IDE :: Comboboxes In The IDE Disappearing?

Oct 27, 2010

I have a project in which the comboboxes above the code window, below the tabs have disappeared. If I open and close the project, they do not appear.  If I open another project, they do appear. As soon as a open the project where they do not appear, they disappear.


VS 2008 Comboboxes In The IDE Disappearing?

Oct 18, 2010

I have a project where the dropdowns for the Form and controls (left side) and the events (right side) aren't available. I can re-boot, open and close the project or solution and still they do not show. They do show for other to make them come back?

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Renaming ComboBoxes Causes Compiler - Cross Linked ComboBoxes?

Apr 24, 2012

this is a subset of a previously posted problem, I have narrowed down my issue and am reposting a question from this thread: [URL] I have apparently confused the compiler by renaming some comboboxes in Visual Basic .net express? (See relevant code below) I think the confusion is in who should handle what, with two routines named with variations of ComboBox1 and one handling the other ( it confuses me just trying to interpret it mentally):


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Filter ComboBoxes DataSource Based On Another ComboBoxes Changes?

Oct 28, 2011

I have a form with 4 comboboxes and a button.  The first combobox is enabled, but the rest of the controls are disabled. When the form is opened I fill the first combobox (cbxMethod) with a datatable. When the user selects something in cbxMethod the next combobox (cbxStudy) will be filled and so on.  When the last combobox (cbxAnalyte) has a selected value I want to enable the button and give it focus so the user can move forward with the program.  I basically want to force the user to move from one combobox to the other, until all are filled.I am currently using the SelectionValueChange event, but this event only fires when the user changes the value with their mouse or hits the Enter key, not when the user hits the Tab key.  

Public Class frmCalculatedAnalyte
Private cv_dt As New DataTable
Public Sub New()


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Keep Scroll Bar From Disappearing?

Sep 15, 2011

When my full-screen sized Form is reduced in size by clicking on the "restore down" [i.e.] not to the minimized size but to in-between max and min, the scroll bar disappears. Is there a way to keep it automatically from disappearing [i.e.] to keep the scroll bar in view and available for use without having to make an adjustment to bring it back into view?

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.net - Why Is Cookie Expiry Disappearing

Apr 7, 2011

I create a cookie and it has the proper expiry set, but when I go to update the cookie and check it with the debugger the expiry is gone.

' Cookie Helper: Updates cookie with the selected source ids
Protected Sub UpdateCookieFor(ByVal cookieName As String, ByVal sourceIds As String)
' Update cookie if it exists


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A Label From Form Keeps Disappearing?

Feb 14, 2010

I can't understand what I am doing wrong ... I have a form on which there is a label . This label is actually part of a control array of labels (it was created by the migration wizard trough the upgrading process) . Each time I run the program and call my form , a message appears saying :Control array element 12 doesn't existAnd this is what I don't understand .I can see it during design time , how come it disappears during run time ? I have even checked its Index property , it's 12

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Disappearing Menu Strip ?

Feb 27, 2008

I have a 2005 windows form with a menu strip that keeps disappearing both in design mode and when the program runs. I noticed that on other forms there are more properties listed for the menu than this one has. Anybody familiar with this problem?

I am using a split container with docking set to full below the menu but several other programs are set that way without any problems.

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Panel With RadioButtons Disappearing From GUI?

Nov 29, 2010

I have a panel on my GUI with radio buttons. When I run the code to determine which is the checked radio button from that panel, the code runs fine, but the panel disappears from the GUI after that. Here is the code I have to determine the checked radio button:

Dim rbName = (From r As RadioButton In Panel1.Controls.OfType(Of RadioButton)() Where r.Checked Select r.Name)

I have tried using:

Panel1.Visible = True
and also

but it doesn't show the panel again. I tried the same thing for individual radio buttons such as RadioButton1.Visible = True and it doesn't work.

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Program ADO Disappearing Data

Apr 12, 2012

I have a bound datagridview and a dataset with tables.

I have two sets of comboboxes bound to the same field "Restaurant" in the tables (mirroring each other).

In the "NewEmployeeRestaurant" combobox I change the value and it reflects in the datagridview. I can shoot around clicking all over the datagridview on other employees, but when I return to the employee I changed, the value remains what I changed it to. All is good in the world.

However, when I go to the "EmployeeRestaurant" combobox with the same settings, I change the value and it is reflected in the datagridview. So far so good. But when I go to another employee then click back on that employee I changed, the datagridview still shows the new value but the combobox is empty! NOT COOL!

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VS 2008 Application Disappearing?

Jul 20, 2010

Me.WindowState = FormWindowState.Normal
nfi.Visible = False


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VS 2008 Forms Disappearing?

Jul 29, 2011

When one of my students opened his project yesterday, the Form he designed for it was no longer available. He could run the program but he couldn't edit the form as it had disappeared. Later he couldn't run the program at all as the error said that the form name wasn't part of the WindowsApplication. What's going on?

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VS 2010 Code Disappearing?

Apr 25, 2012

Ok, getting a little frustrated. I'm a new VB programmer (just a few months). Let me show you the start of my code so you can see what I'm trying to do:

Public Class Form1
Dim crude1 As Double = 0
Private Sub Button1_Click_1(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)


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BindingNavigator And Disappearing Combobox Text

Mar 16, 2011

I am using VS2008 on Windows XP SP3.  I have a form with two pairs of dependant comboboxes which are bound to a SQL database table.  In each pair, the second combobox's choices are dependant upon the selection of the first combobox. 

Both pairs of comboboxes behave as expected.  However, when I use the binding navigator to look through other existing records, the text in the second pair of comboboxes disappears on records that already have selections. 

The database table still holds the information, but it just doesn't display in the combobox.  Again, this only happens on the second pair of comboboxes, not the first pair and both sets of comboboxes are set up exactly the same (albeit on different tables).

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Controls Disappearing On Timer Event

Feb 6, 2010

We have a question regarding VB.Net 2008. We are used control array in and third party timer controls. When handle received from external application to timer control event procedure, after this form becomes blank and controls disappear. What we have to do to persist the controls.

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Data Disappearing In 2008 Project

Jul 8, 2009

I am using Visual Studio 2008.

I have my project set to "Copy if New"

I created a form with variuos fields from a table.

I hit F5 to run the application and enter in test data and save.

I exit the project and then go back in and the new data is there.

I exit the visual studio 2008 completely and then go back in and the new data is there.

I did the above last night several time and the new data was always there.

This morning all of the new data I entered is gone... I have NOT changed the data base schema at all.

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How To Program Disappearing Label Into ASP Textbox

May 19, 2011

I am developing a VB.NET program. I currently have an ASP Textbox with a label showing inside it. But now the customer has to manually delete this label before entering their own text. How do I get this label to vanish as soon as they begin typing? My script is nearly working now for txtFind. But in this case, it shows a different textbox to display watermark image. How can I reset this watermark to only activate the txtFind textbox instead? And to remove the textbox on left-hand side?

Here is my new ASPX file code:
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" >
function GetChart(thepart, thepartdesc, thecolor, row) {
Form1.part_transfer.value = thepart;
Form1.part_desc_transfer.value = thepartdesc;
[Code] ......

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Images Disappearing From Column After Build?

Jan 26, 2011

I have a ListView that I am using to display specific data. In most of the columns, I have images that represent supported types. When I add these images and build the project, they go away.It worked for a few weeks until they suddenly disappeared.

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Listview Control - Disappearing Images

Feb 2, 2012

With .Net 3.5 / VB 2008 / WinXP...I'm using a Listview control in Details view. Two columns with an image on the left and text on the right. FullRowSelect is set to true. All works fine except that in the selected item the image is not visible. It's replaced by a white background. I need the image to be visible within the selected ListViewItem's blue background. Do I need to switch to OwnerDraw or is there another way to keep the image visible?

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On Postback Placeholder Controls Disappearing

Sep 19, 2011

Within my webpage I am loading usercontrols within a placeholder. Each of these user controls triggers a postback when an ajaxcontroltoolkit rating is changed. The problem I am having is that if I use [code]The Load_EvaluationList is what loads the user controls, if I place the IsPostBack check around those two, the controls disappear, what could be the problem

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SQL - Pound Signs Disappearing From Strings

Jul 22, 2010

I'm usually a LAMP developer, but some .NET work has arrived. If I run the following code:
<% poundsign = "£" %>
<% Response.Write poundsign %>
<% Response.Write "£" %>

Nothing is displayed. However, outside of the <% %> tags (i.e., in the HTML) £ displays correctly. I have no trouble displaying the usual alphanumerics, it's just the £ sign that is proving problematic. The underlying file is in Windows 1252 encoding, and I need to serve it as such. If I save the file as UTF-8, I get mojibake instead of a £. What I can do to make this work, or any settings that might be preventing it from working (other than saving the file in a different format)?

Aside from the fact that my £s aren't appearing on the page, a major part of my problem is that I need to insert strings containing £ into a SQL server database, but if I form a SQL INSERT statement within the ASP, none of the £ signs end up appearing in the database. Inserting £ signs into the database from ASP isn't a problem when I save the .asp files as UTF-8 files, but I need everything to work in Windows 1252 encoding.

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Class Library Reference Disappearing Upon Compiling?

Dec 30, 2011

I have a solution built of 3 projects:

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Form Objects Disappearing In A Running Application

Apr 21, 2010

I have a windows forms application built in VS2005 and migrated to VS2008 that I "inherited" that occasionally will not show some of the objects (i.e. a button or something) when a user runs it. This is sporadic and does not seem to have any notable pattern.Are there any specific types of things I should be looking for that might cause such behavior? I tried looking at available memory and hard disk space issues and that did not seem to have any bearing on the problem.

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Forms :: Datetimepicker Pop-up Calendar Does Not Disappearing Automatically?

Oct 27, 2010

I am using datetimepicker control.

Initially I am setting
DateTimePicker1.CustomFormat = " "
DateTimePicker1.Format = DateTimePickerFormat.Custom


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IDE :: VB2005 Controls Disappearing In Design Mode?

Oct 25, 2010

I've been coding an application over the last few months in VB.NET 2005 and have noticed that as the application is growing in size, I'm beginning to experience some strange behaviour in the IDE.For example : I have a tabcontrol docked in a form with 5 tabs. Each tab has a panel docked to it with several buttons, text fields, layout tables, datagrids etc. Sometimes immediately after saving the project, one of the tabs will go "white" and show no controls at all. There might be the odd outline of a control ( like you get when a control is hidden behind another ) but the only way to get them back is to close the project and open it again. It seems to be getting worse as the number of controls dropped onto the forms increases. Looking in the form designer.vb file I see that there are currently around 8000 lines.Is it possible that the designer file is so large that its having trouble loading/refreshing the view in the IDE ?

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VS 2010 Stop Splash Page From Disappearing Until Done?

Oct 28, 2011

When my splash screen, I'm doing two tasks. First I'm checking for software updates and then installing them if they exist and second, I'm loading the main form with data.I don't want the splash page to close until these tasks have completed. I'm multi-threading it so I can update the UI accordingly, but that doesn't stop the splash screen from closing. The tasks in the background still complete of course, but that's not how I want to do it.

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Forms :: Class Library Reference Disappearing Upon Compiling?

Dec 30, 2011

I have a solution built of 3 projects:

1. VB.NET Class Library - data access and objects, reusable methods, etc.

2. ASP.NET Web app - web application that references the class library

3. VB.NET Windows Form app - windows app that references the class library

I have no problems with the web app. It referenes the class library and every time the project is built the web app gets a freshly compiled dll from the class library.

My problem is with the windows form app. When I first add the reference to the class library project, I get all of the intellisense I'd expect while coding. When I try to compile, though, it's like the reference disappears and all my code that is based on the class library errors out with "'xxx' is not declared" or "'xxx' is not defined" where 'xxx' is a method or class within the class library. If I go into the project properties, the reference is still there, but the project no longer compiles and I also lose intellisense for all classes within the class library. If I remove and re-add the reference, it works again, until I try to compile. Then the errors occur again.

I've tried creating a separate Windows Forms project and just referencing the DLL created by the class library but get the same problem. HOWEVER, if I create a seperate blank WEB project and reference the dll (or the project), everything compiles fine. It seems to be something with my class library being referenced by a windows forms app.

For reference purposes, my class library has the following references:system, system.cor,,, system.drawing, system.web, system.xml, system.xml.linq I noticed I can't add a reference to System.Web in my windows forms app, and I wonder if my problem is somewhere in this area. I need the reference is my class library because it passes some HttpContext objects back and forth to a few of the methods.

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Seconds Part Of Imported DateTime Data Disappearing

Jul 28, 2010

I am importing data from CSV file into a dataset using OLEDB data adaptor.I created a query with query builder to extract the desired data then copied the text generated into my code. Everything works as it should exepct that the seconds part of a datetime column is missing when the code is run.The odd thing about this is that the seconds part appears when i execute the query in query builder.[code]

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Visual Studio 2011 - Buttons Disappearing And Reappearing?

May 29, 2012

I am coding on Windows 8, with the Visual Studio 2011 developer version. I wanted to know how to change something when a "form" is loaded. Form is in quotes because the actual page isn't a form. It's in the shape of a tablet, which you've probably guessed by now that I'm coding a tablet app.I just wanted to know how to change something when the actual app loads. I tried the "Loaded" sub, but that was confusing. It DID change a text from a textbox (I just tested it out as "textbox1.text = "test") and it worked. But when I try to make buttons visible false, nothing happens.I'm not sure if this is the right code (and I doubt it is, because it doesn't hide it on buttons either), but I typed in, let's say...

btn0.Visibility = False
nd this is the sub it's in...
Private Sub pgeMathAssist_Loaded(sender As Object, e As RoutedEventArgs) Handles


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Why Is A Row Added To Session Datatable Disappearing On Refresh Of Page

Feb 25, 2010

I have set up a class as a facade to access the session variables for my app. In this app I store an entire dataset for a particular employer as a session variable.Within one of the sub pages I have a button that adds a row to an existing table stored in that dataset.

Dim curRow As Data.DataRow = mySession.tWorksiteOtherMeasures.NewRow()
curRow("lngWorksiteID") = getSelectedWorksiteID(getSelectedSiteID())
curRow("strMeasure") = ""
curRow("lngStatusID") = -1


When in the code to add the row the row count increments and the row exists. Once out of that scope the page refreshes due to the button being contained in an updatePanel. When that happens and I click the add button again the row counts for that item reset to 0 and 1 after the code runs. The previous added row is gone.Here is how the Dataset is assigned from the web service:

Public Shared Sub loadDSEmployer(ByVal strUserId As String)
Dim myService As New someservice.service
mySession.dsEmployer = myService.GetEmployerAndSites(strUserId, isInternal)
End Sub

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[2008] ToolStrip Disappearing From View (in Designer AND Runtime)?

Mar 13, 2009

In my project, I was first using two ListViews with a few buttons on the side to control actions (add files, remove files, etc). Now, I thought it looked neater if I incorporated those buttons into a ToolStrip, and put the ListViews into a SplitContainer.So I did... One SplitContainer, on the left side a ListView (docked Full) + ToolStrip (docked Top), on the right side exactly the same.

All of a sudden, (it seems to be pretty random), the right ListView (never the left one) seems to jump 'on top of' the ToolStrip. It looks as if the Z-Order changes so that the docking screws up, but after looking at the Document Outline, it is all still fine. The ToolStrip just seems to disappear from view completely. I have no idea where it went.Then, when I select the ToolStrip in the Component bar (what is that called? where you can see the control icons only for controls such as Dialogs etc), it suddenly pops up again, in the right place! And the ListView scales down a bit so everything is correct once again...

As soon as I select another control, the Listview jumps back up and the Toolstrip disappears again...At first I thought well, not really a problem since I can just select the ToolStrip from the component bar... Nope... It seems that the ToolStrip is also hidden during
I thought it was just a one-off bug and deleted the whole SplitContainer to build it up again. Five minutes later, it happened again.I decided to throw away to complete project and go back to a slightly older version (with the Buttons instead of the ToolStrip) and try it again.Nope, same problem! I have tried to reproduce the bug in a clean project, but no luck...

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Forms :: Paint Program (graphics Disappearing) - Add A Save Feature To This Program?

Jul 22, 2010

Ok major problem with a paint program i am making. When i have a window overlap or anything and move to side of screen and minimize and maximize i lose whats in the picturebox...Here is an example of the code I use to draw a line after click a button:

Private Sub btndraw_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnlinedraw.Click
lxs = txtslinelocationx.Text
lxe = txtelinelocationx.Text[code].....

Here is a picture of my program running: How do I stop everything being deleted when things pass it...? how can i add a save feature to this program?

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Entering Sections Of Text Into The Same Textbox Without The Other Section Of Text Disappearing?

Jul 18, 2011

I am having a problem with a entering sections of text into the same textbox without the other section of text disapearing.  In other words, I have several buttons with strings attached to them.  When the user presses one of the buttons the string does enter into the textbox.  However, when the users presses another button the string from the first button disapears while the second string enters the textbox.

For example: The following code is what I have:

button nine_click
tbxResultSource.Text = CStr(9)
'button plus_click
tbxResultSource.Text = CStr("+")

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Comboboxes All Select The Same?

May 13, 2009

I have 5 combo boxes all connected to a database by datasets.

The user should be able to select different items but for some reason when one combobox item is selected, the same item becomes selected for every combobox.

I haven't coded anything regarding the cbx's so why is it doing this?

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Comboboxes The First One Is For Order #?

Jun 21, 2010

I have two comboboxes the first one is for order #, the second one is for the amount of order payments, there could be 1, 2, 3... payments for this order. I would like to get all payments to show in the second combobox that relate to the order # selected in the first, process that payment by changing other values in other textbox's. Then have that payment psoted as processed back to the DB table. I have a binding satament, but it pulls all payments, and not just per order. How can I get this to select just by order #?

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How To Add Items In Two ComboBoxes

Feb 12, 2010

I have this code that adds items in 2 comboboxes: The first code works fine as it adds the dates into the comboxes

Dim myConnection As OleDbConnection = New OleDbConnection
Dim myCommand As OleDbCommand = New OleDbCommand
Dim myDataReader As OleDbDataReader
myConnection.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=|DataDirectory|Network_Info.mdb"
[Code] .....

But when I try to add items by month I always get this error in these lines:
It says: IndexOutOfRangeException was unhandled
[Code] .....

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One Table And Two Comboboxes

Feb 8, 2011

I have: [code] So, when I select something from cmbx1 it selected in cmbx2. How does it works?Do I need a copy of dt for second combobox to get independed but same values?

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Two Comboboxes Filling Another One

Mar 15, 2012

My problem in the Combo Box and SQL query .. I have three comboboxes linked to an Access 2007 database


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2 Comboboxes And 2-Dimensional Array?

May 10, 2012

I've been working on a VB project where I use a 1st drop down list to select a movie category and then in the 2nd drop menu, movies from that category will be displayed. The movies are stored in a 2-dimensional array by category. I've been able to edit my array but I'm having problems with my .AddRange() function. What would I have to put in those parentheses for the list (for each category) to appear in my 2nd combobox when the category is selected?


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Binding Two ComboBoxes With Table

Jun 21, 2010

I bind the two comboboxes with table. One combo contains product and another contains subproduct. When I clicked first combobox then subproduct of that is filtered in another combo. When I clicked next,previous, it is working properly. But when I go to last record second combo is refreshed means it is not showing proper subproduct. Given the code on 1st combo_selectedIndexChanged. When I go to last record the SelectedIndexChanged event occur.thats why it is not show me last record proper.

Private Sub frmType_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
cmd = New SqlCommand("select makeName from Make where status='Add' or status='Edit'")
dt1 = New DataTable
dt1 = ob.getDataTable(cmd)
cmbMakeName.DataSource = dt1
[Code] ......

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