Dialog Box For Loading Files Same As Savefiledialog?

Sep 15, 2009

Is there a dialog box for loading files, the same as the savefiledialog? I know how to load a file once I know it's name/location, but how do I open up a box to allow my user to select a file from the drive?

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How To Use SaveFileDialog To Save Files

Jul 7, 2011

Iam still beginner I wanna to know how to use SaveFileDialog to save files?

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Save A User Selected File (FolderBrowserDialog) To A Location Selected In Another Dialog (SaveFileDialog)

Jul 5, 2011

I'm creating a BASIC application, and I can't figure out how to save a user selected file (FolderBrowserDialog) to a location selected in another dialog (SaveFileDialog).

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SaveFileDialog Class - Automatically Saving Files As PDF

Jan 23, 2012

How to use the saveFileDialog class to save a file as a PDF programmatically?

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Error While Loading Dialog Window

Jan 31, 2009

Error While Loading Dialog Window [code]...

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Forms :: How To Create Dialog (Loading Data Please Wait)

Jun 13, 2007

My Startup form open very slow. How can I show a wait screen while Initialize Component. Then close this wait screen and show my Form.
You can see my attached image.

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Dialog Box - How To Copy Files With Multithreading

Jul 11, 2009

I've been looking at multithreading because I have been trying to make my own dialog box and it seems it might be the only solution. When I used dialog.show, there was no way to cancel the copying operation without the program finishing the current file it was copying (which I found to be annoying), and if I used dialog.showdialog, the program wouldn't continue executing code until I closed the dialog box. So I defined the thread and gave it a sub procedure to execute. But it turns out I can't directly access the main form's controls now. I read all about delegates and invoking and haven't come up with an answer to simply GET a value.

Here's the code in question:
Private Sub TransferFiles()
For FileCount As Integer = 0 To Me.ListBox1.Items.Count - 1
Dim NewName As String = Me.ListBox1.Items.Item(FileCount).Tag
End Sub

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Save / Load XML Files With Dialog Box?

May 2, 2010

I am creating a program that uses XML files and saves them automatically when the user updates information. When I have XElement.Save("Name.xml") it saves the XML file in the same directory as the EXE. What I am trying to do is allow the user so select the location of the XML. Also is loading XML files through the loaddialog box basically the same way as XElement.Load("Name.xml")?

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Save File Extensions - Save/open Dialog Wont Show .GDL Files Unless Select "all Files"?

Mar 22, 2011

im used to C programming.

Private Sub SaveAsToolStripMenuItem_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles SaveAsToolStripMenuItem.Click

The problem is that if I save a file I get "myfile.GDL" if I overwrite that I get a new file "myfile.GDL.GDL" ect.the other problem being that the filtering in the windows save/open dialog wont show .GDL files unless I select "all files".

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Loading Big Files To Ram OverflowException

Jan 2, 2012

It looks like an array of byte only uses a 32bit length and cant hold more than 2GB why is it not a 64bit length when the project is 64bit, how can I load bigger files?

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Dialog For Selecting Multiple Folders And Files?

Jun 24, 2011

I was wondering, if there is a control for selecting multiple folders and files in an OpenFileDialog, like this (In MFC)Or if there is a way to create that kind of contro

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Open Properties Dialog Of Files And Folders?

Jun 17, 2009

I want it to show on click of a button on my windows forms application... I have not had any success in getting the dialog to show at all...

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Setup Files & UI Dialog Properties VB 2008?

Feb 17, 2009

I am currently developing the 'solution' through the UI Dialog properties of VB 2008, so my application can be installed onto a computer .It works ok, installs successfully, creates the desktop icon, start menu icon and programs folder....... BUT, when I go into the Control Panel, the uninstall option is there, but not with my own icon it uses the Windows default icon.

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Reflection - Loading XML Files Into .Net Structures?

Aug 20, 2010

I have many, (15-20) different XML files that I need to load to VB.Net. They're designed as they would be in a database; they're designed in Access and bulk exported into XML files. Each file represents a different table in the database.Now, I need to load this information into VB.Net. Initially, I'd love to use DAO and access the MDB directly via queries, but this won't be possible as I'm making sure the project will be easily ported to XNA/C# down the road. (Xbox 360 cannot use MDBs, so I'd rather deal with this problem now than down the road).

So, I'm stuck now trying to figure out how to wrangle together all of these XML files together.I've tried using Factories to parse each one individually. E.g., if three XML files contain data for a 'character' class, i'd pass in an instance of Character to each XML factory and the classes would apply the necessary data.I'm trying to get past this though, as maintaining many different classes with redundant code is a pain. plus it is hard to debug as well. So I'm trying to figure out a new solution.

The only thing I can think of right now is using System.Reflection, where I parse through each member of the class/structure I'm instantiating, and then using the names of those members to read in the data from that element of the XML file.However, this makes the assumption that each member of the structure/class has a matching element in the XML file, and vice-versa.

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VS 2010 - Loading Txt Files Into A Textbox?

Dec 29, 2011

I have a folder in my computer with several txt files, I need to know if is possible, how loading each files in alphabetical order in a textbox.

For example this list of txt file :


I want load these files with a timer one each time interval.

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Loading JavaScript Files Into Rich Text Box?

Apr 16, 2010

I am trying to make an application that will load any Javascript file into a rich text box.


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VS 2010 Loading Comma Delimited Files

Apr 19, 2012

I use to code looooong (98ish)ago in Visual Basic 5 but I haven't touched it since 2000. Well now im back and I must say i quite rusty!!Here is what I need help with. I've successfully created a save command for a Comma-Delimited txt file. My problems come from when I try to load the file, I can load the first line just fine. But multiple lines are going to be an issue. I don't quite understand how to tell the program to go through each line.[code]

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VS 2010 Loading Files Through Application.startuppath?

Dec 22, 2009

call form1.axshockwaveflash1.loadmovie(1, application.stratuppath + ("swfsStart.swf"))
but when i publish the trainer, and open it through either the clickonce application, or the setup, it can't find the swfs folder to get the .swf files. Therefor the trainer will not work.

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Errors In Loading Files That Are Already Open / Countermeasures Have So Far Failed

Apr 4, 2011

In the game I'm making I have a background worker thread simulating the game and constantly outputting data to a file.I want to be able to access that file while simulation is going on. I understand that you can't access the same file simultaneously in two threads so I don't mind having the program (say on a button click) wait until the simulation isn't using the file.I can't seem to do that though! Whenever I either save or load the file I have a bolAccessingFiles variable which I check to make sure things don't happen simultaneously. I change the value to True just before opening any files and False just after closing any files.

This doesn't seem to work though. It seems as though the computer will still be using the file in some way even though the code has kept going. I need that when I next access the file I have a stronger way of checking if the file is already in use, and if so make it wait."The process cannot access the file 'C:UsersDavidDocumentsVisual Studio 2010ProjectsGameGameinx86Debugoutput.txt' because it is being used by another process."

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File I/O And Registry :: Loading Files Into A List View

May 23, 2009

I can't find any way of loading all files with e.g (.txt) from a specific directory: C:UsersChristianDocumentsMy Logs I use Visual Basic 2008 .NET, this is how I try to get it:

1. When the form loads it should retrieve the full path and title of the files and then put them in the List View control.

2. When the user marks one file in the list view and then clicks a button the text content should be displayed in a multi line textbox.


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File I/O And Registry :: Loading RTF Files In RichTextbox Control?

Jan 12, 2009

I need some help loading RTF files in a RichTextBox Control. The RTF file i have has a lot of textbox and some graphics. I tried several methods, but i cannot load the RTF file correctly.Here is what i have so far:

Private Sub btnLoadFile_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnLoadFile.Click
Dim fn As String


I suspect that the LoadFile method cannot read the TextBoxes in my RTF file, or maybe i'm missing something. Attached is the file i'm working on.

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Loading Text Files Into Oracle Using Creation Date?

Apr 12, 2011

I've written a loading program that writes text files to our database. The text files are dumped by another system every 2 hours onto on a shared network drive at my work. Here's the problem though - the files don't have a date/time stamp within them. I've been getting the date for each file from the creation date. That works okay, but when I've written loading programs in the past, I like to move the loaded files into a folder called "Loaded Files". That way, I can quickly see visually how many files I've loaded vs how many have not be loaded.

The problem this time, is that if I were to move the file into another folder, the creation date changes...a lesson I learned when I copied all of the files into a directory on my C: for testing. They all had the same date/time stamp!My question is, what's the best way to handle this? I don't want to move the files after loading them if it alters their creation date. I mean, what if I have to go back and load one for some reason, the date will be lost forever. I also don't want to write something into the software that has to check a file each time before loading it to the database.

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TreeList Does Not Display Data Until Finished Loading Files

Jan 6, 2012

First off the Treelist does not display data until it is almost finished loading the files. I tried to refresh the treelist but it still does the same.

Private Sub BtnBrowse_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles BtnBrowse.Click
If FolderBrowserDialog1.ShowDialog() = Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK Then
' List files in the folder.
[Code] .....

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VS 2010 Loading Files/Folders Treeview Combobox

Mar 23, 2011

I'm loading a folder (path), which contains folders and files, in a treeview according the combobox-text.

When I load the app. the combobox is filled with the paths. I'm using the SelectedIndexChanged to load the treeview. Everything works.

The issue is that it also starts to load the paths the treeview also gets loaded (slow), but it should only load when I select an item in the combobox.

I tried comboboxselectedtextchanged etc, but without any luck. Besides that loading the files and folders is slow.

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Common Dialog File Multiselect + Explorer Not Showing Files Selected?

Jan 30, 2007

i have a vb script that is imbeded in an html page (hta). when i use the common dialog flags = cdlOFNAllowMultiselect the file list is present in the filename object and are separated by a space. however when i use dialog flags = cdlOFNAllowMultiselect Or cdlOFNExplorer the files that i selected on the dialog box, are not present in the filename object. the only thing that's there, is the path to the files. here's the code:

Const cdlOFNAllowMultiselect = 512Const cdlOFNExplorer = 524288Set ObjFSO = CreateObject("UserAccounts.CommonDialog")ObjFSO.Filter = "All Files|*.*"ObjFSO.FilterIndex = 1
ObjFSO.InitialDir = "c:" ObjFSO.Flags = cdlOFNAllowMultiselect or cdlOFNExplorerinitFSO = ObjFSO.ShowOpen selected_files = ObjFso.FileName msgbox selected_files

how can i get the files names?

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Streaming Files - No Dialog - Streams Relatively Large Documents From A Webservice To A Proxy (Web Site)

Aug 2, 2011

I have a system which needs to be secure which streams relatively large documents from a webservice to a proxy (Web site) whch then grabs the stream and pushes this to the client. This works but there are some issues where it seems the response is not being pushed until the entire stream is complete? whether this is the case Im not sure have run charles and until it completes it is "Waiting for response".

The documents are currently PDF but it needs to handle many other types for the future. The octet stream etc is mostly testing related, how to get the Dialog to show - saying save as? for the large files the little ones don't matter to much but the big ones leave a big waiting period with no response.

Dim IncomingResponse As HttpWebResponse = DirectCast(Request.GetResponse(), HttpWebResponse)
Dim IncomingStream = IncomingResponse.GetResponseStream()

Dim BufferSize As Integer = 65536
Dim Buffer(BufferSize) As Byte


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Add All The Files From The Selected Folder In A Folder Browser Dialog To A List Box?

Feb 6, 2010

Code so far:

Private Sub Button6_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button6.Click
If FolderBrowserDialog1.ShowDialog = Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK Then
End If
End Sub

I have managed to get drag and drop working if this is any help:

Private Sub ListBox1_DragEnter(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As _
System.Windows.Forms.DragEventArgs) Handles ListBox1.DragEnter
If e.Data.GetDataPresent(DataFormats.FileDrop) Then


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Get The 'Progress' Dialog To Display Immediately After The 'Install Icon' Dialog Disappears?

Jun 4, 2009

I have a simple desktop application that uses a .NET setup project (.msi file) to perform the installation. On the first installation, everything proceeds in a timely fashion with good feedback for the user.The problem occurs when the user is installing the latest version of the application over an old version on their machine.There is an unacceptably long delay of about 60 to 180 seconds from the time the installer's 'Welcome' dialog [It's not the Welcome dialog, I've removed that from the Start section of the setup project and replaced it with a CheckBox dialog to ask if the user wants a shortcut on the desktop] disappears until the 'Progress' dialog appears. The user sees minute(s) of blank screen and thinks the install has stopped or failed.

In the setup project properties, I've got the 'DetectNewerInstalledVersion' and 'RemovePreviousVersions' properties set to true. So, I believe that while nothing appears to be happening, the installer is actually removing the old version. The 'Progress' dialog does not appear until the new version begins installation.I've been trying to either:

a) Get the 'Progress' dialog to display immediately after the 'Install Icon' dialog disappears

b) Show another dialog while the Uninstall is running to let the user know that the setup is still running and everything is OK.

I have been unsuccessful with both methods. I'm using VS 2008 SP1?

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Custom DialogResults - Create New Dialog Results For Dialog Forms?

Nov 11, 2009

Can I create new dialog results for my dialog forms? And then use them with Form.ShowDialog method?

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Forms :: Modeless Dialog Active When Modal Dialog Displayed?

Nov 16, 2010

Is there a way to launch a Modeless Dialog that stays active even when a Modal Dialog is launched? Can I put the Modeless Dialog in a seperate Thread or something like that?

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