DB/Reporting :: Make The Move From VB6 To .Net?

Dec 3, 2008

I'm trying to make the move from VB6 to .Net; I know Bill needs the money, but my real motivation is to move my VB6 client-server app to .Net before Bill finishes killing off VB6. My VB6 app uses SQL Server 2005 Database, ADO, and heavy inline queries and some stored procedures. I'm weak on oop, but willing to go there.

My biggest concern so far is not being able to fully use my database w/o extensive redefining.I think Bill went oop crazy and forgot why we use databases. I wanted to bind all objects in my code, but coding the work of the wizards is not coming easy for me. My qt pertains to using ADO.Net or LINQ for database access. I'm going to have to put in a lot of book hours either way, but which way should I go for a client server app? I read that Bill is handing off the LINQ to the ADO.Net team. Is LINQ the future for client server or is it a dead-end?


DB/Reporting :: Move Data (400 GB) Into Database Then Be Able To Run Various Algorithms Determining Correlations Of Time Series

Mar 12, 2012

I'm faced with a (fun, actually) data mining problem; I have raw ASCII files from instruments, and I want to move that data (~400 GB) into a database, then be able to run various algorithms determining correlations of time series, etc. I would like to write the mining algorithms in Visual Basic (.net, VS 2010 right now), and be able to do visualizations with VB code I have in hand.On the nature of the data: think of a set of several thousand devices, each recording a measurement at a given interval - so I'm talking time-series vectors. It's not more complex than that - though I may have vectors with holes, etc. - not sure what problems of that sort lurk in the data.I spent today re-acquainting myself with VB.NET's interface to (in one case) a Microsoft Access database. What used to be fairly simple - DAO I think it was - involved tables, recordsets, etc (and that would likely be fine). Now I seem to be required to have a weird variety of generally useless objects, e.g. 'adapters', 'datasets', etc. The problem is that I know exactly what I need, and all this extraneous stuff just gets in the way (certainly in coding complexity and opaqueness, and likely in efficiency as well). If any of these mechanisms gave me a kind of virtual access to the entire dataset, and let me control caching parameters, etc.it might be great, but I found nothing along those lines. It seems like useless bloat, though I suppose it must be useful to someone.Anyway, I tried a number of different approaches, and none seemed at all aimed at what I need to do: efficiently do math on a large dataset. I can't believe I'm the first to have this problem, but I can find no useful wisdom out there. I'd be comfortable with pretty much any underlying database mechanism: MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access, but ideally something generally SQL based (I may eventually have to transition this entire system to draw from a client's SQL database, though that's not an overriding concern now). Other than that I want simplicity and efficiency. I thought my old ODBC techniques would work, and to some extent they do, though modifying tables seemed to have bizarre problems (no errors, but not modifications either).

I do have a fairly aggressive deadline to show some algorithm results, so my focus in the short term is to get something reasonable working *in* the short term - in other words, it's less important to me to pick the 'fastest' relational database than it is to pick a database that lets me focus on coding the algorithms, not working through tedious data access coding. If this db could be any smaller, I'd have tried to do it all 'in memory' at least for proving concepts; I don't want to have to learn an entire jargon and approach just to be able to retrieve data points.Perhaps I'll need to bite the bullet and just write something myself, a .dll perhaps just to save and restore large time series vectors. It seems a bit frightening to me that one would have to do this in this age, what with all the database systems out there, but I don't have much time to work through arcane interface logic.

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DB/Reporting :: OLE Database Access - Move My Programs And The Database To Another Computer And Hard-disks

Apr 21, 2008

I want to move my programs and the database to another computer and hard-disks. It looks to me as though I nearly have to re-create the controls and rewrite some of the code to make it so the programs still work after the move. At least with ODBC all I would change was the DSN definitions external to the programs. Is there an easy way to move or rename a database without loads of work?

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DB/Reporting :: Move From An Access MDB File To An SQLExpress(2005) MDF File

Sep 19, 2009

Trying to move from an Access MDB file to an SQLExpress(2005) MDF file and getting lots of problems. I have model my MDF file Like my Access MDB file ,same file name,same number of columns, same columns property,same columns name, see out of the 13 columns 8 have default value, I think I am getting a syntax problem when inserting the data into the table, being new to SQL Express I don't know how to write the proper SQl syntax

See my code for inserting and updating (using Access.mdb) which I whoud like transpose to SQL

'// Insert a record into the database for the node.
sSql = "INSERT INTO [TreeViewItems] (bRoot, dLastModified, iImageIndex," & _
"iParentID, iSelectedImageIndex, iSort, sName, sFullName) VALUES " & _


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How Can Make It Move To Upward A Bar

Jan 20, 2009

i have a vertical progressbar with already filled a bar and it moves downward.How can i fil up the bar move upward?[code]When i try to load the form and start my verticalprogressbar it's move downward,it is possible to do it to move upward?

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Make A Snake Move?

Apr 2, 2009

Okay i only need to know how in the world do you make the snake move towards one direction at the beginning?

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Make Pictures Move Up And Down?

Jan 27, 2010

I was wondering how to make pictures move up and down.

i know that this:

PictureBox1.Left += 10
Makes it move right.

But how do i make it move up and down?

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Make The Move From Vb6 To Vs2008?

Apr 15, 2010

how to make the move from vb6 to vs2008 and while i was pleased to find alot of stuff intact i started migrating my lovechild project to the new enviroment. Immediately ran into a bunch of problems tho as some of the logic behind data hierarchies has changed alot it seems and its gonna take me some time to work it all out but right now id be happy if you guys could point out what im doing wrong here:


its supposed to be your basic grab screenshot and stash it into picturebox thing but it isnt working, i did manage to copy a picture from 1 box to another tho which makes me think the second line is wrong or missing something?

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How To Make A Button Move Down When Hover On It

Feb 21, 2010

I been trying lots off codes but i cant seem to get a Button to move down when your mouse enters it and up when you remove your mouse.

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Make A Code To Move To Next Page

Aug 7, 2010

i want to make a project to search on the web..i want to use Bing.com site to search.i used this code to open the site and search [code]it is working , but i want to make a code to move to the next page

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Make A Panel Move With The Mouse?

Aug 6, 2009

I am trying to make a panel move with the mouse.

Just like the iPhone where you press down and move your finger up or down and the items on the page move.

I am tring to do the same type of affect with the mouse and a panel.

When a user clicks the left mouse button and moves the mouse up or down moving the panel up or down. but I want to be able to click anywhere on the screen.

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Make A Picturebox Move Very Smoothly?

Aug 5, 2010

Is there anyway to make a picturebox move very smoothly, with my code it is very jerky and ruins the jumping effect i am currently using:

Private Sub Form1_KeyDown(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.KeyEventArgs) Handles Me.KeyDown
Select Case e.KeyCode
Case Keys.Left


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Make An Object Move Up And Down Constantly?

Mar 27, 2012

So I have been trying to make this game in visual basic, it is basically like the worlds hardest game but in viusal basic but I am having problems programming the enemy, it doesn't seem to move up and down or left and right at all.


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Make Form Move By Mouse?

Aug 9, 2009

I want to make form move by mouse when i hold click in any place and move it like windows media player

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Make The Ball Move Faster?

Apr 26, 2011

how to change the balls speed

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VS 2010 Make The Mouse Move?

Oct 27, 2011

I have very much a noob at coding for VB. I was wondering if i can make it so if u click button1 it will move your mouse to a location. Buuutt if its possible. Smoothly, not super fast the mouse is magically at your location.

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Game Programming :: Make An Object Move?

Aug 13, 2009

something like this

pctObject.horizontalPosition += 5

I just dont know the right syntax

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Make A Button Move By Pressing Up - Down - Left Or Right?

Jan 11, 2011

how would i make a button move by pressing up, down, left, or right?

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Make A Picturebox Move Towards Square That Is Red In A 100 By 100 Radius?

Jun 3, 2010

I have a picturebox. Lets say i have 5 ,64 by 64 , squares that are evenly spaced out by 100 by 100. Is it possible to make it were if a pitcturebox finds a red square near it, it will move twords it and then if it finds another square that is red it will move twards that one, and so on ect , ect , ect.

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Make Arrows Keys Move A Picturebox?

Jul 15, 2011

I have a way of moving a picturebox.  I type either 1, 2, 3, or 4 in a textbox.  Each number is assigned a direction.  Then I click the mouse and the picturebox moves in that direction. This is a little cumbersome for a small video game. Is there a way to assign the four arrow keys to do this?

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Make Labels Move Up And Down In Panel By Themselves At A Set Speed?

Feb 9, 2010

I am currently making a VB.Net game for my end of the project, but I have found myself in a deadlock. I was wondering how to make labels move up and down in my panel by themselves at a set speed. Also left and right by themselves. I've tried a couple different methods but none seem to work. They either lag or I can't seem to set where there bounds are.

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VS 2008 Make Picture Box Move Along The Path?

Jun 24, 2009

As seen below in the screenshot I used the following code to draw a line from CA to CA 1.1

g = pbxMap.CreateGraphics
g.DrawLine(pen1, D.v(path(t)).x, D.v(path(t)).y, D.v(path(K)).x, D.v(path(K)).y)

Is there anyway to make the red picturebox at CA to move along the line drawn to CA 1.1? Something like the google driving directions where a car will moving along the path from a starting point to a ending point..

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VS 2010 Make A Shape Move In A Square?

Apr 9, 2012

I am trying to make a shape move in a rectangular route clockwise. Right now I am only able to make the shape go right, down, left but not back up again. Whenever I try to make the shape return to its original position, the shape moves back up at the wrong place.

Public Class Form1
Public movingright1 As Integer
Public movingdown1 As Integer


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VS 2010 Make Program Move By Dragging Anywhere?

Jan 4, 2012

Normally you would move a program around by dragging the bar at the top of the window, agreed? How can you change a form in VB to move around when dragging anywhere on the form apart from a button?

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Make A 2 Player Game But Both Players Can't Move At Once Unless They Tap The Keys?

Aug 20, 2009

Well I am trying to make a 2 player game but both players can't move at once unless they tap the keys (can't hold the key down or the other person can't move). How would I fix this as well as being able to go diagonally.Would this work?:Declare a bool value for each keypress below the public class thingy. Then use keyup to turn the bool off and keydown makes it go on. Then for the first player and second player I check if they are on and if they are than go to that direction...I think I would need a timer for that part but I dunno...

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Make A Control Of Round Shaped With A Pointer On That Which Can Move Around

Aug 19, 2009

I wanna make a control of round shaped with a pointer on that which I can move around. In my program I have volume control. Now, I am using track bar to control the volume. But, customer is asking some nice control rounded shaped with a pointer which will move around the control. How can I do this?

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Make A Mouse Move And Locate The Point In The Screen?

May 22, 2012

I tried to make a mouse move and locate the point in the screen but I failed every time i press F5 the mouse click go to upper in the screen i want to locate it wherever i want locate mouse click.i used this site to learn a little for making a bot. ttp:unknownuserac...rews_VBNET.htmlhere is code please fix it for me

[/Public Class Form1
Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load


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Make A Shape Move Up And Then Come Back At The Bottom Once At The Top Of The Screen?

Jun 29, 2011

I can get a shape to go down and reappear at the top but I can't figure out how to get it to work going up.This is my code for going down:

If shpBar.Top + shpBar.Height < Me.Height Then
shpBar.Top += 50
shpBar.Top = 0
End If

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Make A Text To Move On A Straight Line Continuously?

May 29, 2012

I use this cod but it not moving the text contnusly Private sub Timer1............ Label1.text = " " & Label1.text

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Make Tab Key Or Enter To Move Focus From A Combobox Control?

Jan 26, 2011

I have a combobox on an Excel worksheet that I can tab into, then pick my data (located on another worksheet) after activating the "arrow". But the tab or enter key does not allow me to navigate away from the cell after it is populated. The only action that allows the user to move to another cell is by mouse/click to another cell. I am trying to make navigation through though worksheet as user friendly as possible.I can't seem to find any sample code that will take the focus away from that cell using Tab or Enter.

I have no problem with ListBoxes created using the Data Validation method but I have to create a ComboBox control on the active worksheet in order to return the data chosen (in this case a code that corresponds to a description). If this was a Form I wouldn't have any problem as the properties would allow me to set that up, but this is essentially a spreadsheet I've inherited and the current users do not want to go to a Data Entry Form.

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Select A Picture Box And Make It Move With A Mouse Click?

Oct 7, 2010

I'm making a game and I want to select a picturebox while the program is running. Then I want to make it move with I think the mouse click event. How do I go about doing this?

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VS 2008 - How To Make Mouse Move To Red Color On Webpage

Oct 9, 2009

I am trying to get my mouse to move to the color Red on a webpage, and its not working. The timer is started, and nothing happens. "Web Diner's Hexcode Color Chart" is the name of the website that I am using to move mouse to red.

Dim ProcessHandle As Long, ProcessDC As Long
Private Sub Form_Unload(ByVal Cancel As Integer)
Call ReleaseDC(0, ProcessDC)
End Sub
Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
[Code] .....

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VS 2010 : Make Arrow Keys Move An Object?

Apr 18, 2012

there is this picture on the form How would you make arrow keys move the object around the screen?Also how would you make buttons correspond to arrow keys?

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VS 2010 Make An Opponent Move Randomly Without Jumping?

Mar 1, 2012

so my goal is to get a picturebox to move in random directions and smoothly (like a character moving straight in a game) without using thread.sleep and me.refresh (and also without animation atm). Would anyone be able to guide me on how to accomplish this?The reason I want to do this is because when I need to use like 3 threads to move 3 different things around smoothly my computer slows down too much.here's my code now without all the other subs used to place the random code in it's own thread. There's a lot of other code too so I can't really post the entire thing:

Private Sub random_movements(ByVal e As Integer, ByVal speed As Integer, ByVal ctrl As Control)
Dim location_x As Integer = ctrl.Location.X


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DB/Reporting :: Make A Query To A Sql Database?

Apr 18, 2008

i'm trying to make a query to a sql database, so when the user enters the id, the columns related to that id will be displayed. but, im getting an error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

the code:

TextBox1.Text = InputBox("Enter the Id.", "fsdf.")
query = "select * from Students where Id = '" & TextBox1.Text & "'"


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ASP.net - SQL - Make The Insert Command Move Values From The Textboxes Into The Database

Dec 9, 2011

I am currently working in Visual Basic 2010 with a webform. I created an SQL database inside of Visual Basic and I'm trying to make the insert command move values from the textboxes into the database.


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VS 2008 Make Mouse Click And Move And Waiting On The Progressbar?

Jun 25, 2011

I wonder how to make so if I press a button, then I want the mouse to move and click, but not before the progressbar is 100%. The progressbar is interconnected with a webbrowser.


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DB/Reporting :: Possible To Make Tab Invisible That Appears In A CrystalReportViewer

Feb 2, 2011

Is it possible to make the tab (a text 'Main Report' appears in it) invisible that appears in a CrystalReportViewer just below the Toolbar? I know it shows which section of the report is opened currently but in certain scenario I need it not to be visible.

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Forms :: Make The Pixel Move Automatically Until A Stop Button Is Pressed

Mar 30, 2011

I currently have a working program that creates one colored pixel in a Bitmap, displays the bitmap in a pictureBox, and "jiggles" the pixel by making it move in a random direction by 1 pixel every time a button is clicked. I want to make the pixel move automatically until a Stop button is pressed.


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GDI: Make Drawn Object Move And Follow Path/Points At Constant Speed?

Nov 13, 2011

I've come across a very basic problem which I'm sure has a basic answer.Forgive me but I haven't programmed in years and this just a hobby of mine..My problem is that I need a drawn object (say an ellipse) to move to the cursors location when I click. Imagine an adventure quest style game where you view your character in birds eye view, and it moves according to where you click on the map.I can draw the image fine, and move the image around fine - it's more so the formula I'm using which I'm a little stumped on.I have certain requirements though.

1. I need a timer that constantly updates the drawn object's (lets say character from now on) location. Each tick will essentially be the character taking 1 step towards the cursor's location.2. At the end of each tick of the timer, it'll will invalidate the form/control to invoke the paint event, and of course, the objects location will be be updated.It sounded simple enough to create a linear equation based on the objects original location and the location of the cursor when I click.However, that will not give it a fixed speed.If say for example, the gradient (rise/run) between the cursor location and objects location is very steep, the object's y-velocity will be greater than that of the x-velocity

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