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Insert Textbox 1 And 2 To Mysql Db?

i use this code to insert textbox 1 and 2 to mysql db

this is the

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
Using connection As New SqlClient.SqlConnection(?????)


i dont knw anything about connection strings, what i must put here :

Using connection As New SqlClient.SqlConnection(what connection string to use ?)

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Insert Textbox Into MySql Database
an example code of how to tell to input a textbox data into MySql database, i am a new learner

Posted: Jan 16th, 2012

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Get Last Insert Id (VB + Mysql)?
I have 2 tables in mysql:

1. stats (stats_id,statsno,statsName)

2.stats_det (stats_det_ID,stats_id,stat_DateAdd,stat_UserAdd,stat_DateModif,stat_UserModif)

I have a form named status and from here I want to add a new record in the first table (stats).I've created the insert statement in the first table which is running well, but I don't know how to get the last_insert_id from stats table and insert it in the second table stats_det.


Posted: 2010

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How To INSERT Using VB, Mysql And Odbc
I have been using the internet to figure out how to INSERT into MySQL database. Im almost there I can feel it. Below is the code I put together, but when I click on the button and check the database to see if the data was inserted, it has not.

Imports System.Data.Odbc
Imports System
Public Class Form1


Posted: Mar 30th, 2012

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Insert Date In MySql With VB?
I have been disturbed for a week now. I have a project in And on forms I have two masked text boxes. One is for the user to enter their date of birth and in the second one Iam trying to get the date the record is created. With this one I get the current date from pc and format it to dd/mm/yyyy because I want the user to understand the date. How do I INSERT the user date of birth and the the Now () date which is also in masked text box into a MYSQL database? I know how to insert other text but the date fails to appear in database.

Posted: 2010

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Insert Null Into Mysql ?
Is there way to insert null into mysql from an empty text field in

Posted: Oct 11 10 at 9:31

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Multiply Insert To MySQL?
i have a problem for put in multiply input

Dim StrSQL As String = "INSERT INTO boranga" & _
"(IdBorangA,Answers)" & _
"VALUES (@B_IdA,@B_Answer);"


by adding more parameter "parameterB_IdA.Value = Label1.Text" for IdBorangA
and "parameterB_Answer.Value = TextBox2.Text" for Answer but the result i get that the table only filling with the data from Label2.text and Textbox2.text.

Posted: Jun 6 at 11:02

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MySQL Insert Using Parameters?
For the last couple of days I've been having problems inserting data into my MySQL database. I'm using parameters to insert the data and have done so in the past without any problems, but for some reason I haven't been able to get it to work this time.I have a form that the user inputs data to be inserted into the database. This data is then pushed into an array and sent to my class (CastProduction.VB) via a Public Sub.The data than pushed into a datarow and than pushed into a datatable. Once this is done I send the dataset and sql insert statement to a private sub that inserts the data into the database.


Posted: October 03, 2011

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Can Insert Records To Mysql Database
i build a code that can insert my records to mysql database.. the codes are correct it can save records to the mysql database. Now i want to know is what code will i used that will show an error if the records already exist, so it will not make the same records again. here is my code for my INSERT code for mysql databas.[code]

Posted: Oct 3rd, 2010

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DB/Reporting :: Insert MySQL With 2008
I'm trying to do a looped insert using the MySQL Connector for .NET and for the most part it's working, except for it's missing out inserts. The code below is what i'm using. An example is there are 20 items in the listview and only 8 out of the list actually insert to the mysql database. It's as if the loop runs too quickly for MySQL to keep up. My issue is that eventually this loop will be inserting many thousands of entries and I can't have it missing information out.


Posted: 03-20-2012

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Insert Record In Mysql Databse?
I have this code and whenever i try to run it, I always get an ODBCEXCEPTION WAS UNHANDLED ERROR [42000] [MySQL][ODBC 5.1 Driver][mysqld-5.0.51b-community-nt]You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'char VALUES('101','noodles')' at line 1


Posted: 26 June 2010

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Insert Query On MySql Db Using VS 2008 / VB
I am trying to to an insert query on my MySql db using VS 2008/VB. I have this query: Insert into allservices StartDate....) values ('" & Me.datesched.Value & "', ....) When I use the single and double quotes, as it is above , I get this error: Quote: Incorrect date value '21/10/2009' for column StartDate at row 1

when I remove the single quotes and have only the double ones I get a completely different thing. The date inserted to the database is 01/01/0001. Even if my datetimepicker has a min and max date. Also if someone has any good links on using mysql with

Posted: Oct 21st, 2009

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Return Last ID (IDENTITY) On Insert Row MySQL
Dim insert_coupon_query As String = ("INSERT INTO qa_discountcoupons (id, status_code)


Posted: Mar 20 at 16:43

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VS 2008 : Insert Image In Mysql Db?
I want to insert image in mysql database using my program. Then my php script should be able to read from that database and create a file which can be viewed/downloaded by me.Now I am using program to connect and insert rec in db. Inserting record works okay. But I dunno how to insert contents of image file.

Dim cmd As New MySqlCommand("Insert into " + tables.SelectedItem.ToString() & " (clientid,priority) values(123,'hi')", conn)

' The above code is able to insert a record Now my table has field called img which is blob type. It can store image but how do I sent that image data using insert statement.I am using MySqlDataAdapter.

Posted: Mar 16th, 2010

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VS 2008 : Insert Time Into Mysql?
I am developing a portion of an application that deals with settings reminders and alarms for personal notes. I am trying to insert from a formatted datetimepicker( formatted to show time only ) the time a user wants to get a reminder of something he/she wants. The column in the MySql database is of type 'Time'. I was never succesfull in entering and saving the data. Either I was getting validation problems not allowing me to exit the datetimepicker after I choose the time. To resolve this issues I just made 'false' the option 'causes validation'. Now the problem is that the time is not inserted getting problems saying that :

Specified cast is not valid.Couldn't store <01/01/1753 00:00:00> in ntime Column. Expected type is TimeSpan.

here is the code for saving

Dim xtime As DateTime = New DateTime
xtime = Me.NtimeDateTimePicker.Value
Dim result As DialogResult


This time it does not even insert a new row it just updates the last entry I have changing its time. This is strange as this happens only when I use the above two lines.

Posted: Feb 23rd, 2010

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VS 2010 Insert INTO MySQL Table
I have a MySQL Table that I would like to insert stuff into using VB.NET.[code]

Posted: Mar 27th, 2012

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DB/Reporting :: Insert Picture Into Mysql From Form
i am creating an application that will upload a picture into a mysql database. I currently am able to add normal records with text and integers into other tables and get the data in the table to display in listview etc, however, i am wondering how i could insert a picture into the mysql database.I know the field needs to be blob type and have that set.The table i want to upload to is "picture" and contains only 3 fields, "ID"; "pic"; "caption".

Posted: 04-09-2012

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Insert 90,000 Records Whit In A Loop In MySql
I have this code:


now in my DataTable called "tablaLOGICA" i have 180.000 records as strings and later on in my program i have added 90.000 more strings in this DataTable. QUESTION..'which is the quickest way to update my "real" table in MySql? 'At the moment i make 90.000 INSERT whithin a loop, but it is so slow, it take more than half an hour !!!! is there any other way to do this INSERTs?

Posted: June 14, 2011

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Insert Data To MySQL Database From Program?
I used the following code to insert data from my VB.NET into the MySQL database.[code]..

Posted: Dec 27 11 at 13:32

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Insert Data To MySQL Database In Page?
I succeed withe the linking and display the data from MySQL DB but the problem is within the DML Commands ![code]...

Posted: Jan 23 11 at 7:40

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Insert Image On MySQL Database Using VB 2005?
I am doing a simple registration form in visual 2005, this form contains the general information about the person, in this form it includes uploading/inserting images for the record. Here is my project, on MS SQL,i can insert and retrieve images easily but when i switch my database into MySQL i encounter the problem that i can't insert image to my database. Can anyone provide me a sample code for inserting and retrieving image from a table on MySQL database?

Posted: September 27, 2011

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Insert Program Label To Mysql Table?
How to Inserting Label.text data into mySql table.i have no problem with textbox.text but i can't figure out how it with Label.text[code]...

Posted: Jun 5 at 16:00

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Insert Values From Textboxs Into MySQL Database
I figured it out without useing parameters, but that error message tip did help me figure it out. Ok so ive been trying to just insert a string into a MySQL database, heres the code for it its very simple. Its just not working need help to get this to work before i can move on textboxes. I get the cannot connect erroer each time i do it.


Posted: February 09, 2012

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VS 2008 Mysql Register Button Insert Into?
VS 2008 Mysql Register Button insert into

Posted: June 09, 2008

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VS 2010 Browse A Picture And Insert In Into Mysql?
What should i use when i want to add a picture in my form i want the user to browse a picture and save it into the database and after it inserted in the datbase the user will want to retrieve the picture or view its picture. I really nid elp and its one of of the requirmnts of the user anyone knows??.

Posted: Jan 28th, 2012

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Insert Multiple Data In Mysql In One Submit Button?
i am doing a project for my schooli am having difficulties in inserting data in mysqland also inserting multiple data in just a submit button

Posted: Dec 7 10

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Quickly Insert Data To Remote Mysql Server
I have small application in

I have one table in msaccess, which is having around 20,000 records,

now, I want to insert these records to remote server of mysql,

I tried as below code, it takes around 3-4 hours to insert data, dst in code is having all records from ms Access


Posted: Jun 24 11 at 4:57

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Script To Select, Update, Insert And Delete From MySQL With (VB)?
I've just switched from classic ASP to .net and I always used the following to SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE from my MySQL databases:

' Create db connection
Function dbConn()
Set objConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
objConn.Open "driver=x;Server=x;Port=x;Option=x;Database=x;Uid=x;Pwd=x"


And to insert, update or delete I'd use:

Call SQL(1,"DELETE FROM Users WHERE UserID = 1")

Posted: May 11 at 2:30

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Insert / Retrieve Picture From Mysql Database Directly To - From A Picturebox?
I'm am having a heck of a time finding a code snippet that works for this. I have got to the point where it appears the picture is stored as a blob (perhaps incorrectly) by using this [code]...

Posted: Feb 17 11 at 19:32

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Insert, Delete, Update And Search Data In Vb 2008 Using Mysql Database?
how to add, insert, delete and search data in vb 2008 using mysql databases.

Posted: 2011

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Get Last Value Of ID From MYSQL And Put It Into TextBox?
How can i get a last value of an id from mysql and the last value of id will appear at textbox

Posted: January 29, 2010

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Display An Autonumber From MySql In A Textbox With VB?
When the user clicks to start a ticket I want to be able to display an autonumber from mysql that corresponds with the current ticket being filled out, so that the user can track their ticket later on. I have everything set up but I'm not too sure how I can display the Ticket ID in a textbox.

Right now I have it so that the query is being ran to get the next Ticket Id number when the form loads, but I'm not sure how to display it as text in the textbox.

Private Sub Suggestions_Load(sender As Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
Dim idQuery As String = "SELECT MAX(itID)+1 AS Expr1 FROM(TableName)"


Posted: Oct 4 11 at 14:58

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Fill-in Textbox With Database Mysql?
fill in textbox1 and textbox2 with sendernumber and textdecoded,but when run it goes to the last record(not from beginning of record)what command should i do? here is the code is working with messagebox!

Private Sub cmdLogin_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, _
ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles cmdLogin.Click
Using conn As New MySqlConnection("server=" & txtServer.Text & ";" _


Posted: Apr 30th, 2011

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Get Textbox Content To A Mysql Field?
Im trying to push (for what of a better word) the output of a button which is in a text box to a field within mysql. I have followed the tutorial on here for connecting to a mysql database. And I have also followed and it works the tutorial for getting data from mysql to a form. But I cant find anything on how to achieve the reverse of this - populating a field with data/text from a textbox.

Posted: 08 August 2011

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Display Data Entry From Mysql To Textbox?
I want to retrieve a data from my mysql database into my textbox, my problem is how can i show the previous and next data in a column? because it only shows the last data entry.

this what i have done so far

Sub filltextbox()
strsql = "select * from tbl_studinfo"
mysqlcmd.CommandText = strsql


Posted: Sep 15th, 2011

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