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C# - DataGridView WinForms Auto Reload/Update/Refresh?

I have a windows form with a DataGridView control.I bound it into an attached DB file (.mdf).I perform insertion by generating a dynamic Insert statement. I then pump this sql statement into a SqlCommand object and perform ExecuteNonQuery() method. All of these is performed by handling a Button click event. The button and the gridview is located on the same form.

Public Sub InsertRow(ByVal param1 As String, ByVal param2 As String, ByVal param3 As String)
Dim strConn As String = (the connection string)
Dim sqlConn As New SqlConnection(strConn)


After the code execution, the DataGridView is not updating (remains intact). I have to exit the form and reload it to have the updated gridview.For certain reasons, I can't use DataTable object.But I would like to have this gridview updated everytime I run the insertion.

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Datagridview Auto-refresh When DB Update?
I have a datagridview with data from a mysql database, i want to know if is possible to autorefresh datagrid when mysql database is update.

Posted: Jan 2nd, 2011

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DataGridView Does Not Refresh After Dataset Update?
I have a form with a dataGridView

The dataGridView data source is the dgvTableAdapter with this sql statement

SELECT membres.ID, membres.refere_par, bands.titre,
membres_1.prenom & ' ' & membres_1.nom AS reference_nom
FROM ((bands INNER JOIN membres ON bands.ID = membres.[band])
INNER JOIN membres membres_1 ON membres.refere_par = membres_1.ID)


I know the delete statement works because I saw the changes in the database. If I close the form and reopen it, the dataGridView is up to date.

The membres table is an access table

I'm running the app in visual 2010 debug mode.

Posted: Apr 13 at 0:57

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Reload/Refresh A Form?
How can i reload/refresh the same form again without losing the data stored along with the form?

Posted: 2010

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Make A Data Refresh / Reload Work
I've spent several hours reading through posts trying to make a data refresh/reload work and I can't.After adding a new record to the underlying table (using MSSQL) I need the datasource for that table to show this new record. My understanding is that using BindingSource.ResetBindings(False) is supposed to fetch a ew set of records and also update any control bound to it (ie ComboBox).Neither of this is happening. The new record is not there when using the navigator. The ComboBox does not show the new values either.It seems that this would be a simple basic command in VB, alas, I can't find a way to do this cleanly.I'm using SQLSERVER 2005 and VB.NET 2005. Controls are all bound to datasources...

Posted: Aug 4th, 2009

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Reload/refresh The Same Form Again Without Losing The Data?
How can i reload/refresh the same form again without losing the data stored along with the form?

Posted: 10 January 2010

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Reload Or Refresh Values On Win Form Of A Query Adapter?
I have several labels that bind to my query adapter and I need to update (not TO the database but FROM the database) as data changes on database by another application.I only need to either check data on my database that changed or reload the data.I'm using data set, table adapters and tableadapter.queryadapter to query data (tantalization) from my database.all I want is to refresh/ update this values on my controls in my windows form I'm using VB.NET on VS2010.

Posted: March 02, 2011

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DataGridView - VS 20008 - Automatically Update Database, Refresh Grid On Initial Window
I have a datagrid view containing a customer list that if if double click on a row it brings up a customer maintenance window. Once I hit a save bottom on the second form how can I automatically update the database, refresh the grid on the initial window but remain on the same row on form1that I double clicked on in the first place. Currently I am re-loading the datagrid on the initial form with all the data once I close the second window down.

Posted: February 08, 2010

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Force A Page To Refresh Data Upon Reload After Entering New Record?
When I create a new record by submitting an .aspx page the new record is not showing up. I have to navigate away from the page and back to it for the new data to show.

How do I refresh the data up reload??

Posted: Aug 6 10 at 20:46

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Auto-refresh Windows Form - Sub Form With A Datagridview ?
I am working on VB.Net. I have a sub form with a datagridview, that is being loaded with the criteria taken from another form. Hence this form is called with parameters.

Here is the code that calls the sub form.


where ds is the dataset to fill the datagridview and rb is the string from a radio button on this form.

Here is the code in the sub form.


Now, I need to refresh this sub form every -- minutes, depending on how the user wants it to be. For this I have given a NumericUpDown control to select the mins. All this works fine. But how do I refresh the dataset and the datagridview?

Posted: 4/16/2009

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Auto Refresh And Auto Click
I am new to VB and am trying to get my webbrowser1 auto refresh on a web page every few seconds. Is there a way to program a button to do this? I am also trying to get the browser to auto select "yes" when a radio button is present and then auto click "yes" on a message box when it pops up. Any ideas where to start?

Posted: October 01, 2009

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Reload An Update Panel Onclient Side Using Javascript?
I have a gridview button that I programmatically created and I want to load an update panel on the client side with the sent data. I have a hidden value field that gets its data on the click of the gridview button and the dropdownlist in my updatepanel depends on that value.

Posted: May 27 09 at 17:00

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.Net WinForms Form OnPaint() Transparency Refresh?
I'm trying to write some toast-style popup notifications (similar to Growl) which should appear next to the system tray and stack as appropriate.I can handle the instantiation/location/etc... but I want to add a capability for non-rectangular toasts. I'd also like to have Alpha transparency so a semi-transparent background PNG on the toast form would blend with the desktop or windows behind it.

So... To get the obvious out of the way: Form.TransparencyKey is not sufficient for my needs as it's an all-or nothing transparency effect I want to get 50/50 foreground/background in some places, 0/100 in others, 100/0 in yet others etc.My initial approach is to override the OnBackgroundPaint() method, comment out the call to MyBase.OnBackgroundPaint and use the graphics object in the eventargs to draw exactly what I want to a form.This seems to work to start with - at the moment, I'm just drawing some rectangle for testing purposes so a PNG may present new difficulties but I haven't got there yet.

What I haven't been able to accomplish is updating the graphic - The first time the form is rendered, it shows perfectly as I'd expect (no border, just some rectangles floating on a desktop). If I move the windows behind the transparent window, the transparent window doesn't update/re-paintI believe that I need to be calling Me.Invalidate() to force a re-draw but am unsure when I should make the call - How do I know a window behind me has changed its' contents?

Edit: I tried putting a Me.Invalidate() inside a timer just to test how the redraw happens - it seems that it does trigger a re-draw but the re-draw opccurs OVER the existing form background - ie an area that was originally 50% opaque is now 75% opaque (50% + 50% of what was there before)So, after a couple of Invalidate()s, my form is showing as a black box - I need to clear the background of the form before re-drawing but Graphics.Clear(Color) seems to simply do a fill with the specified color - and obviously for the purposes of this question, Colors.Transparent doesn't really mean transparent - It seems to be a trick used when rendering the window to "show contents of control beneath this" which just doesn't work when we're dealing with the form itself?

Imports System.Drawing
Public Class TransparentForm
Private Timer As Timers.Timer


Posted: Aug 13 10 at 12:49

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VS 2005 DataGridView Reload
After adding a row into the DB i am using the following to show me the DGV containing recently added data but it is not showing up.[code]

Posted: Nov 12th, 2009

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.net - WebBrowser Control Auto-refresh?
I want to make a program in Visual Studio 2008 in Visual Basic. It involves a web browser and I want to make it auto refresh and allow people to choose the time period in which they want to auto refresh. It won't take user input but I have checkboxes that are preset. I think this may be possible using a timer and the WebBrowser1.Refresh() method. If I am mistaken, please correct me and tell me how to do this.

Posted: Oct 8 09 at 4:26

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Auto-refresh After A Form Has Already Been Loaded?
How do you auto refresh after a form has already been loaded?

Posted: 01-13-2010

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Auto-Refresh To Reflect Changes Of Database?
I am in a situation where I have a tool which is always running. Now if any new entry is added or deleted from the database then unless we dont restart the application it will not reflect the changes. So I want that the application itself should check for the updates or at least it should refresh itself.

Posted: December 20, 2010

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Auto-Refresh WebBrowser In VB2008?
I want to know how to autorefresh a vb2008 form having a webpage (cricket scorecard), form must refresh in 5 sec.

Posted: Jan 27th, 2011

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Disable Auto-refresh Of Web References?
I have a web reference listed on my windows form and I have it listed on my form.VB page "Imports ......" with my intellisense turned on. Everytime I start to type something my visual studio would stop working as I am guessing it is trying to refresh the list with all the commands from the web service I added which takes a couple of minutes. How do I set it so that it will not refresh the web reference? I want to be able to do it manually only, I want my intellisense to stay as it has all the commands I needed in there.

Posted: October 22, 2009

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C# - Refresh Property Grid, At Design-time, When A Readonly Collection Changes In .Net, Winforms?
I have a class that has a readonly collection property - Its a list of extender providers that have been applied to the control.I've implemented a simple property descriptor for the collection so that the property can be expanded in the property grid to examine each entry.

When I select an extender provider and set it to false, I remove it from the collection. The GetProperties method of the type converter is requeried and the property grid refreshes.However, when I set an extender provider to true, and thus add it to the collection, GetProperties is not requeried.

Somehow, the property grid is making a distinction between adding to and removing from the collection. Or alternativly, its refreshing when an extender provider is added, but not when one is removed.


Posted: Mar 3 10 at 13:59

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Sql Server - Reload The DataGridView When Changes Occur To Its Dataset
I have a DataGridView control in my windows form application. What i want to do is this: I want to reload the view so that it shows the correct data when a change occur to the database table that it is bound. In other words, when i delete a record, using an sql query not the DataGridView1.Rows.Remove(DataGridView1.CurrentRow) property, i want the changes to occur to the datagridview also. For example: I have a customers table that is bound to the datagridview. When i delete a record, lets say the one with ID=5, i want the row to be removed from the gridview in run-time. Is this possible?


Posted: Jun 1 at 8:43

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Auto- Refresh A Listview Using Timer For Every 5 Seconds?
Is there anyway that i can auto refresh a listview using a timer for every 5 seconds or so?.

Posted: Jan 31st, 2012

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Form Don't Auto Refresh When Change Certain Values
i am currently making a project which is to make a cinema screen booking system. My main problem is that although i have most of what is working i need to find a formula to give the full result (overall price) in a label. My other problem is the fact that when i interact with my form certain things dont auto refresh when i change certain values e.g i change number of seats but it doesn't auto refresh the price or anything OR i click one discount then another but nothing changes and it keeps the old value.

Okay in my menu i have a CombBox (ComboBoxScreen) for choosing the film and there are 3 films to choose from in the drop menu each with their own price. I also have a Textbox (NumberSeats) for inputting a number of seats you want to book for chosen film. And lastly there are 3 radio buttons each with different discounts. e.g No discount, 10% off and 25% off. A formula to work out the overall price uses all three functions/tools above. [Code]

Posted: Dec 23rd, 2010

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Winforms - Auto-complete Textbox In .net?
I implemented auto complete in textbox , but there is an issue that when user types something in text box the auto complete suggestion list blinks and disappears like if the focus changed

here is the code:

Dim Bl As New ItemBL
Dim suggestions = DAL.DisplayLikeNameList(Trim(MyTextBox.Text))
Dim MySource As New AutoCompleteStringCollection()


I believe the problem in Mdi form because it has timer code executed after the above code :

Private Sub Timer1_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick
LblDateAndTime.Text = Now
End Sub

Note: the auto complete code is executed in a child form not in the Mdi Form , what do you suggest to keep suggestions list "sticky" as the user writing in the text box ?

Posted: May 13 at 14:12

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Auto-refresh Database Record When Other User Insert A Records
there are two computer connect to one shared database one of the user (user1) will insert new record then the records in (datagridview) of the user (user1) who insert the record will be 11 record but the(datagridview) of otheruser (user2) will still have 10 record.what the possible way that may allow me to refresh therecords..Also how I can make a new record in datagridview of the user2 can be colored by yellow or red back color.

Posted: January 12, 2011

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Refresh Auto-Incrament Primary Key After Insert Using VS2010 With MS Sqlce 3.5?
I have an issue that I can't seem to tackle. Going on 3 weeks. I have a VB.NET app with an sqlce 3.5 database. I have created several tables in this database. I have attached them to my form using DataSet then BindingSets and so forth. Done this many time before. VS automatically created a TableAdapterManager for me.I was having an issue getting the Refresh of the primary key value of a newly inserted row. Ok, find out that sqlce does not do big transaction, or multiples rows at a time, found Beth Massi's blog on how to work around this:Ok, got it somewhat to work, but I had to take one of the tables out of the tableadaptermanager so I can update it by itself so insted of doing this:



Posted: 23 March 2010

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VS 2005 Auto-refresh Page Everytime When Insert A Record
i'm working on a desktop application in, using vs 2005 and mssql 2005. i want to refresh the pages everytime i insert a record, but i only succeeded by having a load button where user has to click everytime they add a record to view the new record. Is there any way(s) to auto refresh those pages?

Posted: May 25th, 2009

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Winforms Auto-height Text Area?
I have a richtextarea with a bunch of text in it. I would like to somehow make it expand to fit all the text without showing scroll bars. I would like the width to stay standard and the height to expand. Is there a good way of doing this? I planned on looping through and adding a pixel to its height every time.. and then checking if the scroll bars are visible. There is no simple way of doing this in that I can find without using windows api specific methods.

Posted: Aug 16 09 at 20:27

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Stop Webbrowser Objects From Stealing Focus If Auto-refresh Header Is In Use?
I have a form which has two webpages embedded. The webpages have a 5 secondauto refresh built into the HTML header as the information is constantly changing.

The problem I have is when I pull up a secondary form, I lose focus to the 'Main' form everytime the webpage refreshes.

Is there any way to stop the webpages autorefreshing in the form and I will build in a refresh command into a timer I already have in place and then I can start and stop the refresh at will.

Unfortunatly I cannot amend the source code of the HTML as this is required for a different process elsewhere.

Posted: July 12, 2010

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VS 2005 "refresh" The Sql Update Commands After Every Tableadapter.update?
Environment = VB.NET 2005 & Pervasive SQL 9.5 ADO.NET In a simplified example, I have single database table (customers) with the columns "customer_code_PK" and "customer_name" This table is presented in VB.NET 2005 as a single form datagrid (bindingsource/dataset). In this example, the database table is populated with the following data

customer_code_PK customer_name
SHELLShell Oil
BPBritish Petrolium

In very simplified terms, code does the following;

sub on form load
fill dataset with database records (select * from customers)


The datagridview loads the records correctly.Here is the sequence of operations that produces the bizzar behaviour.In the editable datagrid;

1.remove the row with PK = MOB -> save_button -> Database correctly updates

2.add a new row with PK = KFC -> save_button -> Database correctly updates

3.remove row with PK = SHELL -> save_button -> Database exception occurs

On this last command, the row SHELL is INSERTED!!, not removed.However, If I change ths save_button routine to this

call generate_custom_updateinsertdeletecommands
bindingsource endedit


It works correctly !Is it correct that you would need to "refresh" the sql update commands after every tableadapter.update?

Posted: Jun 15th, 2012

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Refresh Datagrid After An Update?
I have a main form with player information (it's a sports application). To add or edit a player the user presses a button which opens another form. They either add or edit from this point. When they click 'OK', it saves the data to the database table then goes back to the main form. The amended or new info doesn't appear. If they close the application, then reopen, the new info appears in the datagrid now.

how I can get the datagrid to refresh once I press 'OK' on the input form?

Posted: Jul 30th, 2009

View 4 Replies!   View Related - Refresh Update Panel At Certain Interval?
How can i trigger my update panel to refresh after a certain period of time.

Posted: Feb 9 11 at 14:40

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Dynamically Refresh / Update Form
I am trying to update my form once the delete button is clicked. There are several fields like Name, Date, Date of Birth and so on. Once I delete record I want the form to automatically load with new / updated data. This form fetches data from MS Access using OLEDB. Once when I close the application and reopen then form will be updated with new values. But I want this to happen once the form loads after deleting.[code]

Posted: 2011

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GDI+: Update Or Refresh Only Certain Parts Of The Screen ?
I'm making a game using and GDI+. I've been encountering frame rate problems and one solution that was suggested to me was to only refresh certain parts of the screen. I was also told one way to make this happen was to use rectangle or region structures and since I already have these as hitboxes it seems like a perfect way to efficiently reduce the drop in frame rate.

The only problem is that I have no idea how this would work and so far my google searches have been fruitless. Yet again I turn to this very helpful forum, can anyone help me? By the way I've set doublebuffered to true on my form to get rid of the annoying flicker.

Questions. How do I update or refresh only certain parts of the screen?

I'm using a timer set to tick every millisecond to run everything and it refreshes the screen every 2 milliseconds simply using me.invalidate; each time it ticks things move a little bit and stuff happens that triggers other events etc. The problem is that when the framerate supposedly "drops" things start to change. "Bullets" and projectiles appear to travel many times faster and much less smoothly than they do when there a less objects moving on the screen, it's almost as if the timer runs faster... What's the reason for this? Is there a way I can change this? I remember hearing about a "stopwatch" or something that someone used in their game that was more consistent or something.

Also I'm aware that with GDI+ isn't exactly the best language to make a video game in but it's for a school project and I have no choice in the matter.

Posted: 30 January 2010

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How To Refresh/ Update A TableAdapter Or BindingSource
how would i go about resetting or refreshing a table adapter before it fills a data grid view (load event). As i have tried a number of things to get it to refresh but it seems that the data connection to the Database is simply not closing and re- openingwould i have to program it to be a manual thing to retrieve the data from the database or am i just not doing it right

Posted: Apr 1st, 2009

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