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How To Consume Dynamic Web Service In .net

i would like to ask if how can my app client consumes dynamic web service (URL). sometimes my webservice changes its IP thus my client can't connect to the webservice during compilation of my code. in vb6... i can simply do some dynamic change in my webservice using SOAP


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Consume Web Service In A .NET App?
I'm pushing the bounds of what one should ask of others with this one, but I'm totally stuck, so here goes.This is my first web service. Not only that, it's my companies first web service - nobody I work with has ever written or consumed anything like this one. I know these things are not complicated, but for a first kick at the can, this is killing me because the API is so large.


Posted: Dec 3 09 at 22:36

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How To Consume / Access A Web Service
I need to write a Windows forms app in VB 2008 to communicate with a Web Service.I have searched MSDN and many other sites trying to find a good tutorial or example code with no luck. The one really good piece of code I found did not compile.It needed to import Microsoft.UDDI.I found numerous references to the UDDI SDK, but could not find any site where I could successfully download it.I have the UDDI.dll but it is in my VB 8 folder and would not register.There is no such ddl in my VB 9 folder.

Posted: May 09, 2010

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How To Consume Axis2 Service
I'm very very new to I have the following web service configuration:

1. Axis2
2. Https enabled with -x509
3. Public method: String login(user, password)Everything works well in Java.

I wanna write a vb client to 1. connect to https and authenticate.2. send user / pwd to login() service
3. receive message back from login() service.

Posted: October 21st, 2011

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Consume A Web Service With Proxy Settings?
I am trying to consume a web service using VS2008.

The code below works in VS2005 but not VS2008 I, suspecting it's to do with WCF. Please can someone help me to solve the puzzle?[code]...

Posted: 2010

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Getting A Compact Framework 2.0 App To Consume A WCF Web Service?
We are in the process of creating a new WCF web service (WCF service that has an basicHttpBinding Endpoint) to carry out some of our business logic. The web application connects not problem at all, however our legacy Compact framework application doesn't seem to see the service at all. Are we on to a loser here and should we just revert to ASMX web service (the Compact framework cannot be upgraded) or is there a way around this?

Posted: Mar 10 11 at 16:49

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How To Consume A Web Service In A .NET Class Project
I want to create a class library .NET web project that encapsulates the functionality of consuming a web service. I can create the .NET class web project and add a web service (Visual Studio 2005) but I cannot seem to figure out how to reference it. It's easy to reference in a web site (simply address it by name), but apparently in the class library project things are different because I cannot figure out the namespace or reference name.

Posted: Dec 14 09 at 21:40

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IDE :: Publish Or Consume Web Service At My Server?
how to publish or consume web service at my server?how to reference web service from different web forms? i have a webservice it works fine at local host. i need to upload web service on my website which is written in visual basic 2008 asp .net and my website is written in c# asp .net. how do i reference web service in my c# page.

Posted: May 13, 2009

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C# - Consume A SOAP Web Service Without Relying On The App.config?
I'm building a .NET component that will call an external web service. I used the "Add Service Reference" dialog to add the web service to my component, which generates the code needed to consume the service and adds the settings to the app.config file.I'm testing the component by adding a reference to its DLL from a Console application and calling the appropriate method that creates a new instance of the web service: ... = new MyServiceSoapClient(). However, when I do this, I get the following exception:


Could not find default endpoint element that references contract 'MyServicesSoap' in the ServiceModel client configuration section. This might be because no configuration file was found for your application, or because no endpoint element matching this contract could be found in the client element.This makes sense since the app.config isn't being brought over with the component's DLL. How can I call the web service without having to rely on the settings in the App.Config?

Posted: Sep 13 10 at 19:45

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Consume A Python Web Service In Webservice Project?
I'm trying to consume a python web service in my webservice to do that?

Posted: 24 September 2010

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Consume A Regular Asmx Web Service In A Dll Project?
I created a dll project in visual studio 2008, and i dont see the add web reference option, only the Service Reference option whish looks like it takes a WCF not a regular asmx web service, is that correct?

Posted: January 22, 2009

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Using A Dynamic Assembly In A Windows Service
I'm using the following code to create a dynamic assembly in my windows service:


Posted: June 11, 2010

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.net - WCF Service Hosted In A Managed Windows Service Connect Using A WCF Service Application
i have a Windows service that is hosting a WCF service through net.tcp and this is working great. I have also created a WCF service application. I am trying to add the net.tcp service reference to the service application. Then I add it to the GAC that goes ok but if I try to RegAsm the WCF service application to allow it to be called from Server.CreateObject I get the error:

Warning: Type library exporter encountered a type that derives from a
generic class and is not marked as
[ClassInterface(ClassInterfaceType.None)]. Class interfaces cannot be
exposed for such types. Consider marking the type with
[ClassInterface(ClassInterfaceType.None)] and exposing an explicit
interface as the default interface to COM using the
ComDefaultInterface attribute.

It does not work. I have tried to call it through a class library but this does not work either as the end point is not set correctly.

Posted: Jul 14 11 at 8:27

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Consume A Webservice From A Windows Application?
I am usingVS2010, and i am deveolping a 3 tier to consume a webservice from a windows application form ?

Posted: October 24, 2011

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Consume Gsoap Webservice From .NET Client
From a .NET application, how do I consume a Web Service developed using gSoap c/C++ library? I can create a C/C++ client using gSoap library to consume the web service. But I need to consume it from within a .NET (C#) application. I tried Adding a Web Reference but that doesn't seem to work. Would I need to work with raw Soap Packets?

Posted: Jun 22 10 at 12:28

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Consume A StreamReader Stream .NET From A Web Request As It Streams?
I experimenting with the Twitter streaming api, an am trying to open a stream for a user to consume events as they happen. I using a standard set of classes for making REST api calls to twitter. When using url... in a "GET" call the response stream never ends.I'm opening a StreamReader and reading the response as I would with any other REST call to Twitter. This is probably obvious to others, but how do I "consume" this stream... Is there a way to read the StreamReader as it's reading (meaning before it closes)? or maybe there a different method I can user to consume this stream.... again, I apologize if this seams to be elementary to some, but I can't figure it out at the moment. Here is the original source I started troubleshooting this with.This method was fabricated from a set of C# Classes I found in a forum on LinkedIn. At the line that reads "responseData = responseReader.ReadToEnd()" the method starts to "drink" the stream... but do so like a bottomless cup... reading this stream of data in real time before it closes (which is essentially until I stop debugging or kill the process) is the question I'm tackling.[code]

This write the opened twitter stream to the file, and every time I Tweet, Retweet, Delete, Direct Message... and so on.The file grows with a JSON object appended to the text. I used the Do While 0 < 1 for testing here, because I just wanted to see it working. I see on MSDN StreamReader Constructor Description that the New constructor is supposed to accept a Boolean value for "leaveOpen", but no such argument allowed when I try to add this to the constructor.Does anyone have a good example of how to do this with forcing and infinite loop or just a better approach than this... I would like to simply read new updates sent each time from Twitter, and address them accordingly? There is obviously a way, I'm just new to the concept of consuming a stream like this with out it being closed.

Posted: Nov 12 11 at 0:22

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Make Textbox Consume Entire Form?
I'm not sure if I stated that right in the topic, but I was wondering if anyone knows how I could make a textbox take up 100% of the form.

Posted: Oct 23rd, 2009

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Visual Studio 2010 - Check Memory Consume Of Application
I am getting a System.OutOfMemoryException from my application, it happened from one certain user. I am trying to figure out whether my application takes too much memory space or the PC has low memory. But she just upgraded her desktop as i3 Intel CPU and higher memory.


Posted: Jul 15 11 at 13:20

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Service Error Cannot Open <service Name> Service On Computer '.'
I have a VB2008 application which can control a windows service i.e. start, stop, pause etc. This runs ok on a Windows XP machine but not on a Win 7 machine (message is - Service error cannot open <service name> service on computer '.') ( if I stop the UAC then it runs ok ). It seems to be a rights issue,

Posted: February 03, 2010

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Access Values Of Dynamic Controls Added To Dynamic Tabpages?
i have created a dynamic tabpage and a dynamic tablelayoutpanel inside it then added dynamic textboxes and labels inside the tablelayoutpanel...the thing is , i am having a problem on how to access the value of those textboxes and labels and add them as new columns in the new table(tagpage) in mysql database, i can already create the table in the database but i cant add the new columns in it. heres the code for accessing the values of the labels and textboxes

error: NullReferenceException was unhandled....Object variable or With block variable not set.

sql = "alter table " & tbl_selected(counter) & " add " & frmMain.Controls("TLP_" & SecArrList_sp(counter2)).controls.item(SecArrList_sp(counter2) & "label" & counter).Text & " varchar(100) NULL;"

Posted: 08 May 2011

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Dynamic LINQ Query Based On Dynamic Number Of Comboboxes?
I would like to bind a DataGridView to a different LINQ query every time (in order to reuse the same form/DGV for different queries), like this:


but the "Qry", and the number of comboboxes, and their field names would change every time.

Posted: Feb 5th, 2010

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VS 2010 MDITAbControl Add Dynamic TextBox With Dynamic Webbrowser?
Basically i have one TabControl with a form and 2 browsers within one form I have ProBlem To call the dynamic browser to navigate with dynamic Textbox.text


Posted: Feb 29th, 2012

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Dynamic SQL To Dynamic LINQ In .NET With MS SQL Server 2008?
I need to represent the following query using LINQ:

DECLARE @PurchasedInventoryItemID Int = 2
DECLARE @PurchasedInventorySectionID Int = 0
DECLARE @PurchasedInventoryItem_PurchasingCategoryID Int = 3
DECLARE @PurchasedInventorySection_PurchasingCategoryID Int = 0


Now, I know that a query in .NET doesnt look like this, this is my test in the SQL Design Studio. Naturally VB.NET variables will be used in place of the SQL local variables.My problem is this: All of the conditions after "WHERE" are optional. In that a query might be made that uses one, some, all, or none of the conditions. V.PropertyID and V.Value can also appear any number of times.In VB.NET I can make this query easy enough by simply concatenating strings, and using a loop to append the "V.PropertyID/V.Value" conditions.I can also make a Stored Procedure in MS SQL, which is easy enough.However, I want to accomplish this using LINQ.

Posted: May 24 10 at 18:44

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VS 2008 Dynamic Timer In A Dynamic Form
Ive managed to dynamically create a form, and dynamically create a timer, but i have not been able to create the timer on the dynamic form. Specifically, i need to be able to have the timer itself create another form with a timer. (I realize that this would create a new form every interval on the timer, that is what i want to do)

1. A way to add the timer to the dynamic form, and maintain the timer sub on my main form.

2. A way to create the whole thing over (dynamic form and timer) through the previous dynamic form and timer.

I was thinking i could use a collection/array to store the forms and timers, but i'm still having trouble figuring out how to add entire forms or timers into a list. (A timer is not considered a control, so i cant use a controlcollection...)

Heres my code;

Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
Dim frm As New Form


*EDIT* Btw, my idea was to use i as a variable that increases every time a form is created, then insert the form into the array, with i as the integer. i just need to know how to create a new form with a different name each time. (as with timers)

Posted: Feb 19th, 2010

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VS 2008 Consume Xml To Access Any Of The Nodes Directly Without Reading Line By Line?
Is there an easy way to consume xml to access any of the nodes directly without reading line by line?Here is a sample set of the xml working with. It contains two records of data. I am trying to find a way to load it so if I wanted to get say PostalCode and say Site SID value quickly.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><MainSite><MainSites Found="201" Returned="20" Status="0"><Site SID="123456"><Relevance>0.985</Relevance><Title>JDoe</Title><DateModified Date="2010-01-29T01:05:00">1/29/2010</DateModified><DateCreated Date="2010-01-29T01:05:00">1/29/2010</DateCreated><PersonalData><Confidential>0</Confidential><Name><First>John</First><Middle>


Posted: Jul 8th, 2010

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.net - Create A Function "ExecuteSql" Without Consume Too Much Memory?
i wrote a .NET function :

Public Function ExecuteSql(strSql As String, connectionString As String) As SqlDataReader
Dim conn As New SqlConnection(connectionString)
Dim cmd As New SqlCommand(strSql, conn)
Dim dr As SqlDataReader


As you can see,this function return a datareader, so i can manipulate data as i like. The problem is: the connection remain open.Is there a command to 'close globally connection' ?

Posted: Oct 24 11 at 19:28

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Warning1 The Service System.ComponentModel.Design.IInheritanceService Already Exists In The Service Container
I got this warning that I don't know what it means.Warning1 The service System.ComponentModel.Design.IInheritanceService already exists in the service container.Parameter name: serviceType00

Posted: 15 March 2010

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[VS 2005] Service Control Manager Privileges - Communicate With A Windows Service On A Remote Machine On The Network
I am trying to communicate with a Windows service on a remote machine on the network but i keep getting an exception saying the following: "System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot open Service Control Manager on computer 'machine001'. This operation might require other priviledges. ---> System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: Access is denied.


Posted: July 23, 2009

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Have A Dotnet Windows Service Which Monitor Other Services And Upon Stop Of Any Service?
Is it possible to have a dotnet windows service which monitor other services and upon stop of any service, the monitoring service would be able to start the stopped service.

Posted: 9/18/2009

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.NET Application Receiving 503 Service Unavailable Error When Calling Web Service?
This is a bit of unusual problem that I'm experiencing, but recently one of the users of a production application started reporting errors in the system. These were traced to a 503 Service Unavailable error when making a call to a web service used by the application.

Now here's the odd part, only the one user is affected by this issue. Other users of the application have not reported any errors. When the user logged on to a different machine that worked for another user, they still received the error.

Posted: Apr 28 09 at 14:57

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C# - Make Service Act Dynamically Based On Service Running Condition?
i was trying to make my service act dynamically... i have set time for my service about for 2 min ,if suppose it was doin huge amount of work means it will exceeds that 2 min time limit then we need to check the service condition if work is pending means we need to run that instance until upto finish.

public static void StartService(string serviceName, int timeoutMilliseconds)
ServiceController service = new ServiceController(serviceName);[code]............

Posted: Jul 6 11 at 10:01

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Use Windows Search Service Instead Of The Old Indexing Service To Index Files?
In the past I had the indexing service installed on a Windows Server 2003 and used it to index files for my website. I did this by executing an OleDbCommand with a query and a connection string.How do I accomplish the same thing with the new "Windows Search Service" (Windows Server 2008) by using VB.NET? Does this work the same way so that I only need to change the Provider name which has been "MSIDXS.1" up to now? Case true, what is the new Provider name?

Posted: Jul 7 09 at 10:14

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Web Service Client Accessing Java Web Service / Connection Aborted
I had a problem getting a VB.NET web service client to receive the response object from a Java web service.In the process of posting this question someone from another department volunteered some code written for a similar situation.I couldn't find this anywhere on the net so I'm completing my question to help others out.[code]The web service is Apache CXF with some Spring elements mixed in.

Posted: Sep 27 10 at 15:44

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Dynamic ContextMenuStrips On A Dynamic Form?
I have a form that i need to be 100% Dynamic. So it could contain 10 labels maybe 100 who knows.

When you hover over a label there will be a different contextmenustrip to appear for each and every label. So all the contextmenustrips are Dynamic and contain 1 option maybe 2 options even 3 or 4 up to the users settings.

My problem is not creating a handler for when the user clicks on the contextmenustrips options. The problem is knowing which one of the options for that contextmenu was clicked!!

Posted: Oct 15th, 2009

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Dynamic ToolTip For Dynamic Text Box?
OK, I'm trying to display tooltip text for a dynamic edit box. Well, at least I'm trying to.

On my form, I've got a tool tip control which I've conveniently named ToolTip. My edit box displays OK. But, what I want to do is when the user hovers their mouse over the text box, I want the tool tip to display some text.

I think there are two problems that I'm having. I'm not convinced that I'm properly addressing a dynamic text box name. Ideally, I would want to be able to refer to the text box (but using a dynamic variable that will contain the prefix of the name). To hardcode, I would want to be able to achieve (not in this example but in theory): ABCDEFGt_0300.Text = "hello"

Dim controllerName as string = "ABCDEFG"
Dim t_0300 As New TextBox()


Posted: Jan 11th, 2012

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