VS 2005 With Winsock - Loss Connection

Nov 7, 2009

my project is attached. I have a very weird problem with Winsock! I made 1 program with 2 forms. 1st form is the client, 2nd form is the server. Server send snapshot for client. So, client display either Single Picture. Or stream of pictures (to simulate video capturing).

when open 1st window (client) in a computer, and 2nd window(server) in another computer... it connect and display picture without problem just once!! when press "Capture" button again it may reponse or Winsock may loss connection. and when Check "Loop"=> means for stream of pictures.. Winsock loss connection immediatly! I don't know where is the problem exactly! The code attached. Winsock ocx is attached.. see it in the release folder


Winsock 2005 - Target Machine Actively Refused Connection

Jun 22, 2009

I am trying to make a client server form application using VB2005. I am using VS2005 Professional for development.

The problem is as follows:
When more than one client tries to connect to the server. The connection is refused and the Client gets an exception in Connect() method - Target machine actively refused the connection.

This problem occurs only when 2 or more clients try to simultaneously connect to the server. For a single client accessing at a time the problem does not occur. The code segment is as given below:

-----------1 Module
Imports System.Net.Sockets
Imports System.Net
Public Class FrmMdiParent
Dim WithEvents wsServer As New Winsock2005DLL.Winsock
Private Sub FrmMdiParent_FormClosing(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.FormClosingEventArgs) Handles Me.FormClosing
[Code] .....

The above exception is thrown when more than 1 clients try to access the server simultaneously.

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VS 2008 Winsock Can't Keep Connection Alive

Jan 3, 2010

I am trying to make a basic server/client program but I ran in a problem.


When I click connect in the GUI the first state of sock.ctlstate is 6 , connecting then the connected event is triggered and after that the sock.ctlstate is 8 , "Peer is closing the connection". But I dont understand why it does this. I should keep the connection alive to communicate.

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CyberCafe Using Winsock 2005?

Mar 10, 2010

i have added 2 winsock controls on form at server side and client side and used 2 different ports 1001,1002both winsocks gets connected i used condition winsock2.state=sckconnected and it shows that connectedi want that at certain time winsock2 will send data the timer gets activatedi put breakpoint on winsock2.senddata() in timer_tick() event the line gets executedbut at client side on winsock2_dataarrival() i put a msgbox() but it never popup

Server side-
Private Sub Timer1_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)


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Where Is Winsock Control In Visual Studio 2005

Aug 15, 2006

im doing a project in Visual Studio 2005, how do i add the Winsock control?

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VS 2005 Winsock - Wrong Protocol For Transaction Request

Jun 7, 2012

I have made a server and a client chat program, and they both use Winsock. It works fine, but then I use multiple clients, I get this message:
Run-time error '40006':
Wrong protocol or connection state for the requested transaction request.

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Loss Of 3d Look In .Net Forms?

Sep 15, 2010

I had a large application that I needed to develop into two separate applications with different customer needs. I created a new VB.Net application and copied/imported all the forms and classes into the new application. The new application works but, for some reason all the forms have lost their 3d look, all the textboxes have a flat look now in the new application. It is as if I have lost a setting somewhere that controls the 3d look of the controls. I have checked the properties of each control and they still have the 3d option selected, and cannot see what else could be changed to get the 3d look back.

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Computing A Win/Loss Percentage?

Feb 19, 2009

I need to compute the percentage of games won and games lost. I keep getting errors and it's driving me up a wall. I've changed my code so many times that I don't really remember what it was like when I started.

Private Sub btnPercentage_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnPercentage.Click
Dim team As String


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Data Loss In Attached .sdf Db?

Apr 28, 2009

I m using vs2008 with vb and sqlserver. I just attached a .sdf database file to my project. There is a form to insert data in products table and a dgv to show that data. Everything is working fine, i inserted the data and dgv is also showing the data. But when i tried to see that data from server explorer, thr is no data, table is blank. Then again when i run my project thr is no data in DGV also. So problem is that when i entered the data and retrieve back the data in dgv,evrythng is fine,but when i tried to see my data from server explorer, data is lost. Why data is not comtted to my .sdf ?

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View Loss Bmp With BMP Constructor?

Jan 2, 2012

I trying to create application that can read loss bmp with bmp constructor, what I mean loss is bmp without header, here the sample of loss bmp (zip is including with original bmp):

Download(you can see the different by comparing the original bmp and loss bmp with hex editor, the different is loss bmp don't have 54 bytes header bmp) Height of image is 126 px and width image is 45 px

my question is how I can preview that loss bmp in picture box? someone of my friend say, its need BMP Constructor to preview bmp properly but he doesn't know the code, please give me the code..

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VS 2005 No Connection For Connection ID?

Sep 28, 2010

I have compiled a Vb.Net program in which I used R Programming through R(D)COM. The statconnector library works fine. The program gives output without any error.
However whenever I try to deploy the code and create a setup file, and I run the setup file, I get the following error: There is connection for this connection ID (Exception from HRESULT: OLE_E_NOCONNECTION)

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Data Loss From Implicit Conversion?

Oct 26, 2010

VB 2008 Express edition. I'm pretty new to VB2008, a little over halfway through my first classi am writing a console program to ask the user for the price of gas for 7 days, then to get the average of that price. here is my code so far:

Option Strict On
Module Module1
Sub Main()


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How To Do Loss Less Compression In Windows Application

Jan 25, 2011

Private Function Compress(ByVal strInput As String) As Byte()
Dim bytData() As Byte = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(strInput)


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System.IO. FileInfo Performance Loss?

Mar 9, 2009

I'm having bizarre performance results of the methods in FileInfo class.I'm using 5 methods of the FileInfo class in the Paint event.The datagridview is bound to the dataset.First the application searches files in the RecursiveSearch. When rows are added to the dataset the Paint event is fired and the rows displayed are filled with extra information from the FileInfo class . In this case the performance is very good. If I remove the DoEvents() from the RecursiveSearch the 5 methods of the FileInfo class become very slow (about 0.25sec for each line of code)!When the search ends, the user can scroll down to see the other files listed.At this point the Paint is again fired. This time the 5 methods of the FileInfo class are again very slow!

Private Sub RecursiveSearch(ByVal sPath As String, ByVal strPattern As String)        System.Windows.Forms.Application.DoEvents()        Try            Dim strFolders() As String = System.IO.Directory.GetDirectories(sPath)            Dim strFiles() As String = System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(sPath,


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VS 2010 : View Loss Bmp With BMP Constructor?

Jan 3, 2012

I trying to create application that can read loss bmp with bmp constructor, what I mean loss is bmp without header, here the sample of loss bmp (zip is including with original bmp): Download (you can see the different by comparing the original bmp and loss bmp with hex editor, the different is loss bmp don't have 54 bytes header bmp) Height of image is 126 px and width image is 45 px,how I can preview that loss bmp in picture box? someone of my friend say, its need BMP Constructor to preview bmp properly but he doesn't know the code?

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VS2010 SP1 And SSMS Intellisense Loss

Sep 30, 2011

how many of you out there in the VB.NET community have installed VS2010 SP1 and are experiencing this issue with the loss of intellisense in SQL Server 2008 R2?I'm holding off installing SP1 because I kind of like the intellisense thingy (though RedGate's SQLPrompt 5 is way better - have it at home).So is this pee-ing you off, have you explored workarounds, tries the hotfixes (that apparently don't work for many setups)?url...Please note that even though Cumulative Update 9 (CU9) was released the month there are still people it does not work for..including a coworker using a similar setup as mine (Win7 Pro, x32) This is a disaster and embarassment for MS IMO

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Compute Win/loss Percentage In Visual Basic?

Dec 28, 2010

I found a win, loss, percentage calculator in the forums. The form has a PLACE FOR INPUT

Team Braves
WINS = 96

a button Compute Percentage and a text box it should read Braves won 59.259 percent of games. The program in the forums does not work. Does any one know how to do this? The math should be wins / wins+loss * 100.

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Find Packet Loss And Trace Route In .NET?

Mar 15, 2009

I am trying to code to capture the packet loss on computers, but the only way I've been able to do so was to run the NetStat.exe and the TraceRt.exe processes and capture them to a listbox (using the code below):


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Prevent Data Loss Before Loading The Designer?

Mar 23, 2010

I coded this program. It has three forms, when I try to open the [Design] on one of the forms it give me this error: To prevent possible data loss before loading the designer, the following errors must be resolved:


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.net - Make Crystal Report Of Profit And Loss Statement?

May 2, 2011

i want to make crystal report of profit and loss statement i have a column of "vr_type" and there are 4 types in it "sale invoice", purchase invoice" now i want that put a 4 formula s where i select that "sum (vr_detail.debit) where vr_detail.vr_type} sale invoice it make Sum of al these types so kindly tell me what formula i should use to get the result in simply i want sum of sale,sum of purchase,sum of expense?

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Access DB With 3 Columns, ID#(Primary Key), Minutes, And Profit/Loss?

Aug 5, 2008

I have an access DB with 3 columns, ID#(Primary Key), Minutes, and Profit/Loss. I'm using the Total feature in access which adds a Row 'Total' to the bottom and shows the sums. How would I get the sum from the 'Minutes' column, 'Total' row, and get that to show in a text box (txt002004Min) ?

Imports System.Data.OleDb
Public Class Form13
Dim cn As OleDbConnection


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SQLServer To DataAdapter To DataGridView Causing Memory Loss?

Aug 26, 2010

I have an application putting new data into a database so I want to use a DataGridView to display the data. I have a timer triggering every 5 seconds and running this UpdateGridFromDatabase() routine every cycle.
It works, but I can see my application memory usage going up by 10kB every 5 seconds until my computer with 6GB of RAm & 64 bit Windows 7 grinds to a halt! Can anyone see at a glance what I am doing wrong? I am trying to open & close everything as necessary. I have also dimmed two variables outside - I had then inside previously and it didn't make any difference.

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Connection To Sql 2005 From .net?

Nov 23, 2009

i am trying to run a stored procedure from my vb .net application and i am getting an error that says something like this:

"..under default settings sql server does not allow remote connections"

i have checked with my sql configurations and i have allowed remote connections but i am getting this error. besides i am connecting to my local machine so why should it give me a remote connection error.

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DB/Reporting :: Tables Removed - Encountering A Sudden Loss Of Table In Database

Apr 26, 2008

For the past 3 weeks now, we are encountering a sudden loss of table in our database, but with that. our .mdf file is still on its same size before this disaster comes along and again..anyone had encountered or know how to solve this problem.

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Connection To SQL Server 2005?

Feb 26, 2009

I making a connection through word 2003 VBA to SQL server 2005 using the following codeDim cn As ADODB.ConnectionSet cn = New Connectioncn.ConnectionString = "Provider=SQLNCLI;Server=LEXAE29150SQLEXPRESS;" & _"Database=MCarter.mdf;Integrated Security=SSPI;"cn.openetc.cn.close.All runs fine up to cn.open.I then get the message error 'Cannot open database "MC.dbf" request by the login. The Login failed'.Tryed websearching but no succes.  Been on it a week and the boss is doing his nut. I'm lost and unsure what wrong.The SQL server is set for windows authenticity and SOL Server login.In the MC database under security users my user name (Login) is their and setup as owner and sysadmin.SQLServer is running on the same machine as the word.dot.

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Remote Connection To SQL 2005

Aug 26, 2009

I wrote a program in Visual Basic 2008 on my laptop that runs windows vista 64 bit, well the program attempts to access an Sql server that I am running on my laptop and it continues to give me the following error:


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Simple Sql Connection From .net 2005?

Mar 30, 2009

I get a Type 'System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataReader' has no constructors. error on the 5th line of code below and I get a Variable 'e' hides a variable in an enclosing block. on the last line of code below (in my catch statement).

Here is my code:

Imports System.Data.SqlClient
Public Class Form1
Dim myConnection As SqlConnection


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VS 2005 - Odd Occurrence With SQL Connection

Apr 17, 2010

I have a an application that opens a SQL connection and over the course of a few hours creates and disposes of tens of thousands of DataReader objects. You could look at it as just one big loop. As the time goes by, the memory usage steadily climbs until the application/system runs out of memory and crashes.

Psuedo code would look something like
Do Until x =1000000
Create New DataReader
Use DataReader
Close DataReader
[Code] .....

Even though I dispose of the DataReader object when I am done with it, the memory usage keeps climbing. I found that every time I am finished with the DataReader I have to close the SQLConnection and dispose of it. When I do that it keeps the memory usage very low and the processor usage is barely noticeable. I would think I could just open the SQL connection once and close it when I am done.

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VS 2005 Closing FTP Connection

Sep 3, 2009

I'm connecting to an ftp server in my .net application. After I send the file and try to close the connection, I'm getting an error. I'm trying to send the Quit command to the FTP server but getting no reply. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I call this method: [code] Do you think something is wrong with the code of could it be a problem with the ftp server?

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.net 2005 Database Connection String?

Feb 22, 2011

Between ODBC and OLEDB providers, which one is more flexible at both the application level, and at the report level using crystal report?

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Code For Database Connection In .net 2005

Feb 12, 2008

how to code for database connection in vb.net 2005?

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Code For Database Connection In .net 2005?

Sep 7, 2011

how to code for database connection in vb.net 2005?

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SQL 2005 - Connection String Over Internet

Apr 18, 2011

Using - VB2008 Express, XP Pro,
Connecting to SQL 2005 across the internet
The walk throughs have several good explanations although I don't see any about connecting over the internet.

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VB 2005 Access Connection String

May 12, 2011

I used the wizard in VB 2005 to add my database. Under the "Applications Settings" area in VB my string is currently set to:


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VS 2005 Connection String For Access

Sep 30, 2009

what is the connection string for Access for connecting Access Database with ADO.NET (For win app).

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VS 2005 Database Connection Establishment In .net?

Dec 14, 2009

i have visual studio 2005 installed in my pc.i have sql server 2000 as database.i have expertise in client server software written in vb6.now im trying to do the same in vb.net.i dont know how to establish a global connection in vb.net.how to do that in vb.net?in vb6 i would just write a public function in a module and it remains throughout my application.so how can i achieve the same thing in vb.net.

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VS 2005 How To Get Active Network Connection Name

Jun 28, 2011

code snippet to get active network card name, that is the network card currently connected to the internet in c# or vb.net?

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VS 2005 How To Stop Connection Rejection

Sep 23, 2009

I get an error saying that the connection was rejected by the target machine here, suggesting that my firewall is working well

How do I make sure that the connection is accepted? It's a chat program (obviously) so I'm going to need to do the same thing on users' computers when it is installed. How do I make this in such a way that the connection will be accepted but leaving security uncomprimised?

Imports System.Net.Sockets
Public Class QuickChat


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VS 2005 Use Web.config Data Connection?

Aug 4, 2009

Dim SQLData = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("FixedLineProvisioningConnectionString")


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Connect To SQL Server 2005 Through Wireless Connection Between XP And

Feb 1, 2010

I have built a client-server VB.net inventory application for our company which connects to our Server machine running on Windows XP. We have 6 client machines running also on Windows XP that connects to the Server's database. Now, my problem is, "How do i connect a client machine running on Windows Vista to our Server running on Windows XP wirelessly?"

- Is there something I have to alter on the SQL Server Surface Area Configuration?

-Or do I have to change the 'Connection String' on my software application so as to properly connect to the Server from a Vista mahine? If then, how?

This is the error its throwing:"An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server. When connecting to SQL Server 2005, this failure may be caused by the fact that under the default settings SQL Server does not allow remote connections. (provider: Named Pipes Provider, error: 40 - Could not open a connection to SQL Server) (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 53)"

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