows in a separate DataSet and bound DataGridView.  

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DataGridView - DateTime Visible On Form Load

Sep 11, 2010

I have a access table column ("d") and rows with value Datetime. How can I ..... when form load make the datetime now ..visible. What is the code for making the rows with datetime value now start with index 0.

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DataGRidView CellFormating Event Only Visible Area?

Oct 27, 2011

i have a datagridview which am display some data and i have also cell formating event which according to that data that are populate am changing the row format and one of my columns are of type image and am load an image depending on the row by day the data in are become larger and when am trying to load that data to the datagridview is taking much time in order to  display that data to the user.

1st ,when the event of cell formating is fired, is fired only for the visible area of datagridview rows? or is making changes for all the rows in the datagridview.

2nd , is there any way to load only data that are visible in the datagridview area and when the user scrolls down or up to query also the rest?

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Filter That DataGridView So Only Search Criteria Are Visible

Oct 15, 2010

I've got a form that populates a DataGridView from an excel file. How would I filter that DataGridView so only the search criteria are visible. I need to search through 2 columns by all rows. I'm not very good with datasources I guess and can't figure out what all I need to accomplish this. DataSets, DataViews, DataTables.

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Make Textbox's Border Set To Visible In A Datagridview?

Apr 15, 2010

How to make the textbox's border set to visible in a datagridview?[code]...

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Button.Visible Not Working - BtnPause Doesn't Pop Up Until AFTER The Thread Sleeps?

Mar 4, 2010

Here's the routine:


The problem - The btnPause doesn't pop up until AFTER the thread sleeps, but the other two buttons works correctly. What the heck is going on? Here, I'm using the Sleep to simulate doing external events yet to be programmed.

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ToolStripButtons : Click On One Toolstrip Button And Hide It While Making Another Visible?

Jul 3, 2009

I want to be able to click on one toolstrip button and hide it while making another visible.I tried the .show and .hide expressions but they come up with an error.

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VS 2008 Button Set To Visible = False Causes Form To Not Open Properly

Jan 1, 2010

I have a form which won't open properly under certain circumstances if a particular Button is set to visible = false. Under the same circumstances if the Button is set to visiblbe = true the form does open properly or if the line of code at a certain place where it is set to either visible = true or visible = false is commented out or not there then the form opens properly. If any one of the 5 phases on my form are turned on then the problem doesn't ever occur but if none of the phases are on then the problem does occur. I just found a fix for the situation but I still am not clear about what exactly is going on.


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VS 2010 DataGridView - GetRowDisplayRectangle Only Works When Form Is Visible

Oct 20, 2010

I am running a website for a F1 racing game, where users can submit their laptimes and compete with each other for the fastest time.

I am now trying to have my website create an image of the top-5 users every... 5 minutes or something, and copy it to the webserver somewhere I can link to. This way the image under that link will update with the latest information every 5 minutes.

To layout the times (these also include the position (1 to 5), the username, the platform, the time of course, and some more details) I am using a DataGridView. I could take the long route and layout the specific 'columns' manually, but I thought using a grid was far easier. I simply set some properties of the grid to make it look nothing like a grid (basically hide the column and row headers and grid lines and give everything the same backcolor). Then I load the times into the grid, and take an image of it using the Control.DrawToBitmap method.

This works fine, but it returns the entire grid. This is a problem because I made the grid extremely large (5000x5000) so that it can always accommodate the times regardless of the length of the usernames. So, the image I get is 5000 pixels wide while it only contains data in the first 500 px orso.

I am currently using the GetRowDisplayRectangle and GetColumnDisplayRectangle methods to figure out the part of the grid that actually displays the times, and use that to cut the image down to the portion I need.

But here's a problem: these methods only return something when the grid is on a form that is currently being shown! I am already giving the grid a parent form (even though I am just creating it in memory and it doesn't need to be displayed anywhere) because otherwise the data wouldn't load, but I was never showing that form. Now it turns out I do need to show the form, very briefly, in order to figure out the area that I need to take a snapshot from.

Remember that this is all happening on a webserver, so I'm not absolutely sure if this is a problem. Is it ok for a webserver to have a form popping up and down every 5 minutes? Or will this cause problems? I honestly don't know but I don't think it's a good thing. Moreover, it also pops up on my own machine when I'm testing, and it's damn annoying.

So my question is basically twofold:

1. Maybe I should ask this in the ASP.NET forum, but is it a problem to show a form briefly every 5 minutes?

2. Is there any other way to get these Get...DisplayRectangle methods to work without having the grid on a physically visible form?

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VS 2010 Datagridview - Set The Visible Property Of The ID Column To False

Mar 21, 2011

Having an issue with my data gridview. I've set the visible property of the ID column to false, and in the designer the column is hidden, yet it still shows up when i run it. Now if i set it to True it shows the column twice.

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Make A Picturebox That Was Made After Pressing A Button Not Visible When Intersecting With A Label?

Mar 20, 2012

In my space invaders game, you press start, which creates 15 pictureboxes. When I hit the spacebar, a bullet moves to the top of the screen. What code would allow me to make a picturebox invisible that isn't named yet?

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Text Box Not Visible And Disabled

Jul 22, 2009

I have a Text Box not visible and disabled upon form load. by the time I wanna close the form the text box is enabled.

This is happening without any code enabling it.

I have changed all IF statements that check if it's enabled to

IF <textbox>.Enabled.ToString = true THEN[code]...

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Big Panel Visible And Not Visible Based On Selections Made By User

Jan 28, 2009

I've got a panel - that's in a group box. All of this - with lots of other textboxes on labels - is in another panel (the big panel).I make the big panel visible and not visible based on selections made by the user.This small panel - that's in the group box. I cannot seem to make it appear.Even if I leave it VISIBLE at design time - the objects in it will not appear.Is there some kind of nesting problem that I'm not aware of!

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Making Menu Item Visible Or Not Visible In Master Page

Jan 25, 2011

I have five menu items that i have created as a user control and placed on the master page. Now i want one of the menu items to be visible only for particular user role and not visible for others. Here is what I did. Its not working though.


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Jumping Between Forms - Making A Form Visible And Not Visible

Jul 17, 2009

I'm having an odd problem when making a form visible and not visible and it not continuing to function. Here is what I have happening. I have a main form (frmMain) that is an MDIParent. On this form I have a menu to open a second form (frmCalculate) and populate a listview from Items in the database.

As I click or select items in the listview on frmCalculate the tag is read and data is pulled based on the id stored in that tag and fills in various fields on the form. This works great. However, I also have a context menu attached to the listview that allows me to perform a "what if" scenerio on the items I am calculating. When I select this menu, I hide the frmCalculate and open the frmWhatIf form where I can mess around with values on the item I had hilighted in the listview on frmCalculate. Nothing is pulled from or written back to the database here, all the information is filled in from fields on frmCalculate. It just allows me to look at rising costs and how they will affect my margins.... anyway.

If I then close frmWhatIf, it brings my frmCalculate back by setting its visible propery to true (never closed frmCalculate, just hid it). At this point if I click an item in the listview I get an exception for a null reference. IF however I never hide frmCalculate, I can open and close frmWhatIF without ever having an issue. Why do I lose the functionality to select items just by hiding and unhiding the form? As a test I added two menus to the toolbar on frmMain one called hide and one called show. I then opened frmCalculate with original menu item to populate the listview and selected a few items to test that it was working and then using the hide menu I made the form invisible and the show button to bring it back. This yielded the same exception so without even opening frmWhatIf the problem still occurs.

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Winforms - Hide Button Text Or Make Image On Button Cover Text?

Aug 10, 2009

I dynamically create buttons on a form and use the button text as ids so that I can pass that to an SQL query to pull saved data about that button when necessary, but I also use an image over buttons that have information saved about them. What I need to know is how do I keep the text on the button from appearing when there is an image assigned to that button? By default shows both the text and the image and no TextImageRelation values allow for the image to take precedence. I tried changing the text color to transparent, but the outline of the text is still visible through the image. Is there anyway to keep the text value as it is but just show the image on the button?

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VS 2010 : Retrieve All Of The Visible Text On A Webpage?

Mar 29, 2011

I know if I use


it retrieves all of the text on the document. But I want to retireve all of the visible text from a webpage. Like for Google would be: Screen reader users, click here to turn off Google Instant.



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.net - ComboBox Text Longer Than The Combo Visible At The End Instead Of Start

Sep 28, 2011

My problem is ComboBox, with the text of the first item longer than the combo - I don't see the text from the start, I see the end of the text. I wanna see text from the start. I've tried 'SelectionStart' property set to 0, but it has nothing to do with my problem - it only sets where from text is selected.


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Get The Maximum Characters On Form.Text That Visible To The Users?

Feb 27, 2012

How to Get The Maximum Characters can we writer on Form.Text that visible to the users.

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Make Label Visible Again When Text Has Been Removed In Properties Window?

Jul 11, 2012

I dragged and dropped a label from the toolbox onto a form (Label6) and stupidly went to the properties window and set "Text" to blank. Label6 shows when the program is run using F5 but does not show on the design surface if I want to move or remove it. How do I get it back onto the design surface or remove it completely?

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Move Cursor Automatically To Text Box / When Change It From Invisible To Visible

Jan 7, 2012

I would like to move the cursor automatically to a text box when I change it from invisible to visible.

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