Converting A Variable From Radians To Degrees?

Dec 20, 2008

How do I convert, let's say, a variable such as X from radians to degrees. I am designing weather forecasting software and cannot get it to work. proper syntax and much obliged.


Convert Radians To Degrees?

Apr 23, 2009

Convert radians to degrees?

COS (X / 57.3)

Where X is your variable or constant.Your number is now in degrees.

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After Converting All Degrees-->decimal, And Decimal-->hours - Use Tan, Cos And Sin Formula

Aug 27, 2009

After converting all degrees-->decimal, and decimal-->hours, how can i use Tan, Cos and Sin formula in I want the user must enter an input (which it is a coordinat-->i already convert the degrees-->decimal value as suggested by stanav and paul.

The questions like this (i only calculate on paper but dont know how to implement in code):

Input user need to enter:
-latitude local (e.g. 1.4875)
-longitude local (e.g. 103.3883333)


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VS 2008 Radians To Derees?

Apr 10, 2011

I am trying in my program to find the answer (in degrees from the following:Sin of 48 (in degrees) the answer should be 0.743144825 my code (getting wrong answer) is:

HTML lblSINDif.Text = Math.Sin(lblWindif.Text) * (180 / Math.PI)

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Converting A Binary Array To Different Variable Types?

Aug 8, 2009

I'm trying to wrap up a program I wrote in VB.NET and quick.  I have a device that I am connected to through a serial port (COM4).  It sent me 1056 binary bytes which I have stored in an array called newRecievedData.  (see code below)

********** Start Code*********
Dim numberOfBytesToRead As Integer
numberOfBytesToRead = myComPort.BytesToRead
Dim newRecievedData(numberOfBytesToRead - 1) As Byte


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Converting A Number Larger Than 255 Into A Byte Variable

May 17, 2011

I understand the concept of bytes and declaring variables to save on processing space. I understand that the max value that can be stored in a byte is 255. I cannot seem to wrap my head around my current issue. I don't have much experience working with byte manipulation.


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Converting A String Variable To A Property Type

Aug 28, 2009

I have in my My.Settings four settings [code] now I want to get the value of the current setting from the My.Settings.SettingName. [code]

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Tool For Converting Variable And Loops Declarations From Program To C++?

Jun 25, 2010

Is there any available tool for converting variable and loops declarations from VB.NET to C++?

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What Looks Like 'L' Flipped 180 Degrees

Jul 8, 2009

I'm doing lessons from a book on VB Express. My problem is a wierd key character.Dim db?Var As Double?= what looks like an "L" flipped 180 degrees. what is it?

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Convert LatLong To Degrees?

Apr 28, 2012

Anyone knows (or has a function) to convert a latlong to degrees, min, sec?

example: 53.21884, 5.49217 > N 53 9 34.2, E 5 25 56.9

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Rotate Text By 90 Degrees?

Mar 28, 2011

The reason why I want to do this is a little much to get into, but how can I rotate text by 90 degrees?

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Rotate The Progressbar 90 Degrees?

Jul 31, 2010

I want to rotate my progressbar 90 degrees.

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Time To Turn 180 Degrees?

Nov 23, 2011

I have a space ship, and am wanting to calculate how long it takes to turn 180 degrees. This is my current code to turn the ship: .msngFacingDegrees = .msngFacingDegrees + .ROTATION_RATE * TV.TimeElapsedMy current .ROTATION_RATE is 0.15, but it will change.I have tried:Math.Ceiling(.ROTATION_RATE * TV.TimeElapsed / 180)

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VS 2008 - Calculate The Value Between 0 & 180 Degrees

Sep 23, 2011

I need to make two programs and i have a hard time doing them my first program is: Calculate the value between 0 & 180 degrees that makes the function sinx = x my second program is: calculate sinx with taylor formula, x=0 ill wait for answer

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Calculate The Value Between 0 & 180 Degrees That Makes The Function?

Sep 23, 2011

Calculate the value between 0 & 180 degrees that makes the function sinx=x

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How To Get Decimal As Degrees / Minutes And Seconds

Feb 15, 2012

First of all I got app to convert Degrees, Minutes and Seconds to decimal. But now I need to get Decimal back to Degrees, Minutes and Seconds and I can't get it how to make it because I'm terrible with math formulas... Here is what I done so far:

Public Class Form1
Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
TextBox4.Text = TextBox1.Text + (TextBox2.Text * 1 / 60) + (TextBox3.Text * 1 / 60 * 1 / 60)
End Sub
End Class

Textbox1 - Degrees
Textbox2 - Minutes
Textbox3 - Seconds

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Get Degrees Sign For Temperature In Program 2008?

Apr 17, 2010

How do I get the degrees sign for temperature in vs2008?[code]...

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Interface And Graphics :: How To Angle An Ellipse By 7 Degrees

Dec 5, 2009

How can I angle an ellipse by 7 degrees? My intentions are to angle the ellipse so the left side is up and the bottom right is down. [code]

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Change Pictureboxes X2 Y2 To Tilt Some Degrees Other Than 90 Degree Angles?

Jan 15, 2011

I dont even know if you can do this in but, how do you change the pictureboxes x2 y2 to tilt some degrees other than 90 degree angles?

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Winforms - TabControl Alignment - Rotate 90 Degrees To The Left

Dec 18, 2009

I'm having a weird behaviour with a left-aligned TabControl in VB.NET. Screenshot:

What I wanted was to have the tabs literally the same way they would be if rotated 90 degrees to the left. Does it have something to do with the fact I'm not (god forbid) using the standard XP theme? Any solution to just make it work? (Even if it's hard, but I don't want a control that has a contrasting style, I want the program looking consistent)

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DrawText On Image With 90 Or 180 Degrees Format In Windows Based Application

Dec 13, 2010

How can i draw text(demo demo) with 180 degrees format on exist image(on photo) in windows based applicaiton using (Here rotate text(demo demo is displaying text on exist image) with 180 degrees formate then display on exist image)

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VS 2008 Rotate A Picturebox A Certain Amount Of Degrees When A Button Is Pressed?

May 14, 2009

Is there code to rotate a picturebox a certain amount of degrees when a button is pressed?

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VS 2010 - Convert Latitude / Longitude Into Values In Decimal Degrees

May 30, 2011

Create a function named DecimalDegrees to refactor the code that converts a latitude or longitude into a value in decimal degrees. (This function will be used inside the functions ValueOf and Distance.)
Task 2a: Write the code for the function DecimalDegrees with an input parameter for DegreeString as type string, and returns the value as type Double.

Here is my code for the function part
Private Function DecimalDegrees(ByVal DegreeString As String, ByVal degrees As Double, ByVal minutes As Double,
ByVal seconds As Double, ByVal ID As Integer) As Double

I am having difficulties with the 2nd part which is I believe to take the code for the calc1 and calc2 buttons and somehow get it to convert to decimal degrees by the function I have created. The buttons would then be removed as the code would automatically take the latitude and longitude and convert the degrees, minutes and seconds into a decimal.

Here is the code for the current buttons:
Dim StartPtr, StopPtr As Integer
'To Replace Calculator 1 Button
'Convert degrees before passing argument - Latitude
StartPtr = 0
[Code] .....

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Converting File Into Bytes And Then Converting Those Files Back Into Its Original Form?

Aug 22, 2011

my goal is to 

1.Take an file(exe,dll,etc)

2.Convert it into hex that hex values in a stack

4.Execute the values inside the stack to its original form(i.e. take the elements out of stack and then convert it to a compile format)

Imports System.IO
Sub Main()
Dim fileName As String = "ABC.exe"


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Rotate A Single Page 90 Degrees With ITextSharp / VB In An Existing Multi-page PDF

Dec 17, 2010

I am trying to integrate iTextSharp into an existing Document Imaging application that allows users to rotate individual pages that may have been scanned in at an incorrect angle (it happens more often than I would have thought).


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VS 2008 Error: Range Variable 'sender' Hides A Variable In An Enclosing Block Or A Range Variable Previously Defined In The Query Expression

Mar 25, 2010

I am getting the error:"Range variable 'sender' hides a variable in an enclosing block or a range variable previously defined in the query expression."for this

Imports System.Data.SqlClient
Imports System.Linq
Public Class Form1


I can select any other item from the table without the error. "sender" has the same properties as "receiver" in the SQL table.

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Variable Error "Variable 'reader' Hides A Variable In An Enclosing Block"

Aug 23, 2011

I receive the error -


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Program Function - Says, "The Type For Variable [variable] Will Not Be Inferred Because It Is Bound To A Field

May 18, 2012

Public Class Form1
Dim x, c, number(0 To 19) As Integer
Dim s As Integer


The variables in the brackets [example] do not actually have brackets in them in the original code.  These are where the issues are.  For both variables, it says, "The type for variable [variable] will not be inferred because it is bound to a field in an enclosing scope. Either change the name of [variable], or use the fully qualified name (for example, 'Me.[variable]' or 'MyBase.[variable]')."  Now, I'm not entirely sure if this is a stupid question or not, as I'm used to VB '98 because that's what we use in my programming class at High School. let me know why this won't work.  

-Note: The intention of this program is to continually loop the generation of numbers for this list until I tell it to stop.  Button1 ends the program, Button2 generates the list one time only, Button3 is supposed to loop the generation of the list, and Button4 is supposed to end the loop, but not the program.

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VS 2010 Compiler Creates New Variable Automatically When Use If Statement Without Strictly Declared Variable?

Jan 10, 2011

Say that i have the following code that parse about 20k records from the DB.

Code #1 While reader.Read()
  list.Add(If(Integer.TryParse(reader(0).ToString, 0), Integer.Parse(reader(0).ToString), 0))
End While

And then another code which does the very same thing but it seems to be a little cleaner.

Code #2 While reader.Read()
  Dim storeowner As Integer = 0
  Integer.TryParse(reader(0).ToString, storeowner)
End While

This is what i am confused about; does the compiler creates a new variable automatically when i use the if statement without strictly declared variable? What approach is better in sense of performance?

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Variable Naming Conventions To Illustrate Variable Type And Where Variables Are Declared

Aug 24, 2009

I am looking for a good resource on variable naming conventions to illustrate variable type and where variables are declared. So I will have public variables, Private variables, private or local variables. I also may want to declare variables with the same name in different class code (i.e. in the code behind different forms). I am assuming good coding would dicatate a prefix for declaration location.

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Import Text File : Object Variable Or With Block Variable Not Set

Mar 28, 2011

i have this error in the line of with variable or With block variable not set.

Dim xl As Object
xl = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
With xl.ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:= _
"TEXT;C:Documents and SettingsUserDesktop429MEDICA2.TXT", _ Destination:=xl.Range("$A$1"))


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Object Variable Or With Block Variable Not Set - From Property Get With Bindingsource.current?

May 31, 2012

Now I have the need to get a current value from a bindingsource in a property of a user control.In a previous thread I had tracked down the "Object variable or With block variable not set" to the return in the Get block of a property. At the time I was only using the Set so I just commented out the offending code until I needed it.


The error does not occur during a system compile, only upon saving the container object of the user control. As I said the Set works correctly, only the Get causes the error.I would like to know what I am missing/misunderstanding and am open to other suggestions of handling retrieving the current value of a bindingsource in a user control.

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Pass A Variable To Another Form Or Else Make The Variable Visible To Both Forms?

Sep 5, 2010

Using Visual Basic 2008 Express. I need to pass a variable to another form. Or else make the variable visible to both forms.

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Serialport - Input Variable And Output Variable Of This Terminal?

May 14, 2010

I am using express,I test vs2005term it work, can any tell me what is the input variable and output variable of this terminal?how to catch the input and output variable to a textbox1 for sending and a textbox2 for receiving when I press send button? is that possible?

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Write A Variable To A File That Has A Different Type Than The Function Assigned To The Variable

Sep 17, 2011

I have the following code that I am using to parse out a test file. I am getting variable conversion error in Sub Main() when I assign file = Read(). The return value of Read() is a TextFieldParser type. How do I assign the proper variable type to "file" so I can write the output to a text file?

Function Read()
Using MyReader As New FileIO.TextFieldParser("C:UsersColinDesktopParse_Me.txt")
Dim currentRow As String


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"Variable 'cnn' Hides A Variable In An Enclosing Block?

Mar 19, 2009

I have the following code but I get blue squiggly line in cnn and when i point my mouse pointer on it i see this message "Variable 'cnn' hides a variable in an enclosing block"

Private Sub BtnLockUnlock_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles BtnLockUnlock.Click
Dim IsLocked As Boolean = FpSpread1.ActiveSheet.DefaultStyle.Locked


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.net - Variable 'cl' Is Passed By Reference Before It Has Been Assigned A Value For DataView Variable?

Feb 1, 2012

I have the following code passing a dataView variable to a function and I am getting the following warning:"Variable 'cl' is passed by reference before it has been assigned a value. A null reference exception could result at runtime."

Function Editclass()
Dim cl As DataView
Bindclass (SqlConnection2, cl)


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Class Inheritance Object Variable Or With Block Variable Not Set?

Sep 26, 2011

i had a class called Tag with a structure like:

public class Tag
private _members
public properties
public shared database_methods
end class

this class was tailored for mysql database. i'm currently adding access 2007 support so i split tag into tag and tagdata with structures like:


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Code Generation ... Object Variable Or With Block Variable Not Set?

Apr 25, 2012

I'm having trouble tracking down what is wrong and causing the above error. This only occurs when saving the design view in VS 2012. The code builds and runs fine.Full error text:Code generation for property 'CompanyValue' failed. Error was: 'Property accessor 'CompanyValue' on object 'ContactViewUC1' threw the following exception: 'Object variable or With block variable not set."

CompanyValue definition in ContactViewUC:
Public Property CompanyValue


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Communications :: Object Variable Or With Block Variable Not Set Error

Jul 24, 2008

Been getting this error with my program. Using framework 2.0


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