Programmatically Specify Connection String In Dataset.xsd In Vs2005?

Nov 28, 2009

I want to create a dataset.xsd in vs2005, and I am using access database, so I cant know where my client save the application. Hence I used application.startuppath() to get the application folder and appended "" to the application.startuppath() so i got the target location for the access databse in client machine. Now to create crystal reports I need the dataset.xsd but while creating a new dataset.xsd it was asking the path for the access database, how to programmatically specify the connection string in dataset.xsd so that i can create a connection string. and use that dataset for creating crystal reports.


.net - Programmatically Modify Connection String?

Dec 28, 2010

I am working in visual studio with a datagridview that is bound to a mysql database via the .net mysql connector. In my vb app I have some text fields that provide the necessary fields for building the connection string which I have defined as:


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Update Dataset Connection String?

Jan 15, 2012

I have a connection string for my SQL database connection called my.settings.GCRConnectionString which was created when I created my dataset for the application. I want to change the value of the connection string but it give me an error saying it is ready only. Is there a way to update my connection string during the run-time?

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Strongly Typed Dataset Connection String As Variable?

Aug 30, 2011

I have a 2010 windows forms application with a strongly typed dataset. I am storing the database connection path in a txt file so that the database's location may be changed in the future for whatever reason. The typical location of the connection is the read only app.config from what I gather. I have the datasets modifier set as public but I am having trouble finding how to access the connection object for the adapter.

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Strongly Typed DataSet Connection String At Runtime?

Oct 6, 2008

I'm sorry but Microsoft did not think about this very well. I have used the dataset wizard to connect to my sql server and the connection string was placed in the app.config file. The only problem with this is that you can not write to it nor change string at runtime. So I need a way for each one of my users to specify their connection either during installation or after installation. I would appreciate any help in this matter.

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VS 2008 Change Dataset Datasource / Connection String?

May 7, 2009

I made an application that was used by one person only, but now my boss told me that this application it'll be used by all company.I made the application with a dataset that have the datasource in a access database that's installed with the application. The user can add, delete and change values in the database, so i had to put the database in a sql server to everyone see the changes.There's someway to change the dataset datasource/connection string?

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VS 2008 Winform Connection String, Dataset Fill?

Aug 4, 2010

Winfom, intellsense remind me configurationManager wrong.This code is from, how can I change it?

unction GetData(ByVal queryString As String) As DataSet
' Retrieve the connection string stored in the Web.config file.
Dim connectionString As String =


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Change Connection String At Runtime For Strongly Typed DataSet?

Jun 28, 2010

I need to be able to change the connection string of a strongly typed dataset at runtime. I have gone into the settings.vb page and written this code:

'This class allows you to handle specific events on the settings class:
' The SettingChanging event is raised before a setting's value is changed.
' The PropertyChanged event is raised after a setting's value is changed.
' The SettingsLoaded event is raised after the setting values are loaded.
' The SettingsSaving event is raised before the setting values are saved.
[Code] .....

The way the code is suppose to work is that when a user logs in, the application gets the user's site ID (gvUserSite), then uses that to set the connection string. But when I log on with a SiteID of "21" it always uses the Case Else value. Also when I set breakpoints in settings.vb the application never stops on the breakpoints I set during runtime. As if the breakpoints were never set. Also if I put any code in the "MySettings_SettingChanging" in settings.vb I get a runtime error
"The debugger cannot continue running the process. Process was terminated.

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Assign A My.Settings.Item Connection String To Cmd.Connection Connection String Value?

Aug 25, 2009

How do I assign a My.Settings.Item connection string to cmd.Connection connection string value?

Dim cmd As New SqlCommand()
cmd.Connection = My.Settings.Item("csStaffHoursWorked")
cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure
cmd.CommandText = "spSaveDeltekImport"

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The Connection String Could Not Be Found Or Data Provider Associated With The Connection String Could Not Be Loaded

Mar 11, 2010

I got this Error Message while I try to preview the records in Dataset Designer:"The connection string could not be found or Data provider associated with the connection string could not be loaded"

Here is my dataset.xsd code

<Connection AppSettingsObjectName="MySettings" AppSettingsPropertyName="loginConnectionString1" IsAppSettingsProperty="true" Modifier="Assembly" Name="loginConnectionString1 (MySettings)"


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Enable / Disable Network Connection Programmatically

Feb 10, 2009

It will apparently allow me to enable/disable my network connection programatically.I'm not sure how I should call it?I've tried several things such as:Network.SetConnectionState("Network Connections", "Local Area Connection 2", "1", "0", True)[code]

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[02/03] Programmatically Change Database Connection In Crystal 10

Feb 25, 2009

I have few crystal 10 reports with default to a server & database during crystal design time (server=SRV1, DB=Pub1). And, i calling these report from VB. net application with a config.ini define my server & DB . Recently,i hv clone the same reports but extract from different server & Database name (Server=Srv2,DB=Pub2, the tables & fields are still same ) i have created a config.ini which contain my server, database, uid & pwd. And, when i execute these cloned report , they still point back to the origin server which was server=SRV1, DB=Pub1.

My coding :-

Imports CrystalDecisions.Shared
Imports CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine
Private Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)


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Choose Connection Programmatically From Oracle / Sqlserver / Mysql

Mar 16, 2012

I am developing a program to manage inventory and accounts. different clients need different databases like oracle/sqlserver/mysql etc. i want to make my solution work with all these database servers by only changing one string value . i want to declare like :


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Programmatically Fill All Tables In A Strongly-typed Dataset?

Apr 29, 2010

I have a SQL Server database for which I have created a strongly-typed DataSet (using the DataSet Designer in Visual Studio 2008), so all the adapters and select commands and whatnot were created for me by the wizard.

It's a small database with largely static data, so I would like to pull the contents of this DB in its entirety into my application at startup, and then grab individual pieces of data as needed using LINQ. Rather than hard-code each adapter Fill call, I would like to see if there is a way to automate this (possibly via Reflection). [code]...

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Display Connection Properties Dialog For Connection String Browsing(for Database) In Run Time?

Feb 5, 2010

Is there a way to display the connection properties dialog for connection string browsing(for database) in run time?

As I want the user to be able to connect to various database using the GUI.

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Winforms - .net Connection Entity Framework Connection String Security?

Sep 3, 2011

I understand the possibilities for encrypting a connection string in .net v4. I have a win forms application that will be used by multiple people on different machines. I understand that I need to protect the connection string at time of the app being first run on the target machine. However I am concerned that for a period of time my connection string will be unencrypted. I am looking for advice in how to deploy my app with the connection string already encrypted or encrypted during installation. encrypting the connection string in a secure way?

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Invalid Connection String When Modifying Tableadapter Connection?

Jan 19, 2011

I'm developing an app in (visual studio 2008). I have a Teradata back-end that will be supporting multiple users in a production environment. I need to use variables in the connection string as the user/pass will be changed every 3 months.

For the gist of the application:

In it's most basic form - I have a search form which works correctly - it pulls results into a listbox and the user then double clicks the list box which will then open a form that is bound via table adapter to the back-end table (Teradata). My connection string is fine everywhere in the application. My problem is using a modified connection string for the "fill" function of the table adapter once the form is opened.

I'm using the code below for the on-load event and keep getting an "invalid connection string" - again, the connection string works fine everywhere else in the app, and the variables etc... are working correctly.

Private Sub adaptertest_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
Dim DBConnStr As String = "Provider=TDOLEDB;Data Source=TDDEV;Persist Security


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Mdb Connection - Transfer File Path In Our Connection String

Aug 26, 2009

I'm facing a problem after installation any software setup that has a database in access(mdb file) How to I transfer file path in our connection string.

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.net - What Is The Connection String For Oledb Connection To Connect DSN

Mar 18, 2012

I am trying to connect DSN from my VB 2008 project. When i try using myoledb.connectionstring="DSN=myDNSname" I get the following error message An OLEDB provider was not specified in the connectionstring.

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C# - Ignore Dataset Schema In WCF Connection?

Nov 2, 2011

On the server side of my application I have a function like this:

public function GetDS as MyTypedDS
Dim dsRetVal as new MyTypedDS
'Make fantastic things with the dataset
return dsRetVal
end function

On the client side I call this function through a generated "service reference":

Dim ds as Reference1.MyTypedDS = myRefInst.GetDS

How can I disable schema serializaion of the typed dataset to reduce the traffic?Is it enough to set the SchemaSerializationMode of 'dsRetVal' to ExcludeSchema before returning it? Or is this option ignored by WCF?

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Can't Get Dataset To Pickup New Connection Info?

Aug 6, 2009

I have created many datasetsets in many projects in a solution. In each case the datatables reference a named data conection such as laptop_rick.intPricing.dbo.  In that connection I point to the server, etc..  I should point out that in the code I connect to an entire different db server and this is all setup at runtime, this is strictly an IDE issue.  Now I have moved the development server.  Now of course when they try to connect to the server during development of the datasets it complains that it can't find the server. No problem just open the defined data connection and change the server name.

The problem is that I can't seem to get the dataset to recognize that it needs to rebuild that information in the xsd file.  I look in the file and there are still references to the old server.  If I change the connection definition in the xsd and rebuild all is fine but I don;t want to have to do that for each every dataset.  It seems that although the dataset recognizes the name of the named data connection instead looking for that it embeds the details of the connection into the dataset xsd file.

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Get Work ASP.NET DataSet When Connection Losts?

Jan 12, 2011

I made a basic program that connects and gets content from a table via SQL, it's working normally. What I want is; when connection losts via SQL Server or internet connection, it must continue to list items that it got before connection losts instead of giving "Connection Problem Error".[code]...

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Setup Sql Server Connection With Dataset?

Oct 21, 2009

I am developing a software that will be installed on 3 servers using sql server 2005 + replication.

In my development I want to use sql server with dataset.

When I finish the project at my development machine, I want the ability to install it at these 3 servers.

What is the best way to configure the connection?

Can I change the connection string created by the wizard during run time?

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Can A Connection, Dataadapter, Dataset Etc Be Public, Ie Available To The Whole Program

Dec 6, 2011

I have an application with a number of forms that basically access the same data (or subsets of it)Can the data adapter, connection object etc be opened in a module so that all the forms have access to them to avoid writing the same code in each form?I had a go at doing this but they seemed not visible to the form?

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Close Strongly Typed Dataset Connection?

Feb 10, 2010

How do I close a connection of strongly typed dataset? I want to backup my database with a zip technique. But I can't access it when my program is open. I've closed connections of all table adapters but it didn't work.

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Update Dataset Source Without Sql Server Connection?

Dec 16, 2010

I have an existing project written in VB.NET using Visual Studio 2005 communicating to a SQL Server 2005 database. The database was migrated to a sql server 2008 r2 on a different physical server so the dataset's server name needs to be updated. I do not have access to the database anymore. is there a way to just update the server name without invoking the dataset wizard and requiring a connection to the database?

UPDATE: I tried to created a new project with just a button with the command calling the following subroutine to test the connection from a windows app to the sql server database. here is the sub:

Public Conn as New ADODB.Connection
Public Sub PubSubConnectToDB()


I am able to created a system dsn on the same server with the same credentials and test the connection successfully.

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VS 2010 Dataset Connection. Where Can Change It In The Program

Jul 22, 2010

I have a dataset that I created through the wizard, to pull the data and their types from the database tables and prevent some of the headaches of creating the tables and data types individually.I am looking for where the database connection for the dataset is defined at so I can change this. The reason being is I have added a database connection dialog where the user will select the location of the database server and I am wanting to pass the connection string from what the user selects to the dataset so the dataset uses this as its connection string instead of the default one I defined in the wizard.Where is this defined at so I can change it?

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SQLClient.Connection Without Connection String?

Feb 18, 2012

Why doesn't an exception get thrown when this function is called when there is no ConnectionString set for the Connection? I just spent 15 minutes debugging and staring at it and finally figured out it needed the connection string. Shouldn't an exception get thrown?

Friend Function GetValues(ByVal TableName As String, ByVal FieldName As String) As DataTable
Dim cn As New SqlConnection
Dim cmd As New SqlCommand[code].....

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Excel DataSet Error: GetOleDbSchema Table Require An Open And Available Connection

Jun 29, 2011

I'm creating a tool that will query Excel and intialize the default settings for the site's Cad Software.I want 2-20 users to be able to simultaneously query excel. Currently I have the spreadsheet open on one computer and the other test machine gives me this error. 

GetOleDbSchema Table Require an open and available connection. The connections state is closed.

I could use some help on the code design. Should I use Datareader instead....Does that have less permissions issues? Or do I need to open up the oledbconnection in a different manner?

Private Const cPageData = "PageData"
Private Const cPrinterData = "PrinterData"
Private Const cSupportData = "SupportData"
Private Const cUserData = "UserData" 

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Create A Dynamic Connection To Data Base Using Dataset (In Visual Basic 2008)?

Jun 14, 2010

i can connect to only one Data Base with dataset in Visual Basic . but i want Have Dynamic connection to data base i mean in want to my appliction users have ablity to connect to any data base they want (For Example : Choose file from menu and then open and then Select any Data base.)

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Call "Add Connection" Dialog Programmatically At RunTime?

Dec 1, 2010

how can I call "Add Connection" dialog programmatically at runTime in VB .net?

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Programmatically To Apply A Mask To A String?

Mar 31, 2011

I have a need to apply a mask to a string programmatically and not through any type of Masked Edit Control. So for example a mask of (###) ###-#### would need to be applied to a string such as 5551234567 to create (555) 123-4567.

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Create A Create A New Connection To Database And Produce A New Dataset For Form?

Apr 17, 2009

I have produced an application which works with datasets but I now wish to provide the user the ability to add and admend records within the database.But i wish to do this in a seperate form.My current dataset instanciates classes onLoad.Should i try passing the Dataset to the new form class? although I have the problem where by when i pass the dataset to the form class using code below i get this problem:[code]Should i just create a create a new connection to the database and produce a new dataset for this form? or is there a better way to do this?

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C# - Get A Connection String From Other App?

Dec 29, 2011

I have two website application,

first Application is located at:


and the second at:


is it possible WebApp2 get a Connection String from WebApp1 web.config?

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Have SQL Connection String For FTP?

Sep 13, 2009

Can you have a SQL database on a ftp server and connect to it from a windows application?

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.net Connection String To Sql Databse?

Jan 11, 2012

After using the following code, no errors are shown, but my database is not updated once i have made a change using my management system application.

Dim constring As String = Application.StartupPath.ToString() + "mydatabaseName.mdf"
Public c As String = "Data Source=.SQLEXPRESS;AttachDbFilename=" + constring + ";Integrated Security=True;User Instance=True"
Sub openConnection()
conn.ConnectionString = c
End Sub

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Nov 18, 2011

DB="Source={SQL Server};Server=CALVINRUKA-PCSQLCALVIN;DataSource=DWDSCalTables;Uid=sa;PWD=;Trusted-Connection=Yes;"

I using SQL Server 2008 R2 to connect with HTML page. I trying to connect HTML page with login to SQL Database. I have try called the Source but didnt work.

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Build A Connection String?

Jul 16, 2009

Send me Code for Connection string for 2005 and SQL server 2000

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Centralized Connection String?

Jun 4, 2011

I am developing a software which will connect to a SQL SERVER situated at Head Quarters over a VPN connection.But for times when VPN is disconnected I want my applications at the branches to connect to a local Sql Server installed at a local server.Now all the applications at each of the local machines have their connectionstring stored in their App.config file.When the VPN is disconnected we have to change each of the connection strings on all the applications in each machine. Is there a way to do it automatically switch the connection string depending on whether the Server is reachable or not, and to store the connectionstring at centralised location.

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Changing The Connection String?

Dec 15, 2011

I'm trying to change my connection string to w/e the user wants. After a few tips here and there, this is what I've come up:

1: In my settings I've added - Name(login), Type(String), Scope(User), Value(Nothing)

2: Here is the code I'm using

Private Sub LoginForm1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
'Here I'm checking if the login in my.settings is there
'If not, I'm going to let the user choose what database


The error I get is: Format of the initialization string does not conform to specification starting at index -

Dim con As New OleDbConnection(My.Settings.login)

When I have my con equal to when I added the datasource from it works.

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Connection String For Access?

Dec 9, 2009

i have the connection string cn = New OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.Ace.OLEDB.12.0; Persist Security Info = False;" & _ "Data Source=C:printtest2.accdb;")which works fine but my database is in the server in a network what additional details do i need for the connection string The server name is as follows ""how do i use the connection string

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Connection String For Sql Server ?

Apr 19, 2012

I have installed sql server 2005 in my machine which is installed 2008. I want my machine to distribute the database to the clients and make it as server.I don't have that much knowledge of how to overcome this issue as i am awfully naive about it.Let me start it here:I have got an application in first i was using ms access database 2007. then decided to switch on to the sql server since i want to distribute the database to the clients who are going to use my application.When i installed the sql server, i imported my access db files onto sql server database. i enabled tcp/ip as enable in the sql server network Configuration. i want use sql server windows authentication as my default user account of my system for the sake to simplify the issue.

Hence, i connected the sql server into the through the "add new data source".am done with that...the problem is how do i assign the connection string to the Or how do i include a connection string in which tells every other computer that the database data source is in my computer so that every computer can automatically check it in the network.Where exactly shall i put the connection far as my knowledge is concerned for access database, you can easily identify your connection string in project /properties/ goes here and you put your database in any where.And what is the best connection string do i need for sql server 2005..computers are running windows xp.

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Connection String In A Application

May 2, 2012

I used to work only with websites before. I know that in ASP.NET website, the connection string is found in the web.config file. My problem is now I have started working with VB.NET applications which needed to be interfaced to a database. How is a connection string created and where should I put it?


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Connection String Is Not Working?

Oct 1, 2009

I have the following connection string set:


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