How To Print Whole Form Using PrintForm PowerPack

May 14, 2010

I have form with text boxes that are collecting data from access database.Now I want to print this, but selectively.I know how to print whole form using PrintForm PowerPack. But I want to print only labels and text from text box.

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Print Form Using Visual Basic PowerPack PrintForm?

Jan 20, 2011

I have created a form that we use for our employee goal setting. I would like to let the users print the form. The form is quite large and has scroll bars. I am trying to use the Printform to print the form. I would like to use autofit or some other type of scaling to get the form to fit on one page. I have done some looking aroung and have seen the following instrutions a couple of times.

1.Drag a PrintForm component onto the Form from the Visual Studio Toolbox

2.Set the PrintForm.BodyContainer property to reference your Form

3.Drag a PrintPreviewDialog component onto your Form from the Visual Studio Toolbox

4.Set the PrintPreviewDialog.Document property to reference the PrintForm component

5.Add a button and button click handler. In the handler call PrintPreviewDialog.ShowDialog()

I don't know how to set the PrintForm.BodyContainer propery (number 2). I am using Visual Basic 2010 express.

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Use PrintForm From Powerpack , But Is Does Not Have Fit Size Function?

Feb 17, 2009

I try to use printForm from powerpack , but is doesnot have fit size function. I use the following code to print , using setResolution to set the size to fit A4 paper. But I cannot print the scrollable area. 1) If using such approach, how can I print scrollable area2) With PageSetupDiaDialog, how can i set to default orientation to Landscape. I use pageSetupDialog.PageSetting.Landscapte = true, but there is error when it runs

Public Function calculatePrintPageNumber(ByVal form As Form, ByVal panelsize As Size) As Int32 Dim panelHeight As Integer = panelsize.Height Dim formHeight As Integer = form.Height Return System.Math. Abs(formHeight[code]....

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Print Form With PrintForm Object Its Printing Only The Showing Part Not All The Form?

Oct 18, 2011

i am working on Scrollable form, when i am trying to print this form with PrintForm object its printing only the showing part not all the form this the code which am using. Private Sub Button3_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button3.Click Me.PrintForm1.Print(Me, PowerPacks.Printing.PrintForm.PrintOption.Scrollable) End Sub

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Printing Powerpack To Emulate Old Printer.Print

Jan 4, 2012

I am using the VB.Net printing powerpack to emulate the old Printer.Print from VB6.The printed output sent to a pdf doc via cutepdfwriter looks ugly/strange.

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Print RTF Using PrintForm Control?

Jun 18, 2009

I have a form which i need to print, however, I need to know how to format it, margins, etc... I've got it to work by adding the PrintForm powerpack and using the simple code below, but the margins are too big and it is not printing the rich text box I have.[code]....

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Use PrintForm To Print Landscape?

Dec 20, 2011

Right now, I have a PrintForm dragged onto the screen and it's named PrintForm1. I need to print this form in landscape mode so it fits all in one page.Here is the code I am currently using to print:

Private Sub Print_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Print.Click
PrintForm1.Print(Me, PowerPacks.Printing.PrintForm.PrintOption.CompatibleModeFullWindow)
End Sub

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Use Printform And Print Text On Same Page?

Jul 2, 2009

I have a form that I am using "PrintForm" to print out, however there is a notes section that can contain a lot of text, seeing as the Printform function only takes a bitmap of the form, it cuts off the text. I have another function that will print the contents of a textbox - I'd like to display this below the bitmap.

First is the code for printing the bitmap - second the textbox

PrintForm1.PrinterSettings.DefaultPageSettings.Margins = New System.Drawing.Printing.Margins(0, 0, 0, 0)
PrintForm1.Print(Me, PowerPacks.Printing.PrintForm.PrintOption.Scrollable)


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Printform Print Differently On Different Screen Sizes?

Jul 22, 2009

I am creating a program that I would like to distribute. I am using printform in VB 2008 to print my form. My form is the size of my computer screen...15 in. If the program is run on a different computer with a different screen size, will it affect the appearance of the form on the screen or the printing of the form? If the form is run on a laptop, for example, with a smaller screen, will it cut off my form and thus cut off the form during printing? Will a bigger screen increase the size of the form and not allow it to fit correctly when printed? I was just curious and wondering.

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VS 2008 Execute Printform.print() Only The 1st Record Is Shown / BindingNavigator

May 12, 2010

I have a Bindingnavigator on my form and is using Printform. Problem is whenever I execute Printform.print() only the 1st record is shown. How do I print the other records? How can I do a Print All?

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Printing A Form Without Powerpack?

Mar 10, 2010

I'd like to know how to print a form to printer without using the vb powerpack. Also, I'd like for the users of my program to be able to save a copy of the form to a jpeg file. I'm using Visual Basic Express Edition 2008.

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Render A Powerpack RectangleShape At Runtime To A Form?

May 8, 2009

The generation of the shape is controlled at runtime by data read from a file to set all the properties I care about e.g. Size, Location, Color, BorderWidth etc. Now, I would like to render it on a form. This should be trivial, but I can't just add it as a control so something different must be done...

Dim rc As RectangleShape
rc = New RectangleShape
rc.Location = New Point(100, 100)
rc.Size = New Point(150, 150)

Do I need to create some container on the form first, am I missing one of the commands to cause it to draw and/or connect it to a specific form, something else?

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VS 2010 PrintForm And TabControl Tab Page : How To Print Tab Page

Jul 20, 2010

I have a tab control in my Main Form which has 2 tab pages, each of which are a different form. I create them as:

Dim UserManagementForm As New UserManagement()
Dim FileManagementForm As New FileManagement()

Then set them up via:

UserManagementForm.TopLevel = False
UserManagementForm.Parent = TabControl1.TabPages(0)
UserManagementForm.FormBorderStyle = FormBorderStyle.None
UserManagementForm.Dock = DockStyle.Fill


I have a PrintForm component on my form and I am trying to send the currently active tab page to the print form and then send it to the appropriate dialog. However, I keep getting the document contains no images. Any ideas how I pass the tab page to the print form component?

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VS 2010 PrintForm Prints The Form With 'blur' Labels?

Sep 2, 2011

I'm using PrintForm which comes with PowerPack to print a form with a couple of Labels into it.But the letters appear a little blur and not clear at all, bad quality, I tried by increasing the size of the labels but the result was the same.Under the PrintForm parameters I only found one that could be relevant, the papersize but that doesn't helped too.

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VS 2010 Use Print Form Power To Print A Windows Form From Console?

Jun 29, 2010

trying to print a Form that I created using a VB.Net console application. My console application creates an instance of a Windows Form and fills it with data. I then created an instance of the Print Form class from the Microsoft Power Pack and am trying to get the form I filled with data to print but no matter what I've tried it just prints the command console window.

Dim firstPage As New FrontPage 'Windows Form
Dim pf As New PrintForm 'Print Form Power Pack
firstPage.Visible = True


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Vb Mail Order - Calculating The Percentages - Print Button Allows The User To Print The Form

Apr 8, 2011

I have been able to do the exercise's in the first 2 chapters and half the exercise's in the third chapter of the text book (programming in visual basic 2008, Julia Case Bradley & Anita C. Millspaugh). but this one is making my head want to explode. please point me in the right direction with this.

Heres the problem. The company has instituted a bonus program to give its employees an incentive to sell more. For every dollar the store makes in a four-week period, the employees receive 2 percent of sales. The amount of bonus each employee receives is based upon the percentage of hours he or she worked during the bonus period (a total of 160 hours). The Calculate button will determine the bonus earned by this employee, and the Clear button will clear only the name, hours-worked, and bonus amount fields. A Print button allows the user to print the form. Do not allow missing or bad input data to cancel the program; instead display a message to the user.

Here's my code so far. its giving me the wrong results. i have tried many different ways,(hence the commented code) but I just dont know where im going wrong.

Public Class VB_Sales

Const BONUSHOURS As Decimal = 160


Attached image(s)

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Add A Simple Print Button In Vb 2008 To Allow Print The Form?

Sep 24, 2011

How do i add a simple print button in vb 2008 to allow me to print the form?

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PowerPack 3 DataRepeater Not ASP.NET?

Jun 11, 2010

I am looking for help with the DataRepeater in VB.Net PowerPack 3. This is Windows development were talking about not ASP.Net. I am able to set it up for a single dataset but I actually want to nest another DataRepeater inside of it. Anyone have experience with that? Is is possible? I've done it with ASP.Net but I realize were talking two different animals here.In my testing the top level repeater seems to populate fields but the nested repeater shows up empty. Nothing in it. My data tier is using LINQ to SQL.[URL]..

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Print A Win Form Of .net After Print Preview?

May 3, 2010

How to Print a Win form of after Print Preview?

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Make A Rectangle Powerpack Shape?

Apr 30, 2012

im trying to make a rectangle powerpack shape but i dont know how to get a parent. this is what i have got so far:

snake.Location = New System.Drawing.Point(Math.Round(halfWindowWidth / 10) * 10, Math.Round(halfWindowHeight / 10) * 10)
snake.Size = New System.Drawing.Size(10, 10)


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Create A New Microsoft.visualbasic.powerpack LineShape On A Picturebox?

Apr 4, 2010

I need a code that will create a new microsoft.visualbasic.powerpack LineShape on a picturebox like this

dim r as new rectangle = new rectangle(0,0,100,100)

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Get A Code That Will Create A New Microsoft.visualbasic.powerpack LineShape On A Picturebox?

Apr 4, 2010

I need a code that will create a new microsoft.visualbasic.powerpack LineShape on a picturebox like this

dim r as new rectangle = new rectangle(0,0,100,100)

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PrintForm Using VB PowerPacks 3.0?

Jul 17, 2009

I'm have a program filled with forms for the user to enter data to determine fluid and reservoir properties. I want the ability to be able to print out the forms so they may be kept in binders. I'm using the PrintForm function from the Visual Basic PowerPacks but I'm having a problem getting some of the larger forms onto a single page. Is there anyway to zoom or autofit using this function? I've already tried adjusting the margins and that is not enough. I've been trying to look through the object browser but it hasn't worked very well yet.

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Take Print Preview Of Window Form And After Taking Print Preview?

Mar 11, 2010

i want to take print preview of window form and after taking print preview want to take print of form

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Printform Error Using Powerpack3

Feb 9, 2011

I have created a windows application and it was working fine, then I added in the printform component from PowerPack3 and here the error starts. The application works fine on the computer I wrote it on, but when I move the exe over to another computer (which I have installed PP3 and the .net framework) I get an error. The only difference between the computer I am writing it on and trying to run it on, is that this computer has 2010 express edition installed. What do I need to do from here to get this working?

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Using A Timer To Handle Printform

Nov 25, 2011

I'm tired of having my dropdownmenu come up in my printpreview and print, so I've decided to use a timer and a progress bar to wait a few seconds before the print or printpreview is started.[code]The problem I have is when I go to print or printpreview, it will work but the program stops debugging and tells me that the form has to be focused. What up with dat?

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Using Printform From Visualbasic.Powerpacks?

May 15, 2010

If i draw a printform into my form from Visualbsic. poerpacks toll box then i get two errors:Error 1 'PrintForm' is ambiguous in the namespace 'Microsoft.VisualBasic.PowerPacks.Printing'. C:UsersAlvinDocumentsVisual Studio 2008Projects[code]....

When click on this error i Get:
Me.PrintForm1 =
New Microsoft.VisualBasic.PowerPacks.Printing.PrintForm(Me.components)

Second error

Error:PrintForm' is ambiguous in the namespace 'Microsoft.VisualBasic.PowerPacks.Printing'. C:UsersAlvinDocumentsVisual Studio 2008Projects
isskov calculator[code].....

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VS 2005 PrintForm 81/2x11 Pictures?

May 5, 2011

I would like to be able to print 3 pictures that go on an 81/2 x 11 paper vertically with 3 corresponding labelsI currently just use power packs to print screen image of my forms, but for this it wont work because the maximum size i can set the form 1036/780 is only about 2/3 the size of the 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper

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Forms :: VB - MDI - Application That Consists Of Mainly One Main Form - Ranging Form Graphs, Tables, Dropdown Boxes, Print Preview

Apr 7, 2010

I have to write an application that consists of mainly one main form, but several different things I wanna display. Pretty standard I guess. So there is a menu, some controls, and the main stuff below (ranging form graphs, tables, dropdown boxes, print preview, etc). I would like to use it like one would use frames in html, design an object that is limited to a box or panel that I define. The literature I have does not give me a clear idea of how to do this (yet). The most obvious seem to be the use of MDI, open a predefined form with no borders, maximize it before showing and remove all minimize/maximize options. But that does not work so well. The form inside the MDI parent does not fit the size that is given for it when it is loaded. e.g.


So my main question is: Is MDI the way to go here at all or are there better/easyer ways to achieve this? If MDI is the way to go, how do I sucessfully restrict a child form inside another object, without giving the user any opportunity to resize (i noticed that I have minnimize/maximize/close buttons, even if I disable them on the child forms themselves)

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PrintForm And Microsoft XPS Document Writer Filename?

Mar 15, 2011

Private Sub Button4_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button4.Click
Dim PDFFileName, PDFTest As String
Dim PDFNameLength, SlashLocator As Integer


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